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Tryndamere Build Guide by 0smi0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0smi0

Tryndamere TOP

0smi0 Last updated on December 5, 2013
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About the autor
Hi, I am 0smi0 and this is my first guide, I played over 230 ranked games as Trynda and reach 66% max win rate. Even though I am low ranked division I think to have enough experience to make my own guide since I read many other guides and watched high elo and professinal players playing, I made some conlcusions and tried them on field.

Content disclaimer
First of all this guide(runes, masteris, items) reflects MY gamestyle and since there are different kind of players, you might find this guide “wrong” or ineffective for you.
I will talk about stuff I tested and got the best result.

About the guide
Why do I like Trynda? As for me, he is perfect for those palyers who don't want to rely on their teamamtes in order to win or get some results, Trynda is exellent split pusher, very strong 1 vs 1 and even 1 vs 2 or more, his abilities are amazing, easy to learn, well learned is deadly and unstobale. I play him as solo top melee adc.

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Pros / Cons


+ Really strong late game
+ Amazing split pusher
+ Easy to learn
+ Great esape/chace abilities
+ Can't die, hehe

- Squishy early game
- All physical damage
- Item dependent
- Doesn't have a strong CC
- Only one sword, hehe

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Flashis extremely useful for closing the gap on enemies if they're running away, or for jumping over walls to escape, in addition to Spinning Slash make you almost impossible to catch, I prefer Flash over Ghost cause since i don't build a lot of defence items i need to escape fast from bad teamfights or traps.

Ignite is very usefull spell for escaping enemies and early game fights, don't use it too soon, only when you are sure the nemy will stay and keep fighting to the end.

I don't recommend any otehr spell. For example I don't think you need Teleportbecaseu with Spinning Slash you can get every where you need pretty fast,i could recommmend Barrier for less experienced palyers who doen't know limits of the champion they play and limits of enemy's cahmpion.

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- Description -
This passive is amazing, it gives you 0.35% crit chance for every point of fury Tryndamere has. That means at full fury (100/100) he will have 35% bonus crit chance. This is a huge advantage in solo top lanes and helps you farm and trade hits better.Passive: battle fury is waht will make you demolish each and eveyone, you just increase critical strike chance.
- Tips adn Tricks -
Battle fury is what will make you demolish each and eveyone. To use full potential of it you must have full bar 100/100, don't give up after a few hits in early lvl fight when you are losing, wait a a critical chance adn you will demolish an enemy.


- Description -
This ability gives you more damage adn more importantly it heals you. So you will not need so many potions and recalls, it can make your laning fase very very long.
- Tips adn Tricks -
Remember to use full bar to heal, don't waste it healing low amount HP missing, DO NOT use it right before activaiting your ulty, it will be on CD adn when you will get out of fight you might need that heal to make up for ignite or other HP losing such as teemo's poison/mashrooms, brand passive, red buff., towers, minions. This ability will save you life so many times. It can be used as Barrier, especially early game, low lvl, if it's a matter of last hitting to kill your enemy but you are low on HP and he will win for 1-2 hits, you jsut use this ability to restore some health, somethign that your oponent does not expect, don't use it to early, casue you will lseo you criticale chance and damage. If you are psuhing a tower caseu your opnent recalled, you can use this ability, a few times, so you can heal yourself adn get enotehr fury before he comes back. Level up this ability first, exception for ulty of course.


- Description -
This ability decrease attack damage of your enemies and if they have their back turned you will slow them.
- Tips adn Tricks -
Use this ability to chace or help your teamate to escape by slowing the enemy. Level up this abiltiy for last. If an enemy is close(even if in the bush) this ability becomes active(too bad it's not very visible)


- Description -
So amazing ability for every situtation. Not only you slice towards, you deal damage too, so you can use this abiltiy for: cahsing(plus mocking shout), escaping(from a teamfight you realize you can't win).
- Tips adn Tricks -
You can use it to deal damage in a fight (like to slice shaco while on ulty and low HP, just slice them both), escaping from a tower is much easier so you can stay till last minion is with you, you can dodge enemy's abiltiy( jarvan 4 ulty can't hold you, same for Nunu), and most importantly you can get through almost every wall on the map to eveoid wards, backdoor, position yourself. If you don't push hard you might don't use wards(not like you don't need them, especially when jungler is babysiting), just wait the right moment, for example vs xin wait till he strikes and then spin, if you use it too early you are dead). Using this abiltiy to poke is tricky, you shoud have to palce wards before, or be sure to get away in time becaseu jungler is dead or you can see him elsewhere so you won't get ganked, only many games will give you that confidance, you will learn how to deal with CD. Take this ability at start but level up second, exception for ulty(lvl up ulty everytime you can) once again.


- Description -
That's waht make Trynda so powerfull and hated by so many palyers. Basically , you have 5 sec of immortality, NOTHING will bring you lower than 1 HP, no matter how many ulties they use, no matter how many damge you recive, you will not die for 5 seconds.
- Tips adn Tricks -
Use it safe, especially in teamfights it's hard to predict when you will get very low, so do not wait to much. In 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 2 you can wait till very low health and then use it, smart enemy will jsut run away, less samrt will try to kill you anyway. Use it when you are to lose a fight, DO NOT be afraid to go udner the tower to get a kill, seeing you focused by a tower will make them engage for sure. DO NOT USE YOUR HEAL WHILE ULTY IS ON! You can use this abiltiy to backdoor towers, waste all enemy's ulties for nothing while your team rape them all. Be sure to have your Bloodlust "Q" and Spinning Slash "E" ready for disnagage!

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Take Ninja Tabi only when you are playing vs strong auto-attack champions or when some lane feeds good some auto-attack champion and you will deal with him later, otherwise take always Berserker's Greaves

As for me, Hydra is to be build first, i know that many palyers say it's usless, I think it's the best for Tryndasince it gives you +75 attach damge adn it's the highest in the game, you get health regen and life steal, in adition to your healing ability you don't need health poition anymore. Its pasive is so good and active is even better cause you deal even more damage, it's very usefull against teemo when he blocks your attack, you jsut use this active while waiting, it's very usefull vs akali that can hide in the circle or jsut enemies that are escaping and there is no chance for you to hit them, jsut use the active while anemy is till in the range. No minion wave will stand agaisnt this item. This item will make you clear the jungle faster than any jungler can do with smite, so placing wards in enemy's jungler will make you steall all the creeps you want in a few seconds.

Second item to be build is Statikk Shiv, in addition to Hydra it will increase lane push, jungling and damge in teamfights.



Enother important item, it gives you more attack speed, movement speed, increase critical strike chance.

Take this when the nemy team has A LOT od armor, otherwise go with Phantom Dancer.


I suggest to build this item and Phantom Dancer at the same time.


Just 1000HP. Great deffensive item.

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Laning Tips and Tricks

Trynda is a great split pusher, so don't stay all the time with your team, each time you see all the enemies on the map, go and split push, remember that you can go with your Spinning Slash almsot though all the walls.

When you are playing vs mana dependent enemy always watch how much they left, if your enemy run ut of mana, go streight in and finish him.

If you play vs annoying champion like Teemo ot Yorick, wait lvl 6 to start a serious fight, vs Teemo is better wait till you have Tiamat ot Ravenous Hydra and use the active when Teemo blinds you. Always use the active of these two(put the item as second and just push the button on your keyboard) to clear waves quickly and during fights.

When you are able to push minions staight to the tower and the enemy just stays there and farm you can poke him by going behind him(to hit the tower for example) and then use your Spinning Slash.

If you start as violet you can do this trick, it went a bit wrong but still makes an idea. I wasted 1 ward and didn't get the blue. The best way is to wait till jungler takes the blue buff, till then he should be low HP and nobody is near after pooling, so you just go with your "E" and ignite him. That's how you get a kill and a blue, plus their jungler will not be able to gank anylane for a few minutes and most likely will be over jungled by yours.

If you want you can watch some games I recorded, sorry for bad quality, maybe you will learn something new.

Part 1

Part 2