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Tryndamere Build Guide by xEraLegion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xEraLegion

Tryndemere Dominating the League

xEraLegion Last updated on March 27, 2013
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Hey there I descided to do this build finally, ive been playing tryndemere for about a year now he was one of the first champs i bought and is my main. I will be covering the biggest points in the guide. Tryndemere is pretty easy to play, but hard to play affectivly. But is usually a good choice in any team compisition. This is my first IN DEPTH guide so hopefully you guys will give it the thumbs up :) Enjoy

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For RUNES I get Armor Penetration MARKS Armor SEALS. And Flat Attack Damage GLYPHS and QUINTESSENCE, You can always encorperate Critical Damage RUNES in there for a better chance of getting your Fury Bar up early game but I don't do it I usually just go for that Max Damage right at the begining so I can perhaps get fed and carry the team

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For masteries I go for the basic ADC page with 21/9/0 Getting the damage and defence. I get a 3 points in Brute Force for the Attack Damage, 4 in Alacity for Extra Attack Speed, 1 in Weapon Expertise for Armor Penetration, 4 in Deadliness for AD per Level, 3 in Vampirism for the small ammount of Life Steal, 1 in Lethality for the 10% Critical Strike, 3 in Sunder for Armor Penetration, and 1 in Executioner . For Defence I take 1 in Resistance for the Magic Resist, 3 in Hardiness for Armor, 4 in Durability for Health per Level, and 1 in Veterans Scars.

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Now this is where some people will dissagree with me but, I beleive on trynd you should build attack speed as well as crits. But you cant just get attack speeds and crits you have to sustain with some life steal so getting a vampiric scepter early game will help alot. Another well used build for Tryndemere is
1. Brawler's Gloves/Doran's Blade
2. Avarice Blade
3. Berzerker's Greaves (or Merc, depending on enemy team comp)
4. Youmuu's Ghostblade
5. Infinity Edge
6. Bloodthirster
7. Bloodthirster
This build is mainly only good for hitting hard for a couple hits not giving you much attack speed but still a good viable choice. Ive tried this and didnt really like it that but thats just me. As Tryndemer you may also go for some durrablity so you could pick up a couple of Tanky Items such as Frozen Mallet, or Gaurdian Angel

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Skill Sequence

Going into skill sequence. All you have to know is get a point in all abilitys early and max out Q,W,E and of course getting your ultimate whenever you can. Your Q is used to get you're FURY bar up as its passive, The active of the abilty being it heals you for the % of you're FURY bar that is red. Your W is you're Slow (one of the most strongest non Ultimate slows in the league) so be getting maxing that out 2nd after your Q. You're E is a Engagement ability/ Escape useful for going into a fight and getting out of a fight but since it runs off AP maxing it out last. His R is his sustain and makes him invincable for a short ammount not being able to go under 1 Health and on activation gives him 100 FURY.

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Summoner Spells

Good choices in summoner spells are....
Ghost so you can catch up to your fleeing opponents
Exhaust So you can slow them and have probley the biggest slow in the League
Cleanse Is probley one of the best picks, CC is trynds worst enemy (Allistar,Morgana,Blitzcrank)
Flash is ok but your E is pretty much a flash so you dont NEED it
Ignite is an ok choice as well just for those securing of kills
Heal is not needed on Trynd his Q bloodlust is a great healer
Clarity is completly useless
Promote if you feel like pushing
You can Techicly use any of these abilitys but use you're common sence.

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This is something you need to know as tryndemere. Do Not Last Hit you need to always hit the minions to get FURY Trynds main Damage out put comes from this! But try and time you're hits so you still hit them last giving you the gold, without the hits or the farm you're both screwed and wont be valuable to you're team.

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Use of your ult

This is actually a very tricky ult, if you dont use it right its just a waste and then you have to wait quite abit for the CD to expire. Yes you can turret dive with it. Yes you can use it to get an instant full FURY bar. If you are going to spinning slash out please note that if at super low health when you spinning slash out that caster minions attacks have very slow missle times so they will keep following you. Giving your enemy a chance at getting a kill he shouldnt of if you can dont wait to long to spin out.