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Elise General Guide by M00N

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League of Legends Build Guide Author M00N

[TT] Bruiser Elise

M00N Last updated on January 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Who am I?

Hello I'm a Silver5 player and new too Mobafire, but I've used your guides since my inception into the League of Legends. I decided to contribute back: I offer a build I've had great success with this past week, and an alternative to the usual...Please give your feedback.

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Who is Elise?

On the summoners rift she is known as the last of the AP bruisers..she excels at assassinating back-line targets and taking down those pesky tanks with her %-damage abilities. Her kit is really nice, but I find that it is exceptional on the Twisted Treeline for two reasons:

1) She can rappel to minions.
2) TT calls for tanks, but a team also needs an APC. Elise fills both of these roles.

With what we know about Elise and the TT it sounds like a perfect fit...hey her mom even lives here!! I say it's a "perfect fit" because TT is filled with tanks and she has the damage to take them down with ease; as APC's do not usually have escapes ('cept that pesky fish) but Elise is still quick and has the ability to rappel to safety.

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Now we can run 9/21/0 which really reinforces her role as a tanky assassin, but you are more than free to run 21/9/0 to increase your general damage output & assassination potential. The offensive tree really synergizes with Elise: putting points in Executioner, Dangerous Game, and Arcane Blade makes you quite a threat!

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The Core

Banner of command gives us CD, AP, damage buff on one's spiderlings, and allows you to split-push a lane if your team is going to lose. The spellblade is unparalleled: I do not think wooglets comes even close to Moonflair's utility. It gives our Elise the all important tank stat: tenacity. This is crucial because we are vouching for Sorc boots. This item also increases her Ability Power stat by 50 as well as increasing her survivability with a staggering 50 Armor & MR.

The sunfire cape gives Elise armor and health, as well as a passive that deals 40 magic damage to surrounding enemies. This is wonderful because Elise is always in the fray of combat.

Magic Resist... This is a tricky choice: Usually the moonflair spellblade is enough to get one through the game, but sometimes AP carries get out of hand.

The Abyssal scepter is a great pick because we will always be around enemies and thus their MR will be decreased; this also synergizes beautifully with our Sunfire Cape's passive effect. Since we do not vouch for a Liandry's Torment (good 6th item) the Scepter can really buff our damage and give us that niche magic resist option.

The Spirit Visage is also a wonderful choice by bolstering our general tankyness by providing additional health along with the MR we need. The SV improves the healing passive on our Spider's W. This item also offers a staggering 20% CDR which rounds us out at 40% quite nicely.


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