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Leona Build Guide by Quinz

ADC TT: Leona, Support Bruiser

ADC TT: Leona, Support Bruiser

Updated on February 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quinz Build Guide By Quinz 5,994 Views 0 Comments
5,994 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Quinz Leona Build Guide By Quinz Updated on February 10, 2013
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Hello one and all!

I have been playing League of Legends for a while and one of the champions that held my attention was Leona since she came out. She just seemed so cool, but, being one who kind of sucks at tanks and practically plays Twisted Treeline exclusively she seemed to be rather sub par.

But then I spoke with a few people read some guides on a Jungling Leona from Summoner's Rift and decided to build my own AD-Bruiser type Leona.

AND IT WORKS! She is tough and can fight with some of the true-bruisers in TT with this build and she can support like no tomorrow while dealing some damage. Don't expect her to be as damaging as a true bruiser, but expect her to be able to DPS well, if you manage your abilities, and control/support like no tomorrow.

Feedback is welcome and any stories of actually trying this set-up!
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Honestly the rune set-up I have was what I had initially. Make her a full tank or a Tank/AP hybrid, but after getting her to go AD, I switched some Magic Pen and AP for straight up AD runes. Why? So when you get Sheen and the Iceborn Gauntlet you get that much more damage stacked.
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This is a the build I usually go for since, in most cases, TT is amassed with AD champs. With her health, heavy armor and Ninja Tabi she can, usually, outlast AD carries, at least until your own allies can kill them, if you can't alone.

The main goal you have is to get your boots and then the Iceborn Gauntlet then the Frozen Mallet. The Gauntlet is where a lot of your damage and support will come from since you can stun someone, deal the magic damage then the extra damage from the item with your Q. If you decide to build more CD for your ruins this can make it so you can fire off your stun with your Gauntlet's Spell Strike excellently as a support with that extra OOMPH.

I settled on Zephyr because it helps buff everything she needs for the Bruiser's Offense. The CD helps her fire spells off to get more Spell Strikes, The Attack Speed lets her keep the frost on to keep them from escaping with the Mallet, The AD gives more power to your Spell Strike and the movement speed helps you as a support/initiator, and helps to chase someone running, so you can fire off your E to catch them for an E+Q combo to let your team catch up.

Black Cleaver helps make you a bit more tanky and enables you to tear down Armor in extended fights. Because of this, since your Spell Strike is considered Physical, not Magic, it makes you hit much harder.

I'll admit, I never completed this Build with the Blade of the Ruined King, so I may be giving the wrong call for this as a last item, but it makes sense due to higher sustain as a Bruiser/Support and gives more damage for your Spell Strike.
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Skill Sequence

The skill order for levels 1-3 is up to you, but get one of each ASAP. You will be rather slow and weak until you can get, at least, Sheen, so you will want to help your partner weaken the others and initiate with a w+e+q combo to get an enemy down early, and be sure to have support of your partner, or else you may be in over your head. Once you get your three core items (Boots, Gauntlet, Mallet) you will start being a supportive, damage force to be reckoned with.
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These are really up to you. My preference with Leona is Exhaust to get the upper hand if you are fighting against another champion, specifically AD carries or Mages to make sure you don't get beaten down as easily. And I stick with Barrier for the occasional bait or to survive the prevalent ignites.
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I found this to be amazingly more effective than a blend AP/Tank due to her, IMO, low rations. With your five items you will practically cap your cooldown so you will have your ult up about 36 secs from casting and you will be able to fire off your Q ever 4 or so seconds, to help slow down/damage the pesky melee carries in a fight.

Try it out, remember you are not-very-effective low level, but once you grab the Gauntlet you will become much more awesome due to your Spell Strike.

Please comment on your thoughts and experiences if you attempt this build!

And remember, I designed it for Twisted Treeline.

For better calculated stats for her at full-build, see this link here.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quinz
Quinz Leona Guide
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TT: Leona, Support Bruiser

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