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Build Guide by Fenris Vanagandr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fenris Vanagandr

TT Warwick Build

Fenris Vanagandr Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Warwick is one of the best choices for a 3v3 game. In my opinion, Warwick's only weakness is that he is so vulnerable to ganking. He has no escape skills. 1v1 fights are where he really shines. With his passive and INSANE attack speed, unless something went REALLY wrong early-game you are going to win. That is why Warwick is so great on Twisted Treeline. 3v3 means 2 less possible people to gank you, and since you are a pretty independent hero; You won't be missing your other 2 teammates either.

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Pros / Cons

-Easy to stay in lane with.
-Great at Solo laning.
-Can Dragon at lvl 5
-Naturally High Damage Output
-Invincible in 1v1 fights

-No escape skills

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Twisted Treeline games are naturally short, and by 15 minutes in to the match the game is basically decided. That is why I go with flat glyphs and quintessences. I go critical chance marks, dodge seals, and magic resist glyphs. I get flat health quints to give some survivability early game, which is really helpful if we gank central bush.

Marks: Some people would suggest Greater Mark of Desolation, but I go because it gives me more explosive damage, plus Armor Penetration is useless late game unless you have a lot of it (This is due to the way armor scales in League of Legends). The enemy hero may think they have the upper-hand, but then I get a crit, I drop my Q, and my bloodscent is already activated, and they start running. Also critical strike is nice because 90% of my games I get .

Seals: I get because in my honest opinion: Warwick doesn't need anymore offense,and it works well with , nimbleness, and evasion.

Glyphs: I go , because magic resist is very hard to itemize for Warwick, so I get it in where ever I can. And since blue's specialize in it, it is an easy decision.

Quintessences: I go because if you check the ratio of the bonuses of smaller runes to quints, you get the most benefit from health. Ex: 1.86% Crit/ .93% Crit = 2. Getting one is like having 2 extra . 26 Health/ 5.35 Health ~ 4.86. Getting one is like having about 5 extra . Get the point?

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My masteries are pretty simple. Warwick is stacked offensively, so I go up the defensive tree. Make sure to get a point in swiftness, to get the max benefit of all your dodge. Very little of what I get in the defensive tree is debatable, unless you get different summoner spells. Then I go 9 points in Utility to get 15% increased neutral buff duration, and to improve my mana regen.

Bottom line: Warwick is naturally strong offensive, and with my item build there is no need to go up the offensively ladder.

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I usually start a match with . This lets me get to the central bush fast, and get in range easily with my Q to harass whoever I'm against top. If I manage to get first blood at the bush, I go back for before going top. Once top I farm up for Madred's Razor and . Once I have both of those items I rush , with the money I get from dragon. After , I go , making sure to get first as it gives you the most benefit for the least money. Once I have all three of those items, I go strictly defense. There are a lot of different possible defensive items that would work for Warwick, but I would definitely suggest . works with Warwick's passive and ultimate, and will keep you alive in team fights longer. My two other defensive choices are and , because with those two I end up with a pretty good distribution of health, armor, and magic resist.

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Skill Sequence

What keeps Warwick in lane with just boots is his . For this reason we max this first. Our next priority is {icon=Hunters Call size=32]. This skill is what makes him so deadly 1 on 1. I like to take one point in at level 4 to give me slight movement speed advantage over my prey. After that it is pretty simple; Take every opportunity to improve his .

Simply: >>> , but it nice to have one point in early, just in case.

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Summoner Spells

Lets go through what Warwick really needs in a summoner ability. First, Warwick does tons of damage he doesn't need anymore. Second, WW has no trouble catching his prey as long as it is below 50%. Third, Warwick has NO escape skills. This makes this pretty simple. All Warwick needs is escape spells.

Recommended: , ,

Okay: , (The only reason I even put this here is because it is great at disrupting healing dependent heroes like ) Truthfully other Champions on your team should have these, NOT YOU!

Just, no: Anything else

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Warwick is an insane 1v1'er, but is very susceptible to ganks. You are a great solo'er and should have no trouble holding your own against any other hero with just boots. Late game you become kind of squishy, so it is good to get some defensive items. Warwick should be hogging the buffs EVERY game. Lizard buff? YOURS! Dragon? YOURS! Wraiths and Wolves? WHY NOT! You can take dragon at level 5 with just madreds. DO IT! Hog the solo, hog the kills, hog the buffs. You are pack leader. Now get out there, and kick some ***!