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Twisted Fate Humor Guide by A FLYIN TOASTER

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A FLYIN TOASTER

Twisted Fate - How to make everything go away (On-hit rape)

A FLYIN TOASTER Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Ohaidere. Thank you for taking the time to get this far into my guide. This is my first guide and it's for twisted fate who is one of the funnest people in the game to play in my opinion. I build TF with all on-hit items. I did it at first as a joke just too see how crazy I could get his 4th hit to be and was surprised at the results. It actually does work. (But still is a little troll)

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Just your normal run of the mill stuff.

Greater Mark of Desolation
Armor Pen to help you hit harder throughout the game and once you get Sword of the Divine you should be using the active which will put you around 45 armor pen.

Greater Seal of Health
Flat Health because you are one squishy bastard

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
CDR/lvl these are the only blues I have because they help every single character in the game and runes are expensive. Plus you can have your ult up more often which is always helpful.

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I use 21/0/9 for to rape harder. Simple as that.

As a general rule for Twisted Fate (and for almost every person in the game):

21/0/9 is the best for DPS auto attacking. You can go 21/9/0 if you need some more survivability.

9/0/21 is the best for AP or hybrid TF. The 9 in offense is almost not an option to get rid of. Plus if you're going AP you wont be anywhere near the enemy team because you'll be wild carding your *** off and when they get close just make them sit down with a gold card.

9/21/0 is the best for being awesome and never dying. Just because you don't have a ton of health doesn't mean you won't benefit from the damage reduction, quite the opposite. Not generally recommended but it's viable.

Why Good Hands instead of Perseverance?
>>>>> Your text to link here...

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Starting items

Dagger + Health Pot
Builds into your Berserker Greaves and helps you get your stacked deck up faster for better harass.


Dorans Blade
This gives health and AD along with some pitiful lifesteal. Even though this is the worst of the dorans items it is never a bad choice as it adds some survivability to your squishy early game.


Berserker's Greaves
My personal favorite. You can sell them endgame if you max out your attack speed but early game attack speed makes you apply your on hits faster which this is all about.
NOTE: If you get all of the main items I have listed you will have max attack speed when you get to lvl 18. So if, for your last item, you are getting something that gives you attack speed, I would sell these boots because its just a waste.

Sorcerer's Shoes
This can be chosen but I wouldn't suggest it. Save these boots for AP TF.


Boots of Swiftness
I get these when I need the movement speed. Easy as that.


Sword of the Divine
This is thee classic TF item and it is the only required item in this build. This is the item you have to get after boots because it just has absolutely everything you need. MAKE SURE TO BUY THIS WHEN YOU HAVE NO STACKS ON YOUR STACKED DECK! I can't stress this enough! Then you will have both the stacked deck and sword of the divine procs happen on the same hit.

The Black Cleaver
This is the item you get after SotD if the enemy team is stacking armor. Gives you some much needed AD and the passive helps you make tanks go away.

Wit's End
When you are going against a lot of AP champs, Wits End is what you get. The MR is not all that game changing but every little bit helps. This item is even more amazing now that it hurts everyone (i.e. Garen, Tryndamere, Katarina, etc) plus the added MR is always helpful especially because big magic nukers are the bane of your existence.

Madred's Bloodrazor
I don't usually get this item until late game when people actually have enough health to make the passive worthwhile. If you need to get your farm on you can get just the razors earlier and then upgrade it later. This is one of my favorite items in the game. It makes people like Mundo and Cho'Gath sad because it doesn't matter how much health they have, you're going to rape them anyways.

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Optional Items

Keep in mind that none of the above items are mandatory except for Sword of the Divine. The items below can be substituted in at any time throughout the game when needed.

This is a fairly low tier item and i'm not that big of a fan of it. The MR reduction is kinda meh on DPS TF because our only magic damage will be our Pick A Card. Getting this will max your attack speed if you get the main items without Berserker's Greaves.

The Bloodthirster
Ooooh The Bloodthirster... I love this item long time. This is the item to get when you need that extra staying power. You can get the Vampiric Scepter early on in the build if you want to stay in lane longer or need to stay alive in team fights. MAKE SURE TO FARM IT UP IF YOU DIE! The extra AD and lifesteal it gives you is invaluable.

Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer + Infinity Edge = Everything is a crit and everything is killed in two hits. But they are also just fine separate. Very good item for boosting your damage and the movement speed is very nice too.

Infinity Edge
If I don't get The Bloodthirster and I don't need survivability (which is rare) this is the item I get. It's just the icing on the rapecake. And oh is the rape delicious...

Frozen Mallet
This item is one of the items I get the most out of all of these listed here along with The Bloodthirster. It adds some MUCH needed survivability along with a perma-slow. All around amazing item.
NOTE: If you only get a Phage you will get some survivability but the best part is that since you attack so often the 25% chance to slow turns into a 100% chance to slow. Just keep that in mind if you need a little extra beef because this item is perfect on this build.

Banshees Veil
A lifesaver of an item. Gives health, mana, some MR, and an amazing shield. Everything you need and is probably the most balanced defensive items against any team comp you can think of. Never a bad idea to get one.

Quicksilver Sash
This item is hands down thee most underused items in the game. A beats-all cleanse? Yes please! Does the other team have a pesky Mordekaiser? CLEANSE HIS ULT! Does the enemy Malzahar keep ulting you into oblivion? CLEANSE HIS ULT! Get the picture? This bad boy has saved me more times than I can count. If the enemy team has a Sion, Taric, Malzahar, Annie, and Amumu, that would be the only time I would allow you to get something before SotD. But it would HAVE TO be this item. (That team would actually make a pretty balanced team... and they could pretty much do whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted. god that would suck...)

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Skill Sequence

I prioritize Stacked Deck because it gives me a ***** just thinking of how much damage i can do in 4 hits. With The Black Cleaver fully stacked on them plus the passive and active on Sword of the Divine, you won't be able to stop laughing at the squishies that just seem to disappear right in front of you.

Pick a Card is a staple of TF. Once you get really good with them you turn into a stun-bot that frustrates all. Also when laning you can spam blue cards to get your mana back up if you're running low or need to farm (these are free and do more damage than a normal auto attack so if you just can't last hit to save your life this will help you out some) also i always blue card turrets. Just because.

Wild Card is an absolute waste of mana on DPS Fate so we get it last. But if you REALLY want to get this earlier you can. I sometimes use it like an Ignite, really low health person just out of reach? Wild Cards go for miles and if you are good enough at aiming them you should be able to net yourself a kill. But the damage is so small that its very situational. Your choice though.

Destiny is what makes TF TF. Use it as a global Clairvoyance, the second best finisher in the game (behind... Karthus... -_-), and a teleport to push towers and backdoor when you can do it safely. Altogether one of the most game changing ults in LoL.

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Summoner Spells


Helps when you Destiny into a bush. You can flash out with a Gold Card and surprise someone who thought they were safe.

I use this and flash because you are super squishy and it just helps to keep you alive. Simple as that.

This + Destiny = Backdoor madness. You teleport to the turret, kill it, then ult out. the order you do this in is VERY IMPORTANT! If you know where all or almost all of the enemy team is, TELEPORT first. The reason is that once you teleport there they will see you and come running. Most of the time this leads to you not knowing where they are. Your ult solves that. So now you know where they are and can act accordingly. So if you don't know where any of them are, Destiny first! If they are all right next to the turret, don't do it! Be smart. Go to a lane they aren't in and push it. Then tele out or just run away of you're not too far into their territory. Easy as pie.

This helps in 1v1 situations and usually gives you the upper hand. Also useful for making people stay put when chasing and gold card is on cooldown.

Helpful for early killing. Not so much late game though. But in my opinion getting some early kills can be game changing because it gets the ball rolling in your favor and you can start to rape with your super fedness.

This + Destiny = NO ONE CAN HIDE! That is all.

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Twisted Fate is win. How much win? Sooooo much win. Act like it and kick some ***.

Much much more to come when I have the time. Its a work in progress but right now you have all the tools you need. Good luck and have fun, its just a game.

Any corrections, suggestions, or tips on guide writing would be greatly appreciated.

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