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League of Legends Build Guide Author Internet Sarcasm

Twisted Fate - Is This Your Card? [Guide to AP TF]

Internet Sarcasm Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Twisted Fate Guide! I'm going to spare you all of the B-S and skip to the important stuff. If you really just do not care what I have to say about TF then refer to the cheat-sheet above. :)

This Guide is centered around Ability Power twisted Fate. When I first started playing TF I knew him as a ranged DPS with a stun, a slow, and a built-in universal /Scare-The-****-Out-Of-The-Enemy teleporting ability.

I learned very fast that these aspects of Twisted Fate work EVEN BETTER when you have an elephants butt-load worth of burst damage (I.E. Ability Power TF.) I'm not going to talk too much trash about DPS TF's, but all I know is that versus another TF I will stun them and take over half of their health then get away before the even start their ; however, they still do their fair share of damage over-all.

This guide IS based around Summoner's Rift. I just do not find TF viable in 3v3 (although sometimes it is fun to troll some people in normal games and just dominate.)

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Pros / Cons

1. He has a stun
2. He has a AOE damage slow
3. He has a built-in universal clairvoyance
4. He has a built-in teleport
5. Amazing burst damage
6. Generally good laning
7. Great overall utility
8. And lets face it. He looks legit.

1. He's squishy
2. Pick A Card CAN take time to get used to
3. When laning against champs who harass well he usually has to play safe

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- TF's Passive: Even more of a reason the get good at last hitting. believe me. This racks up!

- TF's Q:Main source of damage. generally easy to use, but maximizing damage from it is the only challenge.

- TF's W:This is his stun, his AOE damage slow, and his mana replenish. For those of you who don't know how this works it shuffles through the cards in this order: Gold, Blue, Red. It doesn't always start at Yellow it starts randomly which is the challenge of it. when I first started playing TF I used the ability's icon to determine which card i was going to use, but I found after a while that watching the card above your champ's head is better because then you can what you're surroundings as well, but it's just timed a little bit differently.

- TF's E:This is a passive ability that on the fourth attack does extra damage. I wont go into too much detail about this, but if you use while this is active on your fourth attack it WILL apply to the card you picked. This is good for maximizing damage when you're teleporting in to gank, or trying to ensure a last hit on a minion.

- TF's R:This ability reveals every enemies location on the map and allows you to teleport anywhere during the time it is active. It shows invisible units as well meaning wards, a ganking Eve or Shaco. Very very useful especially with utility and ganking. This is what defines TF as an Assassin.

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Tips and Tricks

This section is for those of you who don't really want to read through the laning phase chapter of this guide.

[Gold Card] + is your best friend. This is where the majority of your damage is going to be coming from. Stun them with a Gold Card and aim your at them immediately afterward and then hit 'em with an auto attack if you feel comfortable enough with it. This has so much burst alone, that they will **** their pants after you're done with them. Plus the cooldown is not long at all. You're only problem is watching you're mana because TF doesn't have the LARGEST mana pool and Wild Cards costs 100 mana at level 5.

Watch your map! yes I know this is a very obvious tip, but be very aware of the lane situations around you, because if you see an enemy at low health you can in there and Stun them, them, and if they aren't dead chances are you have a teammate with you that will help finish them off.

Use to your advantage! What I mean by this is that if you don't know where their team is, or you see them gathering in one place you can take this time to use to see where they're all at and put pressure on the lane they're farthest from, or even prevent a gank.

isn't something i put too much emphasis on, but if you get good at timing it you can maximize your damage output by getting that Stacked Deck hit on someone you're trying to gank.

Use the blue card as much as possible! If you're not trying to stun, or you aren't trying to kill a large wave of grouped up minions us the Blue Card! It gives you back mana, plus it does the most damage. Use it on Turrets as well. Yes that's right: Blue Card's damage effects turrets as well.

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Summoner Spells

Personally i like to go with +
They work well together, plus it's funny to me when it's early game and an is at low health behind her turret ready to blue pill back and I in with a Gold Card + get the kill and out of there. Obviously you can use whatever summoner spells you are most comfortable with. I've found it really depends on play style.

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Item Builds

In this section I'll give you several base builds I use in specific situations.

Before I give you my general builds here's a list of items I've found to be viable on AP Twisted Fate:

- Obviously Speed, and a general amount of magic pen for those who aren't getting magic resist.

- I usually only get these when I'm doing very well early game and feel like I won't really need the magic pen considering how fast I'll be getting my items.

- I've found this to be a MUST on Twisted Fate. Honestly they add so much more damage to his burst and it's pretty ridiculous. :)

- Crucial Item on TF. In the end (as for most AP champs) this item will milk as much AP as you can really get out of the rest of your AP items. There's only one situation in which I don't get this item, and I'll explain that later.

- Not as crucial as the Deathcap, but it does give you it's armor, and in a pinch you always have it's active. Plus, 100 Ability Power is never a bad thing.

- This item i find to be really situational with TF, because it does give you health, but he already has a built in stun, so a slow is a plus, but not really necessary. I usually get it when I'm getting focused, need more health, and an easier way to get away than JUST my stun.

- I've had a lot of speculation when buying this item. It's in my main build and many people say to me that it's a strictly situational item, but from my own experience having more health AND armor is never a bad thing for squishy champs. Plus it gives you a little extra mana and some cooldown reduction. What's not to like?

- Very very situational, but I seem to get it more often than not. Some health, some mana, some magic resist, and you get to block a spell every 45 seconds. All definitely good things. Especially when you're being focused, or you just want the closure to know you're safe if a Fiddlesticks tries to Fear you, or a Sion tries to stun you, or hell even if another TF tries to Gold Card you. :)

- I usually only get this when there is a large majority of AP champs on the opposing team, or if someone is trying to counter my AP. Situational indeed, but a little bit of Magic Resistance never hurt anybody.

- I almost didn't put this item in this guide. Simply because I feel like a Rylai's Crystal Scepter + Frozen Heart do more than enough for you. Yes I understand this gives you a lot of health and mana, but I see it as more of an early game AP Off-Tank item, but I've found situations when Wit's End shredded mana that it was helpful, also when you need EVEN MORE health and mana than Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Frozen Heart give you this is the item to go to.

- This is situational, again, I usually don't get this item with TF. It's not in any of my main builds, but hey, everyone has different play styles. If you want to go snowball, just remember to be careful and to not lose stacks as it will just end up costing you gold and time.

And now on to a slightly detailed over-run of my general TF builds:

Regular Twisted Fate Build:

First I start out with and Three This gives me good movement in lane and a way to keep health up when laning against a champ who's harassing me pretty hard. Then when I get enough gold (usually around level 6) I go back to get . This is crucial for your burst damage which I will explain in a later chapter. After I go back to get a (If you can wait until you have enough for both a + that would be even better.) After getting I wait until I have enough to grab a . Once you get this you're able to one shot the back layer of ranged minions in one shot with your . After finishing off I finish off . Usually at this point (if not already) it's clear that you're burst does a whole **** load of damage. So we go for a . The Mana isn't really all that necessary, but the armor, cooldown reduction, and 20% reduction of the nearby enemy's attack speed are all a definite plus. If the game isn't over by now (Even going to was pushing it.) It means that all you can really do now is give yourself long-run boosts. So it's situational, but you can either go for OR . Depending on if the opposing team is more reliant on DPS or AP you can have your choice. Or if you find that their carry tends to enjoy the recreational activity of chasing you down get whatever can counter them. And last I get a Rylai's Crystal Scpeter. Some extra health saved the cat it's last life, and a slow every time you hit some unsuspecting victim with a they'll slow down making you run less while you wait for your next burst to cooldown. :D

Anti-DPS Twisted Fate Build:
Now fair warning I've only used this build once when a insisted I needed to die every team fight, and it was successful as far as I'm concerned. As is obvious feel free to change things for I have not "perfected" this build yet. :P

I start off normal getting plus Three Going back for Sheen when I have the money. Now here's what's different. Once I have enough I go back for for some armor and a start up for CDR. After that I get . After finishing off boots I finish off . Starting towards I grab a . After finishing of I knock out . Then I buy a to grab some extra health and mana. If the game isn't over by then I go for a [iconRylai's Crystal Scepter size=64] for Health and an extra slow.

Anti-AP Twisted Fate Build:

Starting off as I have previous I grab plus Three and a when I have enough gold for it. Going back if you have enough get at least a if not as well. Turn the into an . Grab Catalyst the Protector which you're going to turn into a . Finish off . Usually game is over around this time, but if it isn't go for a followed by [iconRabadon's Deathcap size=64] for good measure.

The last two builds were brief due the fact that there isn't much explanation. The reasons are very obvious.

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In-Game Phases

Early Game - This is one of the most important parts due to the fact that you usually want to have enough gold for at around level six. You should last hit creeps with your blue card as it does the most damage, plus it returns mana allowing you to spam and . I wouldn't really suggest being too aggressive early game because it can turn out to just be a waste of mana because doesn't do too much damage early game. Remember to gank when you get the chance after level six. More often than not I don't end up using to go back to my lane quickly the first time as some people do. I usually use it to help gank a low health opponent.

Mid Game - This is when you want to get blue buff if you haven't already had a teammate help you get it. With TF Blue buff is very easy to get. Red Card Golem first to damage his minions, and them to finish them off and then just kite the Golem around stunning him and hitting him with whenever you get the chance. When done right you shouldn't lose more than 300 health. Gank whenever you see a chance, but don't forget to keep up your minion kills because you don't want to get distracted and let whoever you're laning against to start winning the lane.

Late Game - Usually around this time I become one of the main focuses during team fights because TF is squishy and has good damage output. Usually I come into teamfights just a little bit after they start with and stun someone who seems to be a threat. Remember to stay at a safe distance where you aren't in the heart of the fight, but you're still close enough to be effective

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Thank you for viewing my AP Twisted Fate guide!
As most people I'm completely open to any feedback, for this is my first guide and I'd love to update and improve. :D