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Irelia Build Guide by SCILFhydraxis

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SCILFhydraxis

Twisted Irelia

SCILFhydraxis Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, Im SCILFhydraxis and this is my first guide. SCILF stands for Senior Citizen I'd Like to ****. Now lets get to it. Irelia is a Tanky DPS and because of that she dominates TT with some skill. This guide wont go into super long detail about all that lame stuff about how to last hit and basics, just some Irelia specific strategies.

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Irelia is a little mana starved at the beginning of a game especially if you last hit with often which is why i have Greater Seal of Replenishment. The rest of the runes are standard DPS with some [Greater Quintessence of Vigor size 32] for greater lane sustainability.

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Again, Irelia is mana starved especially if you like harassing the enemy champion out of your lane so I go with support masteries primarily focusing on mana regen. There is an insane number of melee DPS carries especially the annoying that all the noobs with no self respect or dignity use. So i use defense masteries with dodge.

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This helps with early game. The extra health and armor help in the bottom bush gank. The regen keeps you going in the lane.

Rushing sheen early halps with pretty much everything. The relatively huge damage boost is applied to your which helps you last hit with it and harass.

This stacks with your passive and makes CC pretty much useless in team fights. Everyone should get these as Irelia 100% of the time. No exceptions.

This boosts all your stats. Makes Bladesurge to awesome damage. Great everywhere.

I bet you are wondering why I use this and not . This is because Stark's gives more lifesteal at the start and has the team aura making everybody more useful while bloodthirst takes forever to farm up and this is treeline where time is limited. The attack speed works well with the true dmg on Hiten Style and also helps alot for our next item.

This is what makes you change from a stronge warrior to an UNTOPPABLE TRAIN OF PAIN. it gives an insane boost to damage and with trinity gives you 35% crit which is pretty good or a tanky DPS. This is why evferybody hates irelia because shes hard to kill and deals boatloads of damage.

Your damage is amazing. This item gives you more armor and MR which is always nice because the scared noobs of TT have been focusing you. The extra life is perfect for irelia because she is strongest at low hp and is great at running away and kiting with her stun.

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The other build

This build is standard Tratmogs (trinity force, warmogs, atmas) It gives irelia insane tanking power while still having tons of damage.

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Skill Sequence

This is possibly one of the best skill in the game. It heals per hit which gives you lane sustainability. The true damage slaughters tanks and squishys alike and combined with the heal makes Irelia great at 1v1s

This is a great skill for jumping past tanks and raping squishys. The CD refresh and mana return make it great for minion farming. Its a great gap closer.

The stun is nice. kinda self explanatory. this skill gives you a huge advantage at low HP. when people are chasing me i always kite with this skill.

This is a great ultimate. The heal is nice and it does decent damage in an AOE line 4 times. I use this when finishing a chase or when i need heals or when i want to hurt everyone in a team fight.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a great for chasing and running away/sprinting to a turret for defense

Chasing, Running obvi.

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1 When you want to charge at some one but they are behing minions you can last hit a minion close to them which refreshes bladesurge then bladesurge them right after.

2 Save equilibrium strike for when you have lower hp than your enemy

3 If someone is trying to get in your face, show them whos boss by BS/ES and theyll run away

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Irelia is fun attractive has a cool joke and is a beast of a champion. use her!