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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aionc

Twisted Treeline Team

Aionc Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Made this for me and my friends but you're welcome to use it! We've won every game with this setup in normals but they're too scared to go into ranked (since their champions will be banned). I think this is the best treeline team composition. I put two top to confuse the enemy but mainly to control the jungles and dragon (I don't like junglers). Blitz and Noct go top while Singed goes bottom. Singed would be best to hold the lane against two enemies. Blitz will zone out the enemy top while Nocturne farms because he is the main damage source. I prefer flash on twisted treeline for everyone because while ghost will help the dps kill someone flash can get you over a wall for a gank, escape, and it can help you chase.

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Grab, ALL THE THINGS. Wait for your team at the bottom tower (cause people are slow with buying items). When they all get there lead them to the middle bush. Rocketgrab the bush and have singed fling him behind you. Exhaust the champion and take him out. Since you are in front you may be focused so pull back behind Singed. After killing the "grabbed" opponent disengage, heal, and grab the bush again if you think they're still there. After the opening gank go to top lane with nocturne and do your best to grab the opponent. Help Nocturne kill dragon and jungle when you've killed the top laner or pushed him to his turret. Hold the lane while nocturne is out clearing the jungle. Come down to bottom lane to gank, it will be pushed because it's a 2v1.

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Start with cloth armor to help rush the lantern. At the beginning of the game you will have enough money to buy up to 5 potions. Only take how much you NEED. In the opening gank after Blitz grabs the enemy and Singed flips him to you attack him with duskbringer, that will make it easier to chase the fleeing enemy. You're main role in this game will be to single out the most important enemy. The one that does the most damage. You can use your ulti to initiate ganks but Blitz's grab or Singed's fling will work better for that. Use your ulti to finish off fleeing enemies. Your fear gives you an advantage over other melee dps characters because they have to stay in the range of your fear to attack you. Your main job is to control the jungle; take smite if you have to. Use the lantern to ward the center of the middle jungle where red buff is. You can use duskbringer to check bushes.

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In the opening gank fling the enemy that Blitz grabs behind you to Nocturne. Your job this game is to hold the bottom lane. Maximizing poison trail early will help you clear minions quickly. Your tankyness will help you survive bottom lane. The enemy will most likely try to be aggressive because you are alone. To stay in lane rush the catalyst. If you ever need to go back use fortify to help hold your lane till you can come back.

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Push the lane with the least towers. You should all push one lane if Singed's fortify is up. This will prevent backdooring if you are all pushing into the enemy base. Blitz can grab enemies right off the summoning platform if they try to run. If you take out the Nexus turret Nocturne can flash over the wall and quickly take it out.

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Yorick Nocturne Taric Game

Run to the middle right jungle entrance bush to the top lane. When the top laner goes past or extends to the middle of the lane, Taric leads with stun, exhaust, and focus to kill. With this path it is very likely to run into the enemy team trying to do the same thing. Yorick should be able to hold bottom lane with his sustain; Yorick should not push past the center entrances to the jungle. Nocturne should harass top to get player low. Taric should stun when he thinks it is possible to take the champion out. Taric: Stun>Autoattack>Ulti>Shatter. Nocutne: Fear>Dusk>ulti to chase if needed. Remember to come down and gank bottom lane.

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Yi alternate

Hold bottom lane. If they zone you out use alpha strike to last hit a minion (this will usually teleport you back to where you were standing). If they get you low use meditate for the early lane sustain. I've found that if you are using constant alpha strikes and meditate to keep you in lane yi is very mana heavy so I like to take clarity. If they tower dive you remember that before level 3 meditate will keep you alive while your turret kills them and alpha strike makes you untargetable for a short time. If you are being focused late game you can use meditate to keep yourself alive while your team kills the enemy while they are attacking you. If they switch targets after you are at reasonable health join the teamfight.


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