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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Blorka

Twitch, a rat that doesn't stink.

Twitch, a rat that doesn't stink.

Updated on July 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blorka Build Guide By Blorka 2,505 Views 0 Comments
2,505 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blorka Twitch Build Guide By Blorka Updated on July 12, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Introduction to my Twitch guide

Hello, my name is Blorka and ima teach you how to play Twitch. Just a champion I had little seeing in matches I bought and he is flipping awesome in this game. I think I know how to play him good enough to make a guide about him. Just remember to change things around in this build to suit your play style or the situation your going against.

I know this build isn't has big as others, but I honestly don't think that will affect people's learning for this champion.

Some stuff I say in this guide may be different in ranked matches, please be aware of that.
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Pros / Cons

- Good Burst
- Very mobile / easy to get around with invisibility
- Ult is good for people attempting to get away
- Ult is also really good for when people are all huddled (if you are fed, easy triple kill or better) -

- Very very VERY squishy
- If team has wards and or oracle, it's like a mindfield being twitch (they see invisibility) - Being a squishy ranged, positioning yourself is key to survival
- Not a good champion to play if your new to the game
- his damage early game isn't great
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Ok, like I said in the pros and cons, Twitch is SUPER squishy. So getting the Magic resist and armor runes help for survival, while the attack damage runes help for damage. Also, in the introduction I said "feel free to change anything throughout this build" this is something you can change around for eather more survival, changing attack damage runes to armour pent , or anything you please.
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Now my masteries go with the runes I chose, damage with some survival. So the 21 points in offence gives me the damage bonus that is going to link up with my attack damage runes and items , while the 9 points in defence, helps with the magic resist and armour runes I have. This is probably one of the things I wouldn't change, since putting 9 points into utility is basically useless, or more points into offence is kind of useless as well since I grabbed all the important things in the offence section, and just 21 or more points in defence or utility for a damage champion is just a massive facepalm (facedesk actually) and is basically throwing your points away.

Brute force = more damage leads to *phreak face* Tons of damage
Alacrity = More attacks, more attacks lead to quicker kills
Weapon Expertise = Armour pent is flipping amazing
Deadliness = Name explains it, more attack damage.
Lethality = More crit damage, good good stuff.
Vampirism = This helps early game when you have no life steal basically, if you change items around this becomes more awesome.
Executioner = *phreak face* TONS OF DAMAGE
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Now my items are set up for people to say RUN AWAY FROM TWITCH HE IS TO POWERFUL, meaning lots of attack speed, damage and crit.

This is something you can change around for sure depending on your skill level with twitch.

For example: You can change to something else (preferable options from me is another or another or maybe some kind of item that gives off armour and or magic resist.

Infinity's Edge Changing this item is a BAD idea. This is one of Twitch's key items. This gives him his BOOM BOOM, his damage, his power, his (insert some kind of word that causes damage)

Another key item for Twitch. The attack speed links up with the attack damage given throughout the items to help give off wounds to the enemy quicker.

and are items you can change around to something you prefer, possibly more survival, possibly more BOOM HEADSHOT, possibly..whatever you really feel like putting there.

Guardian's Angel This is an item is another item you can change (should of included with bloodthirster and Wit's end) but this is an item you sort of should keep, the Armour and Magic resist help with survival while the passive is something to avoid the minute long wait for respond.
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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is basically, screw W because it is no good to me. If you didn't get what I just said, W is useless to me, but it may be good for you. If you were to get your W, I would put a point in at lvl 4 but then just don't level up any more till you have your expunge and stealth max'd out. I miss out on my W because I find a slow pree useless for Twitch. Since your going to be partnered with someone almost all the time, your partner will slow him, or you can use exhaust (if you switch out flash or ignite) or just use your invisibility and go behind him and just burst him down. Another reason why I take another point in stealth at lvl 4 is it gives you an extra 10 seconds of stealth, so that helps for ganking.
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Summoner Spells

Something pretty basic

Those are the default summoner spells for any kind of damage champion but you can of course change stuff around.

Ignite for Exhaust = If your having problems with ganking or just your enemy is getting away to much, or just to reduce his damage in a 1v1.

If you fallow basically step for step what items and runes I use in this build, or have similar, this shouldn't be used but if your getting a bit more defensive, this is quite helpful.


Does this look like a jungler guide?

Could help if someone is attacking a turret and your far away, or there is an all of a sudden minion mob


Your normal attack is quite lethal so even without mana you can do some good damage.

If you go into a high speed pursuit after someone quite often use this!
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Moving around

Seems like a basic thing right? WRONG, well..depends. If your going against a team that has wards up and a oracle, like I said in the pros and cons IT'S A MINE FIELD. Below is a picture for ward hotspots, basically the spots you want to avoid unless your team has up vision wards in these spots.

Now this looks like a lot of of spots. Not all spots are covered, the bushes and rivers that lead to dragon or baron are normally just warded, having an oracle on you team or on you is really helpful to just pick off wards while on a way to a gank.
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Ganking routes

GREEN = Safe path, Rarely or never there are wards along this type of path.
YELLOW = 50/50 Chance of encountering a ward along this type of path.
RED = VERY high chances of encountering a ward along this type of path
Blue/Cyan = Bushes in lanes that are almost always warded.

*Make sure to have an oracle if your ganking quite common*
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Summary / End

So I have told you what to you will need all the way to which ways you should go for ganking. Hopefully this guide will come into good use for anyone playing Twitch. Thank you very much for going through my guide.
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