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Twitch Build Guide by Netherdrax

Twitch full DPS guide

Twitch full DPS guide

Updated on July 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Netherdrax Build Guide By Netherdrax 13,812 Views 1 Comments
13,812 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Netherdrax Twitch Build Guide By Netherdrax Updated on July 29, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hi all this is my 1st guide on moba i will be talking about great champion - twitch.
Twitch. Hmm what is it ? I think it's op champion who can kill every1 when played correctly. He's so much squishy champion and this guide will in small % reduce it. This guide is fully dps so u need to play safe. I just cant play build which do 400 crits and has 3000 hp, i like to do easy quadra maybe penta. So don’t waste time , let's look on pros and cons ! I hope u will enjoy my guide :)
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Pros / Cons

[*] Incredible damage!
[*] Good ganker
[*] Late game can 1v1 everyone
[*] can easy turn advantage of enemy team in team fight

[*] squishy
[*] oracle works great ;/
[*] can be easy defeated by thornmail

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- It's Twitch's passive. Every attack u apply a poison to your enemy over 6 seconds. It stacks 6 times, more stacks more dmg

- This is Twitch's Q, stealth. After breaking stealth Twitch's attack speed is increased. Longer twitch is in stealth, longer your AS buff is

- Twitch's W, slow. It can rlly help u to catch enemy. If u have more stacks of Deadly Venom, you will slow more your target.

Expunge - Twitch's E - main nuking spell. It deals great damage. Its awesome spell, u can really shine early with this. If u have more stacks of Deadly Venom, more dmg u will do

- Twitch's R - ultimate. This is second nuking spell mid and late game. Want to do penta in team fights ? Try , click R, attack and then E it's easy ! Twitch gains few AD for 5/6/7 attacks or 12 secs, your attacks becomes long range too and applies on hit effects ! Mid or late game in team fights people will say : omg your so much OP ! Noobish champion twitch. Don’t care of them, just pwn them more and more your not noob, you are twitch
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I’m playing 23/0/7, why ? Why not more in defense ? You are so much squishy ! So here's answer : i don't like to play champions that deals 0 dmg like Tristana early :D (sorry for all triss players but this is true) More damage u will have , faster u will kill enemy = your defense is offense
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Runes ? I don't want to write much about them. Just like masteries, defense is your offense. Only few seals for defense but it will help you only in early game where u need to shine. Standard runes for ad carry. Armor penetration and some attack damage
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Heh again all this items are for offense. As you can see there's frozen mallet , it will help you in late game but i don’t think that game will be as long as you can get your FM :) These items req. to play safe but aggressive
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells
I prefer Ignite and Flash
because your deadly poison combined with in early will be really deadly. Flash to get out of lost team fight or escape gank. However you can pick these too :

- it can help you to gank. I don't pick it because of your W (slow)

Yeah, it can help you much. If you want to play ranked game u can switch it with Ignite for more defense

Heal ? if you have trouble problems with survive it can help you. I do not pick it because my friends learned me to never pick it because it can "make angry" your enemy ;d heh funny....

Non-Viable Summoner Spell Choices
- no1 takes it , you too ;p

- are you tank ? no your dps, leave it for tanks

- same as leave it for support

- you are not jungling ?
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Skill Sequence

Finally skill seq. :)
So let's look first at early game. We have 2nd level for now and we have our and expunge and a Doran’s blade DB.
For example you’re on top and your Xin start to attack 2v2. What you do ? Your breaking your stealth by attacking focused target then you’re still attacking, and you see you have about 4-6 stacks of poison now apply your ignite. Your target is running away with flash, what u do ? you’re just clicking expunge E and BOOOOOM first blood ^^ so now it's 2v1 ? just attack your another target if your expunge E is ready what u can do ? grab 2nd kill and hear "gj twitch" :)
Same situation on 1v1 :)

So let's look on team fights

Remember You are s.q.u.i.s.h.y !. You see that Alistar starts a team fight. Now your waiting...2-3 seconds in stealth get a good position (out of heart of team fight) good position = your ulti will hit more then 1 player! Now click your ulti and just click on...1 target , wait until he will have 5-6 stacks of your deadly poison and click E :)

Want to gank mid or bottom lane ? Np

Ofc you all time going on your stealth, your pinging enemy and getting good position = behind him or next to your target, your waiting on your teammate and start : Hit him 1 time then use [icon=debilitating poison size=30}, now get as much poisons as you can and...boom ! expunge E

Twitch - master of ks ? Maybe

it's easy, just when u see your target is low hp and u have stacks of poison on him that can kill him faster then your teammates, click E :)

So let's finish it :

> > >4-6 auto-attacks > expunge
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Early, Mid and Late game

Early game

It's hard part of game for twitch but you can get feeded here. Farm much and have your eyes open on enemy, remember you are squishy! at 3 level you can get kills with your teammate on lane. Never pick mid lane, because you will be more safe with your teammate.

1-6 - Farm and try to get kills on your lane and if possible gank little other lanes and again plz remember you are squishy

Mid game

Try to farm minions but now u should focus to gank lanes do not go 1v1 until you have phantom dancer. When you will get IE you can try 1v1 :) If you have trouble to kill some1 at 1v1, use your ulti

6-12-Focus on kills and little on farm

Late Game

So you want to see the power of my build ye ? Ok. Now like all focus 100 % on kills , do dragon if possible and ofc baron. In team fight you can rlly pwn. I don’t recommend backdoors because you’re not tanky dps. Push ofc too

A, and remember you’re squishy! :D

1v1 at late game with you = suicide

Get red buff if possible , it will apply with your ulti too :]
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Champions which you must / can go

What it mean : must ?
yes you must have champion who can take damage instead of you and if he has stun, it's perfectly for you early so here's small list of who can help you :

Xin Zhao
Jarvan IV
and more tanky champions !
if you can, best teammate is Jarvan IV
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So as you can see this guide is 100 % dps, it really works. I never had negative score except 1st game as twitch ;D I hope you enjoy my guide, now go and try it :) GL&HF

Aa and remember: you are squishy ! :D

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