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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Niv

Twitch, Pwnzord Incoming!

Niv Last updated on March 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, Im Niv and i've been playin Twitch for a long time, I tested many builds and i find this one to work the best when your team dosent feed (and when it does too ;D)

So... Who is Twitch?
Twitch is a rat, which is why im going to call him RAT in this build, its easier to write RAT than TWITCH.
Rat is an assassin, he hides, attacks, poisons, expunges, gets kills.
If your ready to PWN and get your enemies Rolling On Floor Whining how 'lucky' you are, read this build, awesomeness guaranteed.



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Changes and Updates

-Updated the rune page because it SUCKED.
Now it rox btw :3
-Added the Vampiric Scepter and the Zeal optionals in the item build.

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Pros / Cons

Every champion has Pro's n Con's, so does rat. This build optimizes rat's pros and minimizes his cons.

- His a rat.
- Easy kills
- With this build especially, easy FB.
- High AD and AS, and about 50% ~ 75% crit chance, depends by the runes you take.
- Did i mention his a rat?
- Long range shooting with his R to get far enemies down.
- Sneak Shoot Bawm!
- Everyone hate him.

- NEEDS potions => very helpful, but wastes money.
- Can be countered by pinkies => Minimized in this build if your clever.
- Low HP => Frozen Maulet. Any comments?
- The Squishy Rat From Hell => FMaulet, Team, Rat.
- If his start was bad, Mid~Late game will be harsh.

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Check the runes in the guide's start.

Why i chose these runes?
We play rat as a DPS ( Ability power rat? i dun think so ) so we need armor penetration even if they dont stack armor because every champion has base armor and we can deal more damage to every champion (and minions etc).
Also, you should have noticed that this build focuses on AD before AS, unlike most rats, so a small AS boost will help us ALOT until we get our phantom dancer :)

Oh yes if we had life steal runes it would have been SO awesome. GOSH.

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Summoner Spells

Ermm... Aight, Summoner Spells.

Since rat has NO escape abilities in rush, we HAVE to take Flash because your only true escape ability is Flash + Ambush.

2nd, we will take Ghost because its good for running and chasing.

3rd option if you dont like Ghost (Yea, Flash is a must have!!!) is Exhaust because its a ganker spell, rat is a ganker.

4th is Heal

and well... everything else is kinda useless...
IMO take Flash n Ghost, You are now LESS SQUISHY (*Hurray!*)

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Skill Sequence

Lets talk about SKILLS.

PASSIVE - Deadly Venom

Your arrows are enchanted with Deadly Venom, dealing damage pet second for 8 seconds, stacks up to 6.

Your basic bread and butter for W and E, and for killing after all.

Q - Ambush

You hide for 10/20/30/40/50 seconds, when its over / when you attack, you get bonus attack speed for a limited time, depends how long you where in stealth.

Nothin to explain really, Use it to GANK, GET AS BONUS and to SCOUT.

W - Venom Cask

You slow nearby champions for 30% of their movement speed and 2.5/3.25/4/4.75/5.25 more per poison stack.

Nothin to explain here too, tho try using slow before you use expunge because expunge removes the poison stacks and W dosent.

E - Expunge (Tam dam dam!)

Deals 30/60/90/120/150 + 100% AP damage to nearby POISONED enemies, plus 20/30/40/50/60 damage per stack.

Your #@&!&$*ing badass skill to kill everyone and get First Blood, use it wisely cuz rat aint a mage and he is very hungry when it comes to mana.
Use the skill when your sure you will get the kill, especially early game, more tips will be visible in the next chapters.

R - Spray and Pray - Twitch gains 15/25/35 attack damage (Yea i hate nerfs) and his attacks become long ranged, fired in an arc, applying on hit effects to every target hit. lasts for limited time or until 5/6/7 missles have been fired.

Use it in team fights or when u need 1 more dam shot to take someone down but he is a bit outta range, kabooya.


Skills affect rat ALOT early game.
Some ppl have no idea how much it matters what you take at lvl one, most rats take Ambush
You need to take Expunge at lvl 1 because its how you get FB, and kills mostly.

Theres 1 sentence that will solve any problem in your life:
You max it 1st, and you will be amazed how much damage it deals and how easily you kill the enemies.

You can check the skills in the picture, just scroll up, or look here:

1 - E
2 - Q
3 - E
4 - W
5 - E
6 - R
7 - E
8 - Q
9 - E
10 - Q
11 - R
12 - W
13 - Q
14 - W
15 - Q
16 - R
17 - W
18 - W

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FARMING is a problem. Happens to me alot that i focus ganking and killing and i forget last hitting and farming gold, if you dont do well in killing AND in farming, your in a bad situation.
Try NOT TO GO MID, Because you cant leave the lane to gank (tips below), and basicly try killing minions.

oh and.. NEVER EVER NEVER EVER use your skills on minions!

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Item Build

Now thats what im talking bout!


Aight, Start with a Doran's Blade. Gives rat health, attack damage and even a bit life steal. Epic!

Now from here im gunna use "Potion Sets", meaning 2 hp potions and 2 mp potions, grab them whenever you recall until about lvl 10.
Health Potion x2 Mana Potion x2

Try laning as much as possible, if you did well you probably got minions kills and at least 1 kill, Get Berserker's Greaves and grab a potion set. If you have no money for zerker, buy shoes and a potion set if possible.

Well look, thats really optional and i barley use it but i found out that it does help a bit if you feel that you really want it, you can grab a Vampiric Scepter before you continue, you will be able to stay more in the lane but it will slow you down a bit (But if you killed alot by now it wont).

Might look bad, but save for Infinity Edge, this item ROCKS, ROCKS ROCKS, and ROCKS.
It has so many pros for his "low" cost, so save for it. feel free to sell Doran's Blade if you miss 200g to buy anything.
BTW B. F. Sword is 1st priority.

After you got your shoes and Infinity Edge, you now have to choose:
I did well / I did not bad and my enemies suck, thats why ill grab Sword of the Occult.
I did bad / I did aaagh... thats why ill skip Sword of the Occult and hope for good.

Next step, again you choose:
I feel squishy and my health go down easily, Ill take Frozen Mallet
I feel supa dupa and i can take Frozen Mallet later, ill get Phantom Dancer now.
I feel ok, but i want a bit attack speed so ill buy Zeal, then Ill get a Frozen Mallet and then a Phantom Dancer.

After you got Frozen Mallet take Phantom Dancer, If you took Phantom Dancer first, complete your Frozen Mallet

The game usually ends here or even sooner, if it didnt, get a The Bloodthirster and fill it up with 40 minions. after that you can basically take anything you want, but i recommend Madred's Bloodrazor.

Last Whisper if they stack armor
Madred's Bloodrazor (earlier) if they have a dam fed tank, or few of em.
Hexdrinker if they have some serious damage dealing mages
Warmog's Armor if you wanna go tanky. lol joke never take it xD

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Creeping / Jungling

Rat aint a jungler, but make sure you grab the buffs when you have some free time.
Oh and dont die, its a shame.

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Team Work and Tips

- Try not to go mid, you do better with a buddy, you can scout, kill faster and you get some help and he might save your life, + you can gank more.

- Rat's best friend is another rat, since there are no other rats, you wanna lane with a TANK, TANKS rock with rat, they defend, help, save lives, take damage, being focused early and allowing you to go gank while they defend the lane better than other champs.

- If your team's premade and built well (1 tank, at least 1 carry, at least 1 AP, you and w/e), you can take down the DRAGON at lvl 1, yes its VERY dangerous, but its rewarding, gives a very nice amount of EXP and GOLD, thats definitely a nice start boost, make sure no one dies or youll be ganked.

- Ask your team mates to warn you when they see a ward placed, telling you where it is.

- Ask your team to focus orcale carriers and take them down as soon as possible, they will see that messin with your team aint good, and that orcale was a 400g waste.

- Ask your team not to cry about kill steal (if they do), tell them its a team game, tell them they get assists and tell them you didnt just last hit, you helped fighting him.
Last step, laugh and KS some more ^^

- If your team isnt doing good but your tank has a decent amount of health, go backdoor with him (or ask someone else that does better DPS than you) when the enemy team is far from their base, its a great way to make em whine.

- Dont waste mana. duh.

- Attack the enemy as much as you can before expunging.

- Dont take risks, kill for kill aint worth the death, especially when u have occult.

- California Rats, we're undeniable!

- Get used to the fact of people calling you Rat, trust me.

- The more you hide, the longer your attack speed bonus is.

- Last but best - Sex Expunge and Rock n Roll!

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So.. Thats the part where we break up.
Its not me, Its not you, Its the rat!

Anyway, follow this guide, and i promise you, you WILL pwn.

Yours, Niv.

Troll Comments are always welcome, rate meh!