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Twitch Build Guide by Deckstar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar

Twitch - The underestimated hazard

Deckstar Last updated on February 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The build that is about to be explained in these sections is all about a new play style for Twitch, since even the standard Adc style on Twitch, has not work so well for many players, and Twitch is being treated as a useless carry by many summoners.

This is a experimental new way to develop a completely different type of Adc, which can be only be used to a champion such as Twitch, a type that if i had to name it, it would be: ...Saboteur, standing in the distance in the teamfights, Twitch will attack and debuff all the champions on the enemy team, while dealing great damage with outstanding attack speed.

A type of Twitch with more sustain than most of carries, since Twitch have a natural gank ability which tempts most summoners to doing wrong decisions, leaving his max potential unreachable.

I will continue to announce my results frequently, i reccomend you to give it a try, even if you have to try only on bots, or rather, just try on bots, i will testing this build in actual matches, making the necessary changes with time.

In resume, you guys dont really need a standard ADC build on Twitch since there are already many great guides about this, so i am trying a new different type of style.

I am not rejecting the comments that everybody wrote in the discussion, i already tried to explain what i thought when i have choosen Wrigles Lantern and Sheen as situational itens, they are in the Itens section, also i have corrected the masteries which was put in haste.

To end it i must say repeat that this guide is yet to be complete, or rather, it may never be able to be completed, since it will take a very long time before i can call myself a pro, before i can be certain of my play style's sucess, i will continue to improve, this also includes any drastic changes on League of Legends, just such as the season 3 changes.

I hope that all of you can underestand and continue to give feedbacks, since i really need it.

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Whats up, summoners. How you doing?

Deckstar here, making another guide, for a champion that was my first adc, ever! These days i heard a lot about of bad stuff about Twitch, like that he is a piece of ****, one of the worst lol champs ever and stuff like that, Truth is... He is completely underrated, he can be a great champion, if you use him in the right way.
I will giving you my personal hints about him, but something interesting about him... The season 3 items can make the puny rat become a phobia for countless summoners.

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Passive - In resume: Basic attacks deals a small quantity of true damage over time, stacking to 6. The true damage is his only advange in early game, so harass and back off, dont feed, something i noticed is that Twitch is a double edge sword, if you get Fed, you are unstoppable, but if you feed, you are nothing, value your life as if it was your only one.

Q - Makes Twitch invisible after a little while and gives him a little of movement speed, if he attacks a enemy unit, he will leave the invisibility and gain 70% of attack speed at max level for over 5 seconds(Me like those stats). Avoid at all cost ganking alone, this invisibility last short time, and there is still a lag before him getting invisible, be careful, personnally is more useful to take towers down or to escape from a gank.

W - Throws a poison clask that deals splash damage, applies 2 stacks of your passive over the enemies hit, and slow them for over 3 seconds, this skill is rather slow and can be dodged. Its also useful to check brushes and can be used in a friendly gank or to slow down enemies when they are chasing, its a skill shot with long cooldown, be careful when using.

E - Expunge is Twitch's main damage dealer ability, deals a low amount of base damage to enemies that were affcted by your passive venom, and also deals a bonus damage scaling with both AP and AD(mostly with AD, of course) per poison stacks, in the end, is a burst of damage, which works well with Black Clever since you need to attack before using the expunge. Bad thing about it: Have a quite long cooldown, and consumes too much mana, use wisely, try to use only when there are at least 4 or 5 stacks to deal the most of damage possible. GREAT thing about it: It deals huge damage, and does not consume the stacks, so the true damage will continue to deal damge over time.

R - Spray and Pray gives Twitch a huge reach, piercing the enemies hitting as many targets as possible, you become even more of a threat at long range then lux, xerath or even Nidalee, Use it in teamfights and to take down enemies near turret in a safe range.

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Pros and Cons

True damage dealer
Barely need ignite because of the poison factor
Underrated, enemies are expecting much of a threat
Huge attack reach with ULT
Overwhelming at late game if fed.

Low sustain early game
Long cooldowns
Is not a natural ganker, even with the invisibility.
High mana costs at early game
Tank Suport needed, dont think it will work well on a kill lane
Overwhelmed at late game if not fed.

A risky champion, all or nothing, like betting in other words, you must be confident that you will not feed, you must have a calm and focused attitude towards the match and have a victory as your objective, ALWAYS. This means NEVER GIVE UP, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN A MATCH, ANYTHING!!!!

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At early you will want to be carful, fast, able to escape fast, harass in a safe area, farm paciently. Not going in danger areas in the lane. Thats why Boots and pots are the most reccomended BY MYSELF.

First back: 2 doran's blades, and a crystaline flask?? Yup, Twitch WILL get mana hungry at mid game, so better have this to avoid getting pwned. A life steal is necessary for Twitch since he will heal himself with that most of times, after buying the flasks, say byebye for your health pots.

After that, get the Bloodthirstier as soon as you can, you wont really need the critical chance, since this hazard build is all about debuffing the enemy champions while dealing huge damage over time with auto attacks and poison abilities, with great sustain. And DONT BE A LONE WOLF, Twitch is a rat! And as every Rat, a single rat is easily killed... But many rats...

Thats what happen...

Runaan's Hurrican is MADE for Twitch, it makes on hit effects become a huge threat, the Twitch's ULT will become a SUPER version of Miss fortune Ult, but it will slow, pierce, reduce armor, heal twitch and will deal true damage over time to the enemies, setting a bomb in them that explodes if you press E.

Frozen mallet will deal slow to the enemies, give you a little more of attack damage and will give you health, making you a harder champion to kill, but that is situational, if you are missing Crowd control of you are being focused way too hard.

Black clever will reduce cooldown, give you a bonus damage and will reduce the enemie's armor, and making your Expunge deal more damage, since it a physical damage skill.

WTF!!!! WRIGLES LANTER??? Yup, Wrigles lantern is exclusively for Early-Mid Game, ONLY if you are losing your lane, it will help your lane control, you will be able to farm faster, get more sustain of life steal and also a refreshable ward that will help a lot when you could be ganked, giving you time enough to become invisible and will be very useful for your team, if you need more money from Drake's head, being able to get buffs faster for both yourself and your team, being able to return to your lane faster. It also gives you another point where you can teleport to.

Mercurial Scimitar is better Mid-Late game, if you are having trouble with Crowd control Champion(s), its bonus damage and movement speed are also welcome!

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I choose Teleport and flash because this way you will get to your lane faster, you will able to make teleport ganks, fast travel to weak towers, etc... Usually i can feel that Twitch lacks mobility, and if he dies or needs to go recall, but the enemy is pushing to the turret, you will be able to move faster also being able to help other lanes, if yours is safe for a the time being

Ignite is also a very good choice, but in case you start to lose your lane or die fast, you wont be able to turn the game, because that is something hard for Twitch to do, although if you feel more confident in lane match OR you lack confidence without the ignite with you, take it! Ignite will be really useful on lane fights early game, where Twitch is at his weakest point.

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Stay safe early game, DO NOT GET ARROGANT, NO MATTER WHAT IS YOUR SCORE, avoid getting killed, its something you really dont want to happened, once Twitch falls behind... He will most likely eat dust. But as long as you are getting fed, you will be able to become a monster at late-game.
Try to stay as further as you can from your enemies, not being a coward, but being ready to strike when you can, with as much as safety as you can secure.

In teamfights, never stay in the front, its such a horrible idea... Stay in the back as any other ADC, demolishing the ones that deals more damage so the other champions wont be able to deal enough damage on you, since you have health, sustain, damage and companions with you, that also includes the Guardian Angel.

Your Q will be OP in Late Game, so you can have the Tank, someone like Mundo, charge against the whole enemy team, by himself, and you will go behind him in a safe distance, as the enemy team tries to kill Mundo, you use your ULT and start shooting arrows on them, ill tell what will Happen if your build is like this... The arrows from your ULT will be 70% faster(from Q) will affect the whole enemy team(Runaan's Hurricane), poisoning, reducing armor, slowing and piercing through them, the bolts from the Hurricane will also apply all those on hit effect, including the distance bonus from your ULT, if you are fed enough and they are... Half health or something like that, there might be a chance for you to make a Pentakill, since the reduced armor from the Black Clever will give a bonus damage to expunge, and in that situation it will act like a bomb, because the enemies wont have to much time to get away, once they noticed what is happening they would get full stacked of your passive, which means, max damage on E.

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Somethings i noticed...

Twitch is a very overwhelming adc at early game, so when you are in bot, start a brush fight if you have a Tank Suport in your side, someone like Alistar,Volibear, Blitzcrank, Shen, etc. Focus the carry, as always. Your tank suport must have some CC, since the first ability choice is the W, you will slow the enemies from a safe range, dealing true damage and keep shooting them, if you're lucky you can get a double kill right off the bat.

However, if your suport is not tanky like Soraka, Lulu, Karma, Nami... You must approach them from behind the minions, where you can harass with your poison, and fall back, if you're to throw the poison flask and hit them with one or two auto-attacks before falling back, your stacking poison will eventually force them to use all the potions and fall back, and when you get the Expunge you will able to deal burst and dps, you become a serious threat to the enemy, but don't get arrogant or overconfident, my last match with this build i got FED AS HELL, but i started to die a lot lategame, wonder why? Because i thought i was invincible, nope, i tried to take down a weak turret, and i refused to run away, because that turret was the inhibitor's, i destroyed the turret, but they a kill and 4 assists in exchange, was not so worth it...

To think that you can do everything may be your doom.

I still was unable to complete the build, i was unable to reach the Blade of ruined king, because the match was over just after i bhought my B.C. Its good, since its a proof that the build works, and at lvl 14, if fed, you can solo-dragon without losing any health. a flawless kill. I want to try a solo-baron with Twitch later, just to see what would happen...