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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lryn

Twitch - They never saw what hit them.

lryn Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ah twitch, my beloved rat friend...but oh? You either cant seem to master his skills, or you are just baffled at what to get for him. Well i hope this guide will answer all of your questions. He is one of my favorite champions to play and very easy too. :)

This guide is a Max DPS guide. Im trying to go for crazy dps with high crit chance while having a high attack speed. Go on give it a try it works very well.

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Pros / Cons

Able to carry very well
Can Stealth
Can Slow
Has long ulti range
Very fun
Does massage damage

Focused alot in fights
Can get owned by oracles or vision wards
Can be tough to get used to where he is good in a fight
Not the best mid lane when people you to go as it
Cost 6300

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These are the runes i use, they seem to work quite well. It's very nice in the beginning because you can hit hard because of the armor pen. and you still have enough crit. strike to do some damage because of your Brawlers Gloves.

I would stick with these runes mainly because they are great for beginning game. You wont need attack speed because your ambush will later get you that and so will your . Cool down reduction is not necessary either because all you are made for is popping out of ambush and spraying them down real quick. If you really need that small percentage of cooldown for or Expunge then you probably are not opening in a good area in the first place.

Critical strike would probably be the one exception I would make for other runes. You will not normally need it because in end game you will have around 96% and mid game around 60%, but if you like always hitting those 1200's and dont mind having a harder time in the beginning then go for it. If you do that though GO ALL OUT ON CRIT. You can max around 20 something % with all the right runes. But like i said. You will have alot of crit. chance in the end which comes very fast with him if you are smart.

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My mastery tree is a little different than most peoples would have it, but hear me out. Twitch mainly does dps but in the beginning and mid game his expunge still does alot of damage since this is ability power. I am just going to make sure to get that kill and get that 15% magic pen from . I also don't have mainly because I like where my points are and 3 attack damage is not going to make much difference at any point of the game. I will pick up the because it is a nice stack on the two that you will have mid game.

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This is a very interesting build i have made but i find it working out very very well. Lower i will also show some good items that you may want to switch out, but first here is how you should buy things from the beginning.

when you come back you should have enough for either
After finishing those two either get another
or get your
if you have enough or are close to the amount for it (if you are around 1400 i would save up for the sword).
When those are completed finish your
and then go for your
and it doesn't really matter what item you buy for that first, but i like to go with the pick.

After Finished with that work on getting 3 more

getting the sword first the cape second and then the pick third for each one. During this time you can sell your avarice blade because you will be needing the spots.

Items you Could also get:
(This would go in place of an Infinity Edge)

This is obviously if you are dying alot. I get this in the end if i want to tower dive some turrets to back door. Mainly just to get away from dying.

Great if you are going against some one like because it will soak up his first stun hopefully.

This is a great item if you are having trouble with or any other big mage spell.

This item i am very hesitant to use on twitch because it is a snowball item and twitch is Very easy to kill sometimes, but if you find yourself dominating and not dying go for it.

is a great item to get because you can hit more than one enemy so if they are not all lined up when you you may still hit them. Plus it had mana regen and health regen which is nice so you can stay around longer. If i were you i would get this after the and sell the later on for another for the greater damage and crit strike.

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Skill Sequence

I like going with expunge first just because you can harass and maybe even get first blood with it, but if you like you can switch it with since you are getting that right after anyways. You then get at level four just because I use it to save a friend from a champ. I use it when i need to stealth away fast. How you do that is to click and then because the delay there is long enough for you to get it off. This will also work with . Then after that its pretty obvious, getting Expunge and whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

From my experience and
are the best combo. You are able to deal a ton of damage in a quick burst before anyone can see you an then you can flash away if needed, also you can flash if someone has .

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You will normally want to take top or bottom lane. I take bottom lane mainly because if there is a jungler then the person on the opposite team who is going 2v1 goes top, and you want alot of kills from bottom lane. Also you won't have to worry about getting ganked as much because jungler tends to watch top and middle. When in your lane get the last hits! They are very important and normally very easy to get because of your range

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How to Play Twitch

He is no tank and can die very very easily.

Ok so here is the ideal situation:

You spot some one like Master Yi up top. Lets say you are level 8.
If he has pushed past the midway point and there i no one top then he is screwed. sneak behind him with ambush and get a good distance away from him so you can spray and pray him before he can get to you. After you open, if they run then use debilitating poison on them to stop them then hunt them using basic attacks and ignite. when he is low health just expunge him. I usually save that unil they have around 2 to 3 bars left.

Got it? Pretty simple.
Now if a team fight breaks out this is what you do. WAIT. the reason you do this is 1. so you dont get focused and die instantly and 2. you must align yourself up so you can hit multiple people. Then you want to target the squshy people first leaving the tanks last.

Pretty simple. You just need to stay alive as much as possible in the beginning being smart on how you do stuff, then later when you start getting fed you will start doing even more damage.

DO KS. Yes i said it. It is your role to KS it is what Twitch does. He is the Dps carry and needs as many kills as possible so he can be fed. This is a team game and that is your role.

Tip: You can shoot through walls to attack a champion with Spray and pray activated. So if you are on one side of a wall and there is a noob sittin next to a turret on the other side thinking he can recall, spray and pray him through it then expunge him if needed. It is a humiliating kill and very fun/funny.

Go get 'em!