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Udyr Build Guide by Plunk

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plunk

Udyr - Jungle God - Preseason 5

Plunk Last updated on December 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nasus Does the doge have less than 60 CS? Make sure it stays that way. 60 to 90? Proceed with caution. Does he have 90+ CS? Such dead, many sadness, wow!
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Hello there! My name is Plunk, and this is my first guide!
I've played quite a few games as Udyr, and he's definitely my favorite jungler by far, especially in Preseason 5.
Udyr can be played in a couple different ways. He can farm all game and then just push objectives late game and finish, or he can start ganking at level three or four and put the fear of Godyr into your enemies!
I usually play the latter style unless my team is getting ridiculously fed super early, and even then I can't seem to help running into a lane to secure a kill or two.
This guide will focus on how I play Udyr, and will give you basic tips on jungling, ganking, and pushing objectives like only Udyr can.

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Pros / Cons

+ Amazing clear times.
+ Pushes objectives like no one else.
+ Can get somewhat tanky and deal tons of damage at the same time.
+ Once you learn how to gank with him, his ganks are GODLY.
+ Passive helps him escape from situations some champs couldn't.
+ Becomes a powerhouse late game, and is no slouch early game.
+ Can easily clean up fleeing enemies after a teamfight.

- If not allowed to farm/get fed, can be nearly useless late game.
- Lacks hard initiation like J4's Flag and Drag, Amumu's Bandage Toss, or Diana's Lunar Rush.
- Item set is quite expensive.
- If the enemy is too close to tower, your gank will fail.

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Our runeset is simple. Quints of movespeed to get us around the jungle faster and into lanes before the enemy can even shout, "Oh ****, it's Udyr!"

Attack Speed Marks to clear the jungle as fast as possible, and to make our ganks even more potent. They also let us push towers faster and make Dragon and Baron a breeze.

Armor Seals to give us the tankyness necessary to deal with the jungle creeps and any early encounters with AD champions.

Six Cooldown Reduction Glyphs and Three Magic Resistance Glyphs give us 5% Cooldown Reduction to start the game with since our build doesn't include much CDR. (The only CDR being in the optional Youmuu's.) The Magic Resistance Glyphs give us just enough MR to pop out into mid for a quick "Stun and run".

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I take 21/0/9 Masteries when I play Udyr for the extra damage, movespeed, buff times, and the amazing 10% CDR on Smite and Flash.

We get an additional 5% CDR from our four points in Sorcery. The rest of the offense tree is focused on doing as much damage as possible.

We take three points in Fleet of Foot to essentially give ourselves a fourth movespeed quint. You know what's scarier than an Udyr rocketing out of the jungle faster than you can get away? Not much.

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Skill Sequence

We're going to build Phoenix Udyr, because it has an insane amount of AOE damage and makes ganks have a bit more flare. (Get it?)

With Phoenix Udyr, what else would we take at level one, but our R, Phoenix stance. It will give you excellent clear time in the jungle and it absolutely melts enemy champs.

We take our W, Turtle Stance, second, and max it second. It will give you a lot more sustain in the jungle, and you can switch back and forth between Turtle and Phoenix stance while clearing the jungle to survive for longer periods of time. (I once went fifteen minutes without going back to base.)

Bear Stance, our E, is taken third, and maxed third. This is our ganking and escaping tool. Bear stance not only gives you a huge burst of speed, but it also stuns every target it hits as long as they haven't been struck by Bear Stance in the last six seconds. It's pretty strong.

We take our Q, Tiger Stance, once at level five, then never again until the last two levels. The attack speed boost is great, and carries over when you switch to Phoenix Stance, giving you absolutely ridiculous clear times, and if you're in a teamfight, taking a tower, or an enemy has pushed too far, it will get the job done that much faster.

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When jungling Udyr, you'll either want to start at your Blue Buff, or at Gromp to get the neat smite effect off it. If you start blue buff, try to get a hard leash so you can save your smite for Gromp. (Yes, Gromp buff is THAT good.)

I usually start Gromp so my smite will be off cooldown by the time I get to my red buff.

Next, head straight to your red buff.
When taking your red, you may notice that Udyr is getting a bit low on health. This is when you're going to want to start switching between Phoenix and Turtle Stances. Turtle stance gives you a shield and a bit of, what is essentially, lifesteal. Smite your red, then head to the Krugs while downing your health pots. (Yes, both of them.)

Kill the little Krug first since he deals a decent chunk of damage, then kill the big Krug.
Run down to Ravens, start attacking them if you took Phoenix at 3. If you took Bear, continue on to Wolves. Attack the camp you're at, and if you start to get low, smite the big creep to gain back some health. (Remember to switch between your stances while you have blue.)

Move on to the last camp, clear it, then go to base, pick up your Ranger's Trailblazer, and depending on what you can afford, Boots of Speed and three health pots, or a Dagger and three pots.

At this point, you shouldn't have to run to specific camps in order to survive, so feel free to take your jungle in any order you like. If your opposing jungler starts to gank bot while you're in your top jungle, run to their jungle and steal the big monster from each camp on your side. (If you're on Red team, Smite and take their Gromp. It will help you clear even faster and put them even further behind.)

If you see an opponent on your half of the map is pushed to your tower, it's ganking time.

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Basics of Ganking

There's nothing like an Udyr gank. They're either epic as hell, or the biggest fail of all time. The key to ending up in the first category is to learn the basics of how to gank with Udyr.

Step 1 - Preparation:
So you see that the enemy Riven has pushed your poor Teemo to his turret, and she's standing behind her minion wave taunting him. Bad move Riven, bad move. As you head into Tri-brush at top, or river brush, pop your W, or Q if you have it. This will proc Udyr's passive, giving him 5 bonus movespeed, and a 10% attack speed steroid for the next five seconds.

Step 2 - The Run and Stun:
As soon as you feel you're within range, activate your bear stance. (BEFORE THE PASSIVE WEARS OFF!) This will proc your passive a second time, giving you another 5 bonus movespeed and 10$ attack speed for the next five seconds. Run up to your target and punch them. They are now stunned. It's as simple as that.

Step 3 - Through the Fire and Flames:
Are they stunned? Good. Press R and show them what Udyr is all about. This will AGAIN proc your passive, (Third time's the charm) giving you an insane total of 15 bonus movespeed and 30% attack speed boost for five seconds. Swing at them a few times with Phoenix Stance while your teammate hits them with everything they've got.

Step 4 - Still Alive?
What? They're not dead yet? Pop your Q (If you've got it) to keep your passive going and chase them down while dealing a bit of extra damage, then follow up with another dose of Bear Stance. That's right, stun them again, then pop Phoenix for extra damage. Rinse and repeat.

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Pushing Objectives in the Late Game

As the jungler, it's your job to secure Baron for your team. Always, always, always, keep a Ward on Baron and one on Dragon. It may not seem like it, but it's absolutely worth it for you to flash into Baron or Dragon pit and smite it to secure the buff for your team rather than let your enemies get it. Your opponents getting Baron buff can turn a game you're winning into a "But we were doing so well, what happened?" situation.

Pushing Towers:

So your team just took Baron, and they're all backing, but your opponents are busy clearing bot lane of all the minions that have gotten backed up down there. (Seriously, there's like fifty.) What is an Udyr to do?

First thing you should do is check if your opposing jungler's nearest buff is up. If it is, take it and proceed to push the top lane and take the enemy's Tower/Inhib/Nexus before they even know what's going on. (Seriously, you can take out a tower in about five seconds with three stacks on your passive, Triforce, and just switching back and forth between your Q and R.

Once you get your Triforce and some resistances to whatever your opponents are throwing at you, your goals shift. You're no longer in farming mode. You're not even in ganking mode unless your team is way behind. Your duties are as follows and are ranked in order of importance:

1. Keep Baron warded and secure.
2. Keep Dragon warded and secure.
3. Push towers and/or keep pressure on the map in a lane your team isn't pushing.

Essentially, if your team is pushing bot lane, as long as you're not worried about them getting into a 4v5 and deciding they should fight it out, you should be pushing mid or top lane. This creates map pressure. Your opponents have no choice but to chose one of the two objectives to save, or they'll have to spread themselves out, giving you an advantage.

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If you've made it this far, I'd like to thank you for reading my guide to Preseason 5 jungling domination via Udyr. I'd also like to ask that you give this guide a vote, and leave a few helpful comments and criticisms to help my next guide be much, much better.

Thanks all!