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Udyr Build Guide by leaguesdf

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leaguesdf

Udyr Phonix Jungle guide

leaguesdf Last updated on May 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is going to be a quick guide on how to play and build udyr. I'm an EUW player, mainly playing Udyr on diamond 1-5. Hope you like it and learn a few things.

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Why and when to pick Udyr?

Always and because he is the best champion in this game. Simple. I go support with him too if I need. GG boyz ff 20

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What do you need to build? Trinity Force is your core damage item, and your only damage item. Add its damage to Phonix proc and aoe burn, and Cinder Aoe burn, and that is all the damage you need.
You can start by rushing Cinderhulk, and then finish boots and go for Trinity force ( I usually do this). or, you can only build the Ranger's Trailblazer and boots, then get Trinity force, and obly then completing Cinderhulk. Depends on what you want to accomplish.

After this two core items you will want to get super tanky. Best items are Frozen Heart and Spirit Visage. If the enemy team is very heavy on AP, you can get both Banshee's Veil and Spirit Visage. If they are very heavy Ad, Go Warmog's Armor and Thornmail. They will be killing themselves.

Last item can be Guardian Angel, Locket of the Iron Solari, Frozen Mallet, or Warmog's Armor. Do not get another damage item, it is useless, unless you are winning really hard and you want to have some fun.

* You can get Sightstone if you need vision. Sell later for last item.
* Remember to change your Trinket to Sweeping Lens and upgrade it.
* Boots- Mercury's Treads are mandatory. Of course if they are heavy AD go Ninja Tabi. If they have a ****ed up team comp with no cc go Boots of Swiftness.

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Rute is simple. You start at groump. Get blue buff. and work all your way down to golems. You will only be level 4 after Golems. If all went well and you used both potions, you should be full HP. Now you either go gank or go counter jungle.

Don't forget to farm! Udyr clears the jungle very fast, and you need to take advantage of that. its good to gank, do dragons ward etc, but you must not fall behind in levels and gold. Make sure you farm, and secure your buffs.

* Give second blue to mid. If he does not need it or he is bad and dies a lot, take it yourself.
* Dragon is important, but not worth losing the game for. If the enemy team is doing it and you know you cant contest it, just let them have it. Going there and getting yourslef killed 1v5 , giving them gold on top of the dragon, is just plain stupid.
* Go counter jungle as much as possible. Udyr is great at counter jungling and can really bully some weaker early game junglers.
* It is best to smite Groump for the mini thornmail. Smite
* keep track on where the enemy jungler is, so you can counter jungle him effectively, counter gank, and warn your team for incoming ganks. Lets hope they listen to you.

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Ganking with Udyr is simple. You come in from behind with w for shield. Then E for speed and stun, and then R for damagez. EZ pz///

Question is, which lane do you gank? Here are the things you need to consider:
1. Which lane I want to get fed/snowball the most? ( Ex: Kata, riven, zed... if you can get
these champions fed early they will snowball really hard.)
2. In which lane I have the most chance to get a kill?
3. Which lanes are pushed ( to your turret- easy ganks ).
4. which champions used their summoners spells? Mainly flash.
5. Which lane needs help
6. Which lane is not warded?
7. Which lane you know is about to get ganked? ( for counter gank ).

* Ganking top lane when Dragon is up can mean free drake for the enemy team.
* When you gank, after you stuned the enemy, always position yourself ahead oh him, and attack him from the front as he runs. Move in between attacks.
* Do not be too eager to tower dive, especially if you don't know where the enemy jungler is at.

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Dragon and Baron

Dragons are important, but not the most important thing in the game. Best option is to gank bot, get a kill or two and then go do it together. Keep track of the timers, and use a pink ward,sweeper.

Baron on the other hand is very important, but people lack the balls they usually have about doing Drags. You are doing well? You are ahead? You have a strong carry? (yi,vayne, kog) Get a pink ward, ward around, call it for your team and get it. If enemy spotted you and are on their way to you, usually its best to leave it and try again later.

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Team fights

So what does Udyr do in team fights? He can fill 5 roles in teamfights. You need to choose what to do depending on the comp.

1. Initiator. Udyr is not the best initiator in the world, but he is decent enough. Run in, tap an enemy on the head, preferably a carry, and bam teamfight started. Many times at the start of the fight I just go and tap on every enemy on the head for that stun, and only then move to phnix/turtle.

2. Tank. soak up damage for your team, while dealing good damage with R and some cc with stuns. Don't forget to use W often so you won't get blown up too quickly.

3. Carry diver. Meaning you ignore evrybody and run stright for their carries. This is risky, because usually if you run for an important target, their whole team will focus you. that could be good if your team will follow up, because you will be filling the tank role, But bad if they don't and you just get blown and die for nothing.

4. Carry protector. Also called peeling. Just stun and damage whoever tries to get at your carries. Usually do this if your carries are very fed or are super carries like vayne.

5. Damage dealer. Udyr is a damaging tank, and his damage, especially in mid game after Triforce is complete, is surprisingly high. Sometimes you just go ham on everyone and get that pentakill.

* You don't necessarily have to kill the enemy carries in fights. You can zone them out. Just act as a wall and seperate the enemy carries from the fight. If they try to get close, go all on them.