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Udyr Build Guide by DH CaptainPingas

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DH CaptainPingas

Udyr - The Gankin'Tankin' King of the Jungle (Tiger Stance)

DH CaptainPingas Last updated on July 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Heya! This is my first guide on Mobafire and I've had many comments (and insults) thrown at me because they complain that Udyr is "oped", Now granted, whilst Udyr has the potential to obliterate the enemy, this guide will only push you in the right direction, it will not instantly transform you into a LoL god, Neither will it give you the ability to use Smite on either enemy or friendly champions at level 1. Now let us begin.

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Now whilst there are many different routes you can take whilst jungling as Udyr, I prefer the basic one.

One big mistake alot of junglers make, a very simple one at that. And it should be adressed


I can't stress this enough, I've seen plenty of jungle yi's/WW's/Trynda's all fail because they didn't drink their HP potions when they started losing HP, they end up having to recall sooner than they should, slowing down the jungle, and slowing down ganks.

Start at blue, and have somebody leash for you. Spam on Blue Golem. If you've pulled it off correctly, you will have killed Blue losing minimal to no hp

Now move onto Wolves, thanks to your Utility perk, you're level 2! Congrats! Now level and spam , quickly followed by Turtle, and keep doing it this way so that Turtle is up for the majority of the time, restoring your HP + Mana, Note - Only do this combo if you have over 100 mana, otherwise you won't be able to afford it, if you can't afford it, just stick in until you can.

The Phantoms, very easy, just apply the same tactic of > > Wait > Rinse & repeat, ofcourse starting with the Big Wraith.

Now onto the Small Golems, these are just as easy as the Wraiths, but they hurt a little bit more, Kill them both with > > Wait and move onto Red

Now you're onto red, by now your smite would have recharged and you should either be on your last HP potion, or just drunk it at small golems. Use Smite asap against Red as you will need it later, finish him off with > > Wait and then recall, you'll now be level 4, and should be able to afford +

You can either make the choice to gank, or continue jungling, either is ok, You simple go wolves > phantoms > golems, remembering to Smite the big phantom in the middle for the extra 5g, This will bring you up to level 5

Now you're at a crossroad "Oh no! My jungles empty! What do I do? ;(" CALM DOWN! It's actually very simple

A : You can gank, killing them is going to make them scared of you mid game, and buy alot of items to try and prevent you killing them.

B : You can either counter-jungle or steal their jungle, depending on whether or not they have a jungler, as Udyr is a brilliant counter jungler towards most other junglers (WW, Trynda, Amumu, Nunu, All of these will bow to your Bear Stance + ) The exceptions being the likes of Nocturne or Shaco, Shaco can easily escape, and Nocturne would probably kill you, so don't face him.

C : If you have the money to buy a Wriggles, DO IT! The moment you buy a Wriggles Lantern, you can kill Dragon, even if you're only level 4! Just do the same old > > Wait and even the Dragon will be on its knee's begging for mercy, Remember to finish Dragon with Smite, you don't want all that effort put in just for an Amumu to come along and smite it ^^

In the time of any of those 3 options, your Blue + Red will respawn, giving you another jungle to clean, and from here on is really your choice to either Gank, Counter, Jungle or even Pushing Lanes.

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Now for runes, these are actually quite flexible and down to personal preference more than what I use

Greater Mark of Desolation

I use these for all of my AD champions, I believe they are really the only viable marks to use if you are playing offensively

Greater Seal of Resillience

These 2 are the 2 seals I would choose, although I've had different people with different opinions all suggesting other variants for me to use - The Fortitude seals are also a good option - but if you have the runes available, I'd reccomend Evasion, if you can't afford these, Resillience runes are just as good. Although when considering that Udyr relies heavily on the jungle early game, I figured that his survivability (aswell as gank-ability) were boosted by these 2 runes.

I felt that these were really the only option for Udyr, they support his early game jungle addiction, which the sooner you start ganking, the better.

There's no real contest on these runes, The survivability the extra 78hp gives is irreplacable. Ofcourse if you can't afford these, the alternative I suppose would be either Swiftness or Ressilience quints, but I have not tested these - so try at your own risk and let me know the results ^^

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To start off with, you'll be wanting to build a Wriggles Lanternasap, giving you a free ward, exceptionally fast jungling and the ability to kill dragon at level 5! (4 of you're VERY fast)

Fun fact for today : They might have nerfed Wriggles Lantern so that the bonus damage isn't given back as HP, but the nerf didn't apply to Udyr's :).

Your next item's are a choice of 3 different boots, either , or , now whilst all 3 are very good options for Udyr they are more situational than personal preference.

A : Are you against a team of heavy AP nukers or heavy CC?
B : Are you against a team of 3 or more AD?
C : Do you feel that neither AD nor CC are a threat?

The , very cheap, VERY cost effective weapon. It gives cooldown reduction, a nice AD boost, but most importantly it gives Armor Penetration, which gives this very cheap, useful, and upgradable item a place in my build.

After buying a , whether or not you've been ganking you'll be at around mid game, the laners are starting to roam, and Jungling is becoming more difficult, Do not fear though for not only does Udyr have 2 very helpful escape mechanisms, but he'll also buy a s as his next item! A gives him the power to not only be an initater, but also survive the bombard of attacks that will be being launched at you right about now, as you've just been ganking all 3 lanes, forcing all 3 lanes back to their towers and they're pretty pissed with you, They're most certainly going to be aiming for you first as Udyr is renowned for being squishy, even with his mighty . But in combination with , Udyr get's an extra 1.3k hp (when fully charged) which let's him outlive that Annie K.O combo or that lovely Lux ulti that tends to bite you in the *** at the last second.

Now after buying a , you're starting to end mid game, they know you're going to be hard to kill, they know if they let you get too close, they'll die. Now sometimes just isn't enough to hold them in place, and we've all been here. They escape with 14hp and you are just headbutting your desk thinking "WHY didn't I get a phage to slow them!". Well that's our next item, Phage not only gives a little bit of HP, a little bit of AD, but also gives a neat passive which has a 25% chance of slowing an enemy, and just like the Brutalizer it builds into something really worthwhile.

Now at this point you're left at another crossroad, where you can choose one of three items to purchase.

A : Is the team barely scratching me, the CC's doing nothing to me, and I feel I need more damage & movement speed?

B : Is the enemy team getting your health down, but not really packing in any CC's to kill you?

C : Is the enemy team heavily CC'ing you before you get a chance to stun them?

Now depending on the choice you take, the next item is one of the 2 items you DIDN'T choose, Again, go to my last crossroad and take the option you feel gives you more of an advantage

Now, the game's usually NEVER last this long, infact I've never finished this build, but if you get to the point where you have , , , and and you have 2kish leftover, go ahead and sell your Wriggles Lantern, in exchange for an Atma's, the ultimate icing on the cake. Atmas will take your incredible survivability and turn it into the ability to shred any target that stands in your way, as by endgame you will have around 4.5/5k hp, 5000 / 50 = 100, an extra 100AD from Atmas!

So by the end of the game you're build will look like this

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Skill Sequence

If there's one thing in this game that is under rated, it's the power of , It has incredible early game power, which gives Udyr his ganking gun, which is why I prefer it over Phoenix Stance, both are good, but I feel gives more burst damage.

Here is a skill sequene which has 2 major turning points, you can take any road and it'll be fine, but read them to see why they have been put there.

1 -
2 -
3 - / (Here is where you decide whether you are going to gank, or continue jungling, if you feel you can gank, take E, if not, take Q)
4 - / (The one you didn't choose)
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
14- (Now here is where you make another choice, you can choose to either be more tanky, or more powerful, If you feel more tanky, keep levelling stance to 5, If you feel more offensive, This is where you level to Level 5, spamming this alongside and you will be shredding them, as you will be doing both AP and AD damage constantly, they'll have no way of defending themselves from your Undying Rage!)

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Summoner Spells

There's no real contest for these 2 spells

If there had to be one problem with Udyr, it's that he has no range capabilities, although he can make up for it with an insane movement speed, using + gives you around 420 movement speed WITHOUT boots! This gives you a very good advantage to early game ganking.

This is what gives Udyr his ability to speed jungle, granted he can do it without it, but it will be ALOT slower, you won't have asmuch capabilities, and you might even fall behind a level or 2.

Alternatives -

I've had several discussions about this skill, and no. I don't think it's a viable option. Simply because Ghost gives Udyr the ability to reach insane speeds, not to mention Ghost has a much lower CD than Flash

I used to take this, when I felt that CC's were really a pain in the ***, but since the introduction of Tenacity, if I feel I'm getting crushed down by CC's I'll just use a or (or ofcourse).

Yeah, Ok, It's a good skill. It can turn a seemingly hopeless fight into an easy win, can be great for escaping from that Xin that won't stop chasing you with his 3 Phantom Dancer's. But it has no place in Jungle Udyr.

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I hope you've learned alot from this guide, I would appreciate if you left some constructive criticism and what I should change about this guide.

Thank you for reading =)