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Udyr Build Guide by AsIaNxDrAgOn

Udyr - Tiger Stance(Jungle) *OWNAGE*

Udyr - Tiger Stance(Jungle) *OWNAGE*

Updated on November 10, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIaNxDrAgOn Build Guide By AsIaNxDrAgOn 12,777 Views 0 Comments
12,777 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIaNxDrAgOn Udyr Build Guide By AsIaNxDrAgOn Updated on November 10, 2017
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Hello, I've Been Playing Udyr For Quite SomeTime And Is My Main Champion. Simply Run Down Of Tiger Stance And How I've Played Him. I Hope You Like My Guide And Hope It Helps Everyone.

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Stalker's Blade(Warrior)

Very Useful Smite With 20% Slow And 28-164 True Damage, Because You Are Burst Dmg And You Need To Keep Up With Them From Running So You Can Burn Them Down. 60 Attack Damage Benefits Tiger Stance And 10% CoolDown Reduction Helps Switch Stances Faster.

Trinity Force

25 Attack Damage, 45% attack Speed, 20% CoolDown Reduction, 250 Health, 250 Mana, 5% Movement Speed. I Believe It's Probably The Best Item For Udyr. Has All The Stats That Udyr Would Need. The 2 Passives; Basic Attacks Grant 20$ Movement Speed For 2 Seconds(Killing Minion/Monsters/Champions Grant 60% Movement Speed For 2 Seconds) And SpellBlade After Switching Stances, The Next Basic Attack Deals Physical Damage Equal To 200%(Base Attack Damage) With A 1.5 Second CoolDown.

Mercury's Treads

I Always Go Mercury's Treads, 25 Magic Resist. There's Always Gonna Be Stuns/Snares/Slows On The Enemy Team And Having Magic Resist Is Not Bad. As For An Udyr Player, If You Are Getting Stunned And Kited Than You Are Pretty Much Useless And Feeding.

Guardian Angel

30 Armor And 40 Attack Damage. A Little Armor Helps After Your Trinity Force, And The Damage Early Game As Tiger Will Burst Enemy Champions Down Fast. Your Job Is To Rush In And Burst The Carries And Casters Down, If You Get Nuked, Good Thing The Passive Revives You At 50% Base Health And 30% Maximum Mana.

Dead Man's Plate

60 Armor And 425 Health To Be Able To Sustain In Ganks/Fights. You Are A Melee Champion So You Need To Be Able To Get In By Running In Bear Stance, So The Passive The Movement Speed And 50% Slow On Hit Is Great!

Spirit Visage

10% CoolDown, 450 Health, 100% Base Health Regeneration, And 55 Magic Resist. This Item Is Well Rounded For Udyr, Plus Needed Some Magic Resist. The Passive Is Very Helpful Too For Turtle Stance And Heals.
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Creeping / Jungling

I Have Always Took This Jungle Route. I Do Not Know Why, But Seems To Always Work For Me.


- I Start With Blue Buff. Depending On If Your Nub Team-Mates Help You Or Not. You Should Kill Blue Buff Without Smite.


- On To Gromp, If You Didn't Get A Leash Than You Should Smite Gromp.


- Onto The Wolfs. Make Sure You Are Looking At Your MiniMap To See What's Going On, And Which Lanes Needs Help/Gank. Red Side Check Top And Mid, For Blue Side Check Bottom And Middle. If Lanes Are Iffy You Can Kill The River Buff To Kill SomeTime And Gain Vision To See If You Can Help/Gank Those Lanes.


- Kill Red Buff With Smite. Look To Gank, If Not Kill Other River Buff And Look For Gank Or Help Set Back Enemy.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIaNxDrAgOn
AsIaNxDrAgOn Udyr Guide
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Udyr - Tiger Stance(Jungle) *OWNAGE*

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