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Twisted Fate Build Guide by IDKOK

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IDKOK

Ultimate AP TF - Carry your team

IDKOK Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Due to some feedback from fellow more experienced champions, i've made some minor changes on my build:

- Added doran's ring
The HP boost early on will increase your survability alot, the mana regen will ease it up if you have a strong oponent that hardens your farming, and the AP it gives is about as much as amplifying tome (+15 vs +20)
- Changed lich bane's position.
I've realised that, with sheen, lich bane still costs more then a needlessly large rod, so i prefer to rush rabadon instead of lich bane. It's not that bad, since you only notice the lich bane's passive after rabadon.
- Added IE instead of Void Staff
Why this AD carry item? Well, it'll boost greatly your endgame hit damage, and since you'll already have alot of AS, it'll make it alot easier to take out those turrets.

Major changes in runes:
- Health seals instead of AP
- Full AP glyphs instead of 3/9
- AP quintessences
This will increase greatly your AP boost early on (you'll start with 24+15 from doran's)

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Do you like dealing tons of damage with skills? Do you like appearing out of nowhere and destroy everything? Do you like to save your allies? Push lanes? Solo? Score alot of kills? Attack from afar? Stun? Slow? Attack fast? Carry? Well then, I present you

IDKOK's AP/AS Hybrid Twisted Fate!!!

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Why AP/AS Hybrid? What's that?

Well, AP/AS hybrid is what i call an AP build with a lot of attack speed. Although it is unusual, since most AP carries hit REALLY low with their standart attacks, this kind of build is perfect to make you, while on Twisted Fate, the cause of your team wining.

But, if we are gonna build AP, why AS? Are you drunk?
No! This is based on TF's skills. Since Stacked Deck deals extra damage every 4 hits, it is important that you hit fast as hell, to spam that passive. And since it is powered my AP, it just makes sense you build AP with AS :D

Buts lets move on to the guide.

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Pros / Cons

- Great damage mid and late game.
- Absolute map control.
- Great pusher.
- Domination of mid-game
- Can stun, slow, and replenish mana.
- Has a great nuke.
- Skills are just great.
- Probably has the best ganking potential in the game, with destiny .
- Awesome midder.
- Looks awesome.

- Squishy.
- Low damage early-game.
- Can AND will be focused in teamfights.
- Low damage between skills

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Why this set up?

First of all, a really important thing to have in a AP carry: Magic penetration. With this, you will fend off your oponent's magic resist, dealing almost 10% extra damage from the begining of the game. Combine this with PaC and WC and you got one hell of an harasser.

I find myself only starting to deal high damage after i get sheen. Since you got some magic pen from those marks, why not get some early ability power to cop with that? This will make your harass much stronger and viable, adding 24 ability power. With doran's ring, you'll start the game with some pretty awesome 39 AP. That is almost a blasting wand :)

Greater Seal of

Since TF is a squishy char with low HP pool early on, the +40~ hp these seals give you will increase your suvability and lane sustainability, starting with some nice 550+ HP from scratch. You'll see that you can harass much more fearlessly and efectively.

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Lets analyse this part.

The 21-0-9 set up is needed to increase your damage. And damage increase is aa must in every carry.

For offense I take ability power, attack speed, CDR, magic and armor penetration and overall damage, picking critical damage and chance just to move up to the nex tier. This will make your attacks faster and stronger (alacrity + sunder + 4% physical damage increase), and your skills hit alot more (15% magic pen + 4% magical damage increase) and being cast alot faster.

For utility I grab teleport buff, health and mana regeneration, less time spent dead and more experience. The teleport buff will significantly increse your map contolling habilities, the experience increases your level-up speed and time spent dead decrease is always usefull.

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Priority >>>

WIld Cards: Your nuke. This skill deals 260+65% of your AP in magic damage. Combine this with gold card to drop that squishy carry's HP to ~30% of its max.

Pick a Card(PaC): This defines a good or a bad TF. A good TF that knows how to use his PaC will be a trumph in any team. PaC shufles 3 cards in this cycling pattern:
Red Card -> Gold Card -> Blue Card -> back to the beginning.
The blue cards are the ones that deal more damage. They deal 30/45/60/7590 + 100% of AD + 0.4 of AP, and replenish mana equal to 65% of the damage deal. Use these on early game to harass your oponent, if you are dominating him.
The red cards deal as much damage as blue cards, in the same propotion. They hit in AoE, slowing the enemies in range by 30/35/40/45/50%. Use these to harass your oponent if he is dominating you. Hit the minions next to him, and the AoE will damage him.
The gold cards are the ones that deal less damage, dealing half the damage of the other ones, having the same ration of AD/AP. However, gold cards stun your oponent for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. The quality of a Twisted Fate is measured by how many gold cards he pulls in a game. If you time it well you will be constantly pulling out goldies. These are perfect for harass if your oponent is melee, since you can get near them, stun, then go back. They are also your main escape mechanism and defensive tool: you stun your oponent as he chases you, or when he gets in the range of the tower. It's also fun to stun Katarinas or Fiddlestickses when they pull out their ulti :)
Stacked Deck: Just awesome, since your standart attack damage is ****. Every 4 hits you will deal 55/80/105/130/155 + 40% your AP to your enemy. And you dont loose stacks upon death. This skill is the basis of the creation of this build.
Destiny: Destiny... as I say, "You can't escape your destiny". This skill reveals ALL champions in the mat and lets you gate to wherever you want.its perfect to get that nearly-dead champion that ran from the teamfight, that low HP one on another lane, to back up a colleague or to defend a turret. It basically makes TF... TF!

Remember: in a TF vs TF fight, the one who pulls de gold card faster wins.

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Items: Here is where the fun part begins :D

Core Build:

Sorcerer's Shoes : Well, you need boots right? Then grab these ones. It'll increase the damage delt by your skills significantly, and since you will be able to get them by lvl 5-6, just when wildcards start hitting hard, it will make it alot easier to get that mid kill and push.

Lich Bane : This item was made for TF. +80 ability power makes your skill damage shoot to the sky. But the important part isn't the ability power. It is it's passive: after skill cast the next physical attack will hit with 100% of your ABILITY POWER as a bonus. This means your PaC will hit harder, and you may deal another massive hit after stacked deck hits. This item will improve your harassing even more.

Rabadon's Deathcap : I think there is no explaining in need. This is the AP carries' version of infinity edge. 155 AP is really good, but, like in infinity edge, the real deal is those +30% ability power the passive gives. This baby turns 300 AP into 400 AP automatically. Plus, is the item that gives more AP in the game.

Nashor's Tooth : Now that you have around 300 AP, its time to pull that speed up. Nashor's tooth is just... PERFECT! 50% AS+55 AP means more damage from Stacked Deck AND more spam of that skill. This item has perfect synergy with Twisted, expecially because the 25% CDR it's passive gives.

Sword of the Divine : Another item that has PERFECT synergy with twisted: 60% attack speed and a passive that deals 100 magical damage every 4 hits... looks like Stacked Deck to me. It's active is also nice, but you wont be using it (probably only to stun jax). You can try to synchronize this item with Stacked Deck to deal even more damage every 4 atacks, OR, probably the best solution, sync it so it's passive kicks in 2 hits after stacked deck does. This way you will be able to mantain constant damage on an enemy between cooldowns.

Infinity Edge : Last item of the core build. This item gives you some amazing 80 damage, 25% critical hits, and the 250% instead of 200% damage on criticals passive. Altho it's not an AP item, it'll make your backdooring and pushing alot more easier, and will increase the damage you deal between skills.

Situational Items:

Amplifying tome : you may pick this over sapphire's crystal as your first item if you want more damage. I pick sapphire's because i can buy 2 HP pots if i buy sapphire's, instead of 1 with tome. Plus, if your oponent is strong and good, he may deny you the chance to replenish your mana with blue cards, wich will force you to go back sooner or later.

Malady : Gives as much AS as nashor's tooth, so you may pick this over that item. Although it doesn't give nearly as much AP as does nashor's, it reduces magic resistance. Good item to have if your team is highly AP-based and your not doing too well. At least this way you will help them deal damage.

Rod of Ages : Buy this if the other team is focusing you and you need more AP. This item at full stack gives +100 AP and 810 HP. Will increase your survavility alot.

Zhonya's Hourglass : If the other team has many AD carries just buy this baby. The 100 AP will increase your speed droping them and the 50 armor will decrease the damage they deal you in a significant amount.

Frozen Heart : The first defensive item I present you. Being focused by high AD enemies? Well, this item gives you 99 armor, wich is pretty good, and its passives gives you 20% CD and decreases their attack speed by 20. It's really usefull, since you will be able to pop gold cards to stun and run more often. It also gives 500 mana, but that isn't that important.

Mejai's Soulstealer : Getting REEEEEALY fed? Buy this. Although it only gives 20 AP, every kill you get means 2 stacks of 8 AP. That means every kill is +16 AP on you. Assists give one stack, so just keep teamfighting. Plus, at 20 stacks it gives 20% CDR.

Banshee's Veil : Another defensive item, im the case you are being targeted by other AP carries, expecially Ryze and Morgana . IT gives you 375 health, which is good, 375 mana, wich is good, but kinda useless, and blocks one negative spell effect every 45 seconds. Yap, it blocks Ryze's and Morgana's snare, and stuns. Plus it gives +50 magic resist.

Never forget to buy:

When you get full build you will have the 1150 gold needed to buy all these for sure, and wont have no items to buy. So buy these! it'll raise ur AS from 1.847 to 1.991, your AP to 500+ and your damage, wich will be pretty usefull to kill minions, and extra damage for "free" never is bad. Plus, Oracle's will show any oponents hidden. This counts Twtiches , Evelynns , Shacos and any enemy that is on the bush in your sight range. It'll show them for you and for your team.

Overall this build is pretty good. It'll take some time to get Rabadon's, but after you get it the item's are all cheap, and you skill score so many kills that it's almost certain you'll reach full build. Since the last 3 items are cheap (expecially void staff), it wont take you long to get to the "candy point" after you buy Rabadon's.

Total Price (of core):15,3k

Note: All situational items but Malady are suposed to go in the last slot avaiable, instead of void staff. Adding them in the place of the ones before Void Staff will wreck the core of the build completly.
Note2: If you think you need more CDR; get Ionian Boots of Lucidity

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take Teleport and Flash .

ExhaustExhaust size)64, Ignite and Ghost are also viable instead of flash. Any other spells are just stupid in this char..

I take Teleport because, with that, you can go back to refill your HP/Mana or buy and get back to lane in a few seconds. Plus, you can teleport to wards, making it a nice ganking tool. This is a must, since it makes it possible for you to push all the lanes at the same time and alone. How? Push bot, get the turret, teleport top, get the turret, then destiny and either go near your mates and push mid all together or teleport to mid alone and get the turret. It is also good to get those huge minion kongregations that appear near your towers.

I take flash for the obvious reason: escape/initiate mecanism. It's really usefull and probably the best spells you can have.

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TF needs alot of farm. A normal game for me means over 100 minions then my mates.

However, farming with TF is really easy. Just teleport to your minions, and solo push a lane. Your Wild Cards, by mid-game, will kill minions instantly, and red cards will leave them nearly dead.

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The End.

So this is it. Thanks for reading. Give it a shot before voting, and keep in mind this is my first guide.

I wish you good luck with TF. Play smart and fast, and remember: a well-played TF could be tagged as, say, assassin-ranged-carry-pusher-fighter-nuker, so you have everything you need to succed :P