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Singed Build Guide by Jadon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jadon

Unkillable Singed Top Guide

Jadon Last updated on March 4, 2013
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How This Build Works:

The purpose of this item build is to allow you to get the kills early game that allow you to become the tank of all tanks late game.

Starting off with a mana crystal is a necessity for two reasons:
1. It gives you the mana you need to use your Q for more than three seconds before you gotta B.
2. It gives you about 115 health from Singed's passive - that's over half a Ruby Crystal's worth.
So you're starting out with extra health AND extra mana.

Going for the Rod of Ages first and foremost is necessary because then it gives the Rod(s) plenty of time to mature, making you as powerful as possible as early as possible. Go for the second Rod immediately, so that you can mature it quicky too. By the time you get the second Rod, the first one should be at around +160 Health/Mana, and the addition of the new one should end up putting you somewhere around 3500+ Health very early on, with the Health going higher and higher thanks to Singed's passive.

After you've finished the second Rod, build a Tear of the Goddess BEFORE the Blasting Wand, so that the Tear can mature while you run around with your Q on, and your Archangel's will then nearly be transcended by the time you build it, as the passive carries over. After the Archangel's matures, you should be at around 4600+ Health, as well as 100+ AP from the unique passive alone.

The Runic Bulwark comes next, to make your already insane amount of health even harder to bring down. The Bulwark is a necessity, as it gives a balanced defense AND keeps your friends alive longer too.

Honestly, that's a solid foundation enough for you, and whatever else you want to build defensively is dependent upon your needs. I vouch for the Frozen Heart because it gives you EVEN MOAR Health from the mana it gives, Adds more cdr, and it has a nice passive.

For the sake of balancing out the defense for an all-round tank, I popped a Spirit Visage at the end for the extra magic resist and better regen from your ulti.

And I know what you're thinking: JADON, YA GOT NO BOOTS!! And yes, I know that pisses you off because you feel so stuck in your old ways, and you feel like you HAVE to have boots first and foremost.

HOWEVER, in all honesty, when I get the team chanting "MVP Singed", I never have boots. You don't need em - you're the TANK! If you reeeaaaally need to GTFO because Pantheon, Gangplank, Ziggs, Nunu, and Fiddlesticks all ulti-ing you at once and you lost MAYBE 3/4 of your health as a result:

Step 1: Ulti
Step 2: Ghost

I can almost guarantee an escape, despite a lack of boots. If they CC you SO bad that you can't get away... well, you probably wouldn't have gotten away even if you HAD boots, so stop trolling the other team behind their nexus and getting pulled into the OMFGLAZOR, as fun as that is.

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Pros / Cons

This build doesn't really have pros and cons as much as it has a change in role from early to late game:

Early game Pros:
- You can take on 1 to 2 people by yourself and get the double if they give in and chase.

- You are able to starve top and not worry about taking a few hits while withering away their minions (and them too).

- You are ungankable when you get your ulti and use ghost with it.

Late game Pros:
- You do not die

Late game Cons:
- Singed is NOT good at killing things late game, which is why you become the meatshield.

NOTE: This build does NOT work late game if your team sucks, because you are their shield and they are your sword. Singed cannot dish enough damage to carry the team late-game, regardless of build, I would argue.

Thanks for having a look at my Singed build. Let me know what you think! If I get enough requests as to HOW to play this build as you build it, I'll tack on more. Best of luck on the Rift!