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Olaf Build Guide by Ill Tank

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ill Tank

Unstoppable Olaf Tankish Dps

Ill Tank Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

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I highly recommend this build it will work if your team is decent ... i build olaf like this because he hits hard and fast without buying ad or as items so building him survival is the way to go

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Pros and Cons

High Chance of First Blood
Solos very well (the health regen helps)
Quick kills low level
Survivability is intensely high at higher levels
Great for Ganks
High levels he can 2v1
Great with Nocturne laning with a hard hitting melee like noc will guarantee winning the early game

not a good initiator if the other team has mainly ranged
not so well against multiple ranged

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Summoner Spells

i use exhaust and flash.

is a great way to initiate a fight or end a fight if someone is trying to run away.

offensively is used to counter someone elses flash. most people use it so i only use it if they use it or to flash and do burts damage. Sometimes to run as well

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is picked to help get critical strikes as often as possible.

to improve my exhaust to its maximum capacity.

for the most attack speed since you do not get alot of attack speed items.

because i dont use ignite or kill minions often.

if you prefer you can pick Burning Embers and Offensive Mastery if you prefer.

to reduce their armor and overall to increase your damage done to players.

to deal more damage to your opponents.

to do more critical damage along with the combination of Deadliness .

to finish off the twenty-one offensive masteries and to deal tons off damage extra to your opponents.

to increase magic resist and this is the beginning of the nine defensive masteries.

] to increase your armor by a little. Evasion and Nimbleness to help your offensive and defensive side. i dont need many defensive masteries except

to gain more speed as often as possible.

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greater mark of desolation x9 For Marks to stack with olaf's ult.

x9 Seals to combine with Nimbleness (increases movement speed on dodging).

x9 For Glyphs to help against ranged of course.

greater quintessence of desolation x2 for more armor penetration

x1 more dodge

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Why these items why so tanky so early?

i instantly build tanky because olaf does not need any attack damage items to destroy people. i first off get this helps you too stay in lane and you will not have to recall.

after this i get the to chase people down with extra attack speed.

next i get to get more tankish.

by now you should be pretty tankish and can take a well amount of damage but those pesky ranged casters keep hitting you pretty hard and you just dont like it so its time to buy guardian gives you magic resist and after you die you come back to life after all their moves are on cool down so its great.

now its time to start doing some damage get more health more damage.

so now you should be pawning people but those tanks dont die fast enough we have reckless but we cant cast it over and over and over again so we need some more damage and attack speed so its time to get now we hit faster and stronger and can take down other tanks easy.

still have 1 spot left for an item this item is mainly up to you. it should change depending on the other teams players if the other team is mainly melee attack damage or range attack damage they start to hurt late game so it might be smart to buy if they are mostly casters then just get another Warmog's Armor. Guardian Angel should be enough to stop casters and make them running.

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Solo lane

Olaf is great solo lane. i hug the tower until they get close and tank the minions with the help of the tower. if the champs hit you run them away with Undertow or reckless strike. your health regen is key to solo top.

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Laning with a Teammate

Best to lane with another melee that can harass like Nocturne or Master Yi or Xin Zhao just harass like when soloing except you can push more often. hide in bush with low health so you can regen and they will regret it if they walk in to kill you

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First Blood

I start with Reckless Swing because it deals over 100 health at level 1 and with exhaust and flash you can continue hitting while exhaust is active until Reckless Swing becomes active again and you should gain a quick first blood easy

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Selection of Moves

After Reckless Swing i get Undertow to chase enemies down and slow them over and over. By level 3 you might have lost half your health from Reckless Swing so get Vicious Strikes to heal yourself. Continue to get Reckless Swing Until it is full to do maximum damage. Follow up with Vicious Strikes to help with survival and lastly Undertow

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Late Levels

use all your moves over and over until you are near death try and save moves till you are going to die. vicious strikes will help gain life back while your ult is active plus your passive which will keep your living.

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Working with other players

Olaf does not need support if you tend to partner with someone (follow them or stick with them)
it should be a good burst champion. Either range or melee does not matter attack damage is preferred though.

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Olaf in this build is great for semi tanking he has almost 5k health and he is a pretty beefy character overall. He initiates well and does great damage before he dies and still has angel.
Sometimes your might need to eliminate one of the warmogs incase they have someone like trynd and get Thornmail to counter his 1000 hit crits

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Not only does he have high health with Vicious Strikes he heals pretty well, He has his ult Ragnarok to reduce damage taken and incase you need to get out his ult eliminates all disables.

Olaf's ult with Vicious Strikes can help you survival very well and you have Guardian Angel incase you die

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Olaf with Atma's Impaler does well for you, you hit for about 150 and plus Reckless Swing which does about 300 true dmg and with its 6 sec cd you should do great. With Undertow you can continually slow someone, as long as you throw your axe to where you know you can grab it and chase plus your ult you can ignore slows and stuns to chase ppl constantly.

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He also has Madred's Bloodrazor which will take out tanks. You have tons of health and an opposing tank might have tons as well. You should easily kill tanks no problem

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Thanks for reading ... please vote up because i know you will love this build.