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Lulu Build Guide by Lann

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lann

~Updated Patch 4.13~ S4 AP Lulu Mid Guide

Lann Last updated on August 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Lulu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina Best match-up. Kite, harass and polymorph if she goes for an All-in.
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As a big fan of Lulu ,I have written this guide in the hopes of getting more people to succeed and climb ranks with this amazing champion.

Lulu is currently a top pick and have over 60% win rate in the LCS. She is known for her utility and extremely safe laning phase. Her entire kit revolves around harassing your opponent while keeping yourself and your teammates safe. Lulu, without a doubt, has more utility than any other champion in the League. Putting that utility in the most effective use will greatly increase your chances of winning.

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Why Lulu in the MID lane???

Before the support changes in early S4, she was stuck in the bot lane as a support. The biggest change to Lulu would be her MS scaling in Whimsy, slow decay on Glitterlance and the Meta shift towards more damage focused Junglers. At around 500 ap, she can have a movement speed boost of 80% and have virtually no slow decay on her Glitterlance. This was an extremely powerful buff to overall presence and power, but most importantly, it allows her to use the extra AP much more effectively. Not only is her damage increased with AP items, her utility ALSO increases, making her scale into the late game EXTREMELY well.

Another reason to pick Lulu in the mid lane would be due to the high damage Junglers. Lee Sin, Elise, Vi, Rengar and other Junglers with high damage are extremely powerful in the early game. Lulu has very safe clearing with her Q and can escape most ganks by simply speed boosting herself away. Lulu can also assist her own Jungler very well.

Being in the mid lane also means you can roam and help your teammates with ease. Imagine a bot lane fight is going on and your ADC is just a tick away from dying, then BOOM, you come with a clutch WIld Growth and save your ADC. You can now slow, Polymorph and nuke the Enemy with your skills. This is why Lulu is amazing; her utility is through the roof but she also has enough damage and CC to be a threat.

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Laning Phase

Lulu's laning phase is not the best, but definitely strong.

Against melee assassins, Lulu can harass endlessly and polymorph any attempts to trade back. Her auto attacks are enhanced with her passive which makes trading much easier. To make effective use of your passive, it is important to E your opponent and make Pix stay right next to them. This way, your opponent cannot block your passive with minions. If a melee assassin attempts an All-in, simply polymorph them when they get close and proceed on using auto attacks while moving away from melee range.

Against ranged assassins, it is slightly more difficult. While you can still harass them, they can easily harass you back and possibly out trade you. It is important to know when exactly to polymorph. If the enemy has a high damage channeled ability (katarina's death lotus for the most part), it is important to save either W or R to interrupt it. Against champions like Leblanc it is good to polymorph them as they W in, which will prevent them from going back.

Against farm laners, nothing really happens. Simply use your E-Q combo on minions to shove your lane, but try to hit your opponent AND the minions with your 2 shots of Glitterlance. Other than that, just sit back and farm.

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Mid Game/Skirmishes

During objective fights (Dragon, siege/defense, etc), it is important to know who to ult and which skill combination to use. If your Jungler engages and catches a key target (ADC, Mid, etc), ult him immediately to lock down the opponent. You can then E your own jungler to reposition Pix and Q the opponent from that position. If your own teammates are getting melted by an assassin or reset champion, immediately polymorph the enemy BEFORE he deals significant damage. I have seen countless Lulus who uses polymorph after a Zed is already done his combo. It is also important to use your ult as a knock up tool. If you see an enemy Rengar approaching with his ult, try to ult someone WHILE Rengar is in mid air. This will effectively nullify his presence and the slow will be enough for you to catch up and polymorph the kitty, make him an easy meal to chew up on. This is extremely important if the enemy Rengar is acting as a ball deliverer for Orianna. A GREAT Lulu will use her combos in effective ways and adapt to the situation.

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Late Game

You are no longer a primary damage source. Your damage will be quite low compared to other mid lanes. At this point, it is almost ALWAYS a good idea to save your ult AND E for your ADC. Your E will greatly increase the ADC's damage output because your passive scales quite well with the ADC's attack speed. A great Lulu will slow the other enemy team with her Q and polymorph the assassin who jumps in and tries to kill your ADC. Unless you are absolutely sure that your ADC is safe, do NOT ult anyone else. A diving Irelia may really need your ult in a teamfight, but in the late game, her damage will NOT be enough to kill the enemy ADC. This is the essential difference between mid and late game. ADCs will be so powerful at this point that anyone trying to dive will be melted down with enough peel. At this point in the game, Lulu is basically a second support.

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End notes

This is my first guide. If anyone has a suggestion or opinion, I'm all ears. I hope this guide will bring more people to play Lulu or help those who already play Lulu to play more effectively. Thank you for your time and happy Leaguing~~