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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Anivia Build Guide by Bubblest

[UPDATED]Personal Anivia Guide.

By Bubblest | Updated on June 21, 2017

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Why should you listen to me ? How to use her Kit.

You shouldn't this is for me , I think Im a good Anivia but thats just my opinion I don't really get enjoyment out of anyother champion besides Anivia , Orianna and maybe Elise , so I basically 1 trick Anivia.

Anivia is a very.... Flexible Champion , she can fufill many roles , Please be aware of your role espically in a fight!

I wouldn't reccomend fighting pre 6 as anivia unless you know what you're doing and take ignite.

Wanna be good at Anivia ? Change your playstyle for the game , Skillfully master your W.
Learn what to build , when to build ,learn when to roam , how to roam, Learn your postion in the game; Is it to defend the carry? Peel? Zone? Burst the enemy out of postion? Seperate the enemy team? This probably sounds like alot but it comes naturally with some practise. Don't forget your W really is a game changer , you can actually do some movement glitchs with your W , for example w them at a angle into a wall and it will hold them up against the wall unable to move for 5 seconds.

Your Q ; now this skill , well this is your bread and butter. Do not miss your Q , Do not waste your Q It's very important espically pre level 6 I would honestly reccomend not farming with this , its basically your only escape and later on its amazing for stunning the back line or peeling for your adc or yourself.

Your W ; This is what makes Anivia unique, DO NOT USE THIS ABILITY IF YOUR BAD , you will honestly do more damage to your team then the enemy like seriously this could lose you the game if you used badly. That being sad if this is used correctly it can littearly solo win you fights.

Your E ; Use whenever you can basically , DO NOT USE E UNLESS YOU HAVE THE FROST EFFECT ON THEM!

Your R ; This is your child. Postion this correctly and you will honestly solo carry the game espically combined with your W , this thing shreds , its espically beautiful with Liandrys (Effect is doubled becuase of passive) , Just please remember your role in the fight , this can be used to Zone , Peel , Burst. What I'm saying is when you are playing Anivia don't be stupid and analyse the situation.
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Always No argument.
I usually take teleport , good for ganks and getting back to lane if you're gonna play safe.
I've taken this against Syndra and Lux , I acutally really liked the protection I had , didn't feel like they were touching me.
If you're in low elo and your cocky just take this your level 2 burst is insane everyone underestimates it , also good in matchups where its needed , I stopped taking this becuase I like to play passivly and scale to the mid to late game.
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Play safe at 6 , when you get 6 clear waves stack that tear, have map awareness look for tp ganks , take your junglers raptors and enemys lol. Littearly just outscale the other mid laner.
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Any Specific Questions , Ask Below I'll answer In deatil

Any Specific Questions , Ask Below I'll answer In deatil
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My Leauge Account.

Heres my league account , you can see my Anivia stats , I went on a 18 game win streak with her I believe she has the possibility to carry easily.

Bronze 5 - Silver 3