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Urgot Build Guide by Rivetler

AD Offtank Urgot- Hunting in the top lane

By Rivetler | Updated on April 21, 2013

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In early game from what I've experienced is that you will dominate your lane if you are fighting a typical melee ad fighter champion, you can zone them out and harass them with E and Q. To follow up and finish them you will need to use your W to slow them. Urgot works best against melee Ad champions, and not as well against AP Tanks. This is because Urgot's passive reduces their attack damage, his E reduces armor, and he has a slow. So while you skirmish against melee ad champions you are suited best for you lower their damage, armor, you get a shield, and if they chose to run you have between 20-40% slow on them. Before you have a huge mana pool do not spam all your abilities.
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Once you are out of laning phases and have a few kills you act unlike most champions during team fights. Urgot's ultimate makes for a good initation if you are tanky enough, and he will guarantee kills on fleeing enemies with his slow and medium attack range, only bad part about this is often your team will jump on whoever you are chasing down, for they are slowed so much, and you may not get that many kills.
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Late-game is pretty much like mid-game, when the enemy is out of position , make them hurt. If your team is with you , ult them , if not activate your shield and get in as many Q's as possible.
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Pros / Cons

-Is great against Ad champions, low hp opponents, and those who stack armor. -Is not as good against Ap champions, very high hp opponents who stack hp over armor.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Rivetler
Rivetler Urgot Guide

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Urgot- Hunting in the top lane