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Urgot Build Guide by ojomon

AD Carry Urgot MID, because its never been done before

By ojomon | Updated on May 17, 2013

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Urgot is a champion that everyone underestimates. I see very few people who play urgot and I dont know why. You can even tell by looking for Urgots while you are playing, you probably wont find one. This is what inspired my to share my Urgot mid build and tell people about it. In the future I hope to see another Urgot mid, not just me. Also, don't let people tell you it doesn't work or question Urgot in the mid lane. Show those people that it works.

This is my second guide, don't expect it to be perfect, just expect it to display the needed information.
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Pros / Cons

Urgot's abilities work well for mid
His ultimate is good for setting up ganks from the jungler
Most people don't know Urgots mechanics and underestimate his power
This may result in too much AD for one team
Not the best until he gets AD
Squishy until black cleaver or frozen mallet
Highly susceptible to ganks(no escape machanism)
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The runes are simply what I am reccomending for you to use. I dont have these runes when I play urgot mid, I use an attack speed rune page while saving influence points for these runes. I don't reccomend attack speed runes haveing AD in the mid lane is better. Magic resist runes are good since most mid champions deal magic damage. cool down reduction runes are nice and helps you land more Acid Hunters before the Noxian Corrosive Charge effect falls off. Attack damage runes are used to give your self the earlier damage the Urgot desprately needs.
These are the runes I reccomend for you, but feel free to use whatever you want.
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Skill Sequence

I noticed that the other guides get the terror capacitor at level four, but I think you need it at level three. The shield allows you to take your enemies main attack and keep going, this is a good way to push your opponent back. With the auto aim from his Noxian Corrosive Charge he does a good job of keeping the enemy away from the minions, But be careful this usually catches the attenion of the enemy jungler. Also the slow help out a lot since the distance between the towers is so small. You will also realize that you should put five points into the Acid Hunter right away to maximize your damage.
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Creeping / Jungling

Ill make this short, use your Acid Hunter farm minions from range. This is for times you get beat up and cant handle the lane or the jungler shows up quite often.
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Team Work

Make sure you use your ult in the team fights to help focus one person. Its a good initiation and its nice for catching people who are trying to get away. Also use your ult well, I've seen many people use their ult on Urgot and don't even realize its suicide. Anothr thing is that its nice for surviving tower dives or putting ur enemy under your tower. doing this will give you the lead but most enemies will start raging, this happens a lot for me.
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The idea is simple to play an underplayed champion in an unlikely lane that people don't think will work. Use this guide to improve your Urgot skills and make your own changes to the build. This this guide is here to help you, its more like a guidline. Feel free to use the guide but remeber you don't have to follow it word for word.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ojomon
ojomon Urgot Guide

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Urgot MID, because its never been done before