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Urgot Build Guide by DrCabes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrCabes

Urgot top lane

DrCabes Last updated on October 15, 2014
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This build is very different from most other Urgot builds, and I believe it is much better. Rather than just focusing on Urgot's Q like most other builds, this one focuses on Urgot entirely. For some reason people don't seem to want to use Urgots auto attack but rather just use his Q which is why most Urgot builds suffer in my opinion. His passive is one of the best in the game and is not treated as such. This is why I use Runaans Hurricane to apply his passive to as many members of the other team quickly. Runaans Hurricane also works great with every item in this build because almost all them apply an on hit effect. This helps Urgot deal a lot of damage as well as weaken the other team after the laning faze.

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No Muramana?

Almost every Urgot build I have seen uses Muramana and from my personal experience it is not worth it. It isn't available until the late game, It gives you way more mana then you actually need, and by that point the damage it adds seems to have little effect. The mana you get from the sheen is enough to sustain you in lane and when you upgrade to the Iceborn Gauntlet, you're set. The sheen also helps you win early duals in land while the tear just gives you more mana then you'll ever use most of the time (unless you are very wasteful with mana) making it somewhat a waste.

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Team Fights

This build is more oriented to making urgot more usefull in team fights, but how exactly do you maximize his usefulness? His auto attack range is short while his q (providing you landed the E) is quite far. What I try to do is auto attack the front line while Q'ing the enemy carry or mage at the same time. This can be difficult to do but is necessary because you are not a full tank. You cant usually get in auto range of the enemy carry without being right in the middle of the other team, which is where a lot of Urgots kind of run in and die instantly. Or they sit back and Q like a carry and well you're not a real carry. In short try to position yourself in Q range of the carry without running right into the middle and auto attack the other teams next leading damage threat. If you miss your E on the carry then go ahead and Q the next leading threat.

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Pros / Cons


    Urgot can relentlessly harass in lane without taking much punishment
    Kites like a boss
    Can be useful in team-fights but is very difficult and requires good build
If he falls behind, he's next to usless
No escapes
Very slow (kind of makes up for with his slow but without it he cant run)