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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Corki Build Guide by Boo89100

AD Carry Valking all the way to a Victory! [S6 Guide]

AD Carry Valking all the way to a Victory! [S6 Guide]

Updated on July 1, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boo89100 Build Guide By Boo89100 15 3 1,463,013 Views 15 Comments
15 3 1,463,013 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Boo89100 Corki Build Guide By Boo89100 Updated on July 1, 2016
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Hello and welcome to my first ever guide!

I will be detailing one of two ways I prefer to play corki and the way that I believe to be the safest and most control style build available. With this sustain version of Corki you'll be able to leave the base and only come back when you need more weapons to slaughter with.

With the release of all of the changes to marksman and masteries I figured now would be a better time than any to try my hand at guide making and after having tested a bit I've formed an opinion on what is one of the best ways to play Corki in the new season. One of the beautiful things about the new masteries and changes to champions is now I feel you're more able to alternate how you play and instead of having the same style every single game on many champions there are now newer unique ways to play. I'll be detailing a more safe build but if anyone has interest let me know and I'll try my hand at a guide explaining how I play hybrid ADC Corki.

Any advice and input is greatly appreciated! Enjoy!
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The runes are fairly simple, the glyphs and seals are simply to play a more laid back protective type style, since this build is already focused around being sustain heavy the small amount of resistance helps you to stay in lane against anyone who might be bullying you early on. Lifesteal ruins add even better in my opinion now since you wait until your 4th item for any lifesteal. And of course the bonus attack damage is just nice for early cs and AA exchange. Depending on the scenario there are other masteries you could play but if you don't plan on having multiple pages for one champion this is a pretty safe set to stick with.
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As I said above, I love the changes to the masteries and how much versatility they have to offer. There are many different sets of masteries you could try out, however, this set allows for a pretty decent amount of early sustain and helps you reach that all essential mid game power spike. Experiment with other masteries once you have the basics of Corki down as there really is plenty of variation in the preseason but I've tested several different variants and this is the one I've preferred the most for this type of build. Also, I included some notes on the masteries above if there are any substitutions you would want to make.
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Corki's new item set is great because it really offers a ton of variety but the item set I stuck with for this guide plays the most like Corki's old self. You'll have a pretty steady climb to your mid game power spike and then after go crazy. It just builds fairly safe early on achieving his power spike with the Tri purchase as a first item and then from there gets items that will help to keep him alive, those being Blood Thirster and Essence Reaver.

You'll always want to get Essence Reaver first now as BT isn't as efficient as it use to be, however it does mean you'll have a bit more trouble staying out on the rift for longer. In most scenarios you'll already be with your team by now so the poke should be substantially less.

Infinity Edge is nearly a must if you're going to be getting Essence Reaver as the special effects with more Crit Chance maximizes your item efficiency. The BT should still come first though because normally you'll struggle in extended team fights without it.

Moving on to the last item, I prefer a GA for the obvious protection but I see most people building with a rapid firecannon. I've tried both and they're both pretty good so it really comes down to scenario. If you're not as confident a player or the game is fairly close (or you're getting clobbered) stick with a GA so you don't go out in a blaze. However, if you feel confident you're safe, your team is protecting you, or you're so far ahead you can 1v5 then the rapid fire cannon is a great source for rounding off your build and providing you will more kill potential. Also, I haven't seen people trying the Lord Dominik's Regard. I don't know if its because its already been tried and its not near as efficient but in my eyes it can be a situational item too. Mainly if you're playing against huge people that you need to shred.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is pretty basic. Just max your Q then your E. I really wish it were better to max W second for that hugely reduced CD but alas I think its just far better to stick with maxing E second. :P
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Pros / Cons

-Corki transitions very well into the mid game, being one of the best champions to fulfill that need.
-He has a good beginning, not the strongest but definitely able to hold his own.
-Good escape and mobility, as long as you're positioned correctly you should be able to get out of nearly any situation.
-Good Team fighting potential.
-That being said, he's not as good at split pushing. Definitely not awful as his full AOE ability line up is effective at clearing waves, but since he's less based on AA's he's not extremely efficient.
-He's not the strongest in the late game. Still out putting plenty of damage, but not as strong as say Jinx or Tristana.
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Team Work

Corki has amazing team work being a fantastic team fighting ADC. All of his abilities are AOE meaning you can pump out the damage onto the entirety of the enemy team. Make sure you pay attention to the enemies assassins but with valkery you can get away fairly easy and if your team is doing a good job once you reposition you should be set again (don't count on them though, make sure you position for yourself first). With the addition of his new passive, transforming his W into special delivery every 5 minutes, you can really use it to your advantage. It outputs an insane amount of damage for such a simple ability but it also adds knock back. If you use this correctly it means you can wombo with your teammates CC to keep them locked up for long enough where they don't even have the chance to burst you. If ever possible lock them up against a wall. Not only does it allow for your team mates to hit their CC easier, but it forces them to walk through the trail left by your improved W.
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Corki has transitioned well into the new season still retaining all of his fun and usefulness on the rift. He has many different options available to how you play him, but the guide I've made above he's a very standard and trustworthy ADC. You can't go wrong playing him and you should be able to dominate the rift. Many parts of this guide are replaceable as the change in masteries in items and Corki in general allow for experimentation, however, this is a solid set no matter how you plan on playing and will offer you the best way to play a safe yet crazy Corki. Enjoy!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Boo89100
Boo89100 Corki Guide
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Valking all the way to a Victory! [S6 Guide]

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