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Varus General Guide by Delga

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Delga

Varus, The Nightmare Carry

Delga Last updated on December 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Thank you

Thank you for watching this build if u like this build please help to rate or comment i'll appreciate it. Comment whatever champion build u like me to do i'll try my best to help.

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In this build the abilities given is mainly for poke early game u might wanna get lots of stack of blighted quiver on the enemy and explode the stacks. As u will deal lots of damage if u aim well and not miss. Ur hail of arrows is mainly used to slow enemies or explode the blighted quiver stacks not to damage. You might like to gain as much blighted quiver stacks on the enemy and explode them to poke the enemies so u will gain control of the lane.

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Take these runes for more attack damage, crit chance so if every hit is critical with the items and rune u will be unstoppable, and more mana regeneration to stay much more longer in lanes.

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Get these masteries for armour penetration and damage and mana and mana regeneration to help u stay in lane and continue poking enemies.

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Start with a long sword and 1 health potion and 1 mana potion to poke.After u return to base get a boots vampiric scepter and a dagger if u are fed get boots vampiric scepter & zeal instead.Upgrade ur boots into berserker grieves. Get a blood thirster and a phantom dancer. Then get a infinity edge for the damage and nice crit chance and crit dmg. Buy another phantom dancer for extra attack speed, and crit chance now your critical chance is 85% instead of 55% you can dominate the game. Finish off with a black cleaver for some health and dmg + armour penetration.

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What other items u can build.

If not you can build a Blood Thirster a Phantom Dancer a Infinity Edge & a Runaan's Hurricane.End it with Black Cleaver for damage armour penetration and some health points. If not you can end it with another Phantom Dancer. I mainly recommended to end it off with a phantom dancer so ur every hit of getting crit is at a high chance and ur attack speed will be damn fast. This build is mainly for farm type as if u end with a phantom dancer u will shoot fast all hits may be critical and easily farm minions wave.

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The best Varus i've had was 14/2 could get more kills but was ksed u could do better or same as me! All u have to do is while laning using these builds keep poking ur enemies attack them and gain stacks of blighted quiver and use ur piercing shot kill the enemies if they are low and if they are not backing up, first hide in a bush throw ur slow gain stacks and finish the enemy off with piercing arrow ur aimming must be very good as if Varus early game fat no one can stop him unless his ganked :P. In team battle, when the enemy team and ur team collided it will be very chaotic when they see first enemy or the person they want to aim they will just go and fight them. If they want to aim u and if u are not in the war they'll thought u are farming some where so they'll aim ur teammates. Take this opportunity enter the battle first use ur ultimate and aim the paper enemies. While still in chaotic state the enemies won't found out ur in the battle already. So just keep spam ur skills with stacks of blighted quiver and keep shooting eventually u can get alot of kills without them realising their hp bar is going down or their dead. If u do the stuff above as what I said u will probably get legendary but back if one of the enemy respawned and if u are low health unless u are sure u can kill the enemy if u are left alone pushing while all ur teammate ran u'll have to folo or else if u get shut down the enemy team will be gaining advantage of ur legendary spree.

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How to aim with Piercing Shot.

Its very easy just keep poke till they are low and when they run all u have to do is charge if they are running forward just shoot forward or if they are hugging hide in the bush and kill them. Piercing Shot range is very long when u fully charged. As u play with ur enemies u should know normally how they move dodge or what they do. If a enemy is standing there low health he knows u are trying to kill him its easy when u charge fully mostly players will dodge once u first saw the enemy walk to left or right. It depends on which direction they went if they went right, shoot right if they went left shoot left just 1 step u'll have to shoot so they will have no chance to move further or other ways. Normally i do the way i said and out of 10 kills i had like 9 only missed once.


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