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Vayne Build Guide by daveidt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author daveidt

Vayne - A Viable Off-Tank?

daveidt Last updated on June 17, 2011
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Introduction/Why Vayne can be a viable semi-off-tank

This is my first build, so don't be too rough on me.

So, this is my build for Vayne, which I consider a very strong and very flexible ranged AD champion that can be slightly built like an off-tank. Her ability to deal tremendous amounts of damage without too many offensive items allows her to build health, armor, and magic resistance later on in the game.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -

- Deals large amounts of damage with the survivablility of an off-tank.
- Amazing chaser.
- Percent damage with her Silver Bolts and Madred's, allowing you to target champions with higher health.
- Makes your ranged DPS champion a very durable champion.
- No one to focus on your team!

Cons -

- Not as much of a "glass cannon" as the usual ranged DPS champions.
- Will not allow you to sweep the whole team as quickly.
- Lack of large manna pool, or mana regen.
- Don't look for too many penta-kills.

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Greater Mark of Desolation - These are a must on most, if not all, ranged DPS champions.


Greater Seal of Attack Speed - This adds to Vayne's attack speed, giving her better early game killing potential.
Greater Seal of Armor - If you are uncomfortable with her survivablility in the early game, take these.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - This adds great survivability early game and mid game against AD carries.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Get these for lower cooldowns, I'm usually fine with her cooldowns, they're already nice and low.


Greater Quintessence of Health - These are great for survivability in the early game, allowing you to farm more.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Get these if you want to hit harder.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is great on Vayne, allowing her to chase MUCH better. Ghost combined with Night Hunter and Final Hour gives you a burst in movement speed, a much better chance of taking out that weakened enemy, and allowing you to get back to sweeping duties. It also gives you a good escape mechanism.

This spell is probably the best escape spell in the game, allowing you to tower dive and then flash out of turret range. Also great for chasing.

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This is such a great passive, allowing you to harass and chase like a boss. It also has great synergy with her other spells.

This is her main ability you will be spamming the whole game, so MAX THIS FIRST. Tumble allows you to chase, run away, and deal large amounts of damage. It is basically a minor crit with 75% extra damage at level 5. This is probably my favorite spell in LoL because it has so much versatility, and the cooldown is so low, that makes it spammable. But remember that tumble will not let you cross terrain, and the cooldown will not start unless you attack something after used.

This is what gives Vayne the edge over other ranged DPS champions. This spell allows Vayne to dish out MAJOR amounts of damage early in the game. It adds a flat amount of damage AND a percent amount of damage onto the third attack on any unit. Although this spell is so strong, I would not max this out until later on in the game, because the benefits are not as great until late game.

This spell is basically a variation of Buster Shot. It is such a great spell, because unlike Buster Shot, if a unit is hit into a wall with this spell, then they take twice the damage and is stunned for 1.5 seconds. This sets you up for a great way to pin a unit and deal large amounts of damage, or allows you to push a unit into your team. Great flexibility.

This spell is such an amazing spell early, mid, or late game. It adds a HUGE amount of attack damage, which increases the damage of every spell. It also gives you stealth every time you Tumble, which allows you to gank better and escape easier. AND it also increases your movement speed towards an enemy champion by four times! So Night Hunter will give you 160 movement speed instead of the 40 movement speed. This is such a versatile spell that is one of my favorites in the game.

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I get this to start, and it is probably the best starting item as Vayne. It gives her health, which any solo lane (which you should be taking) needs, attack damage, which helps with her early game killing potential and also last hitting, and also lifesteal, which helps increase her survivability. I usually pick up many of these, getting a very strong early game advantage.

A MUST ON VAYNE. This item is so good on her, because it procs with Tumble. That gives, at a level 5 Tumble, a 175% increase in attack, without crit involved. That is fricken amazing, and imagine it was also the third hit on a champion...

I usually get these after picking up a Boots of Speed for the increased attack speed. Attack speed is important on any range AD champ. Plus it has great synergy with Silver Bolts.

This is the key item for any off-tank, and is the key item for Vayne. This is what makes her viable for off-tank duties. It gives you pretty decent attack damage and speed, the most important stats on a ranged DPS. It gives you health, for great survivablility. It gives movement speed, great with her Night Hunter and Final Hour. It gives mana, which helps Vayne with her **** mana pool. And then the passives... First, a slow, which is amazing for any chasing champion, and Vayne is the best one. And then an upgraded version of Sheen's proc, which will give any attack with Tumble a 225% increase in damage. THE best item on Vayne, hands down.

This item is also very important on Vayne, because it increases the attack damage and speed, which is important on any carry. It also adds armor, which is also a must on an off-tank. And the kicker is the percent damage, which is amazing on Vayne. With her level 5 Silver Bolts, Vayne does 12% of a unit's maximum health! That doesn't even include the attack damage she is already dealing!

Banshee's is probably one of the best defensive items in the game, and in most matches, every champion should have one. It negates a negative spell, which could be a cc, or a very high damaging spell, plus it gives magic resistance and a bunch of health and mana. These stats are very important in an off tank's survivability and sustainability in a teamfight.

Guardian Angel is a great item on any off-tank, giving great sustainability with increases in magic resistance and armor, and also a revive, allowing Vayne to come back and deal more damage. Great all-around defensive item.

This item gives a pretty decent chunk of health, and also some more damage. Also it gives a 100% chance slow, which is better for chasing than the Trinity Force passive. This can be switched out with other viable options, I just like the boosts in stats this item gives.

Other Viable Options

This gives a huge bonus to health, and thus allows any champion to survive longer. Paired with Atma's Impaler this can help with Vayne's damage.

This item has great synergy with Warmog's Armor and any item that gives benefits in health. Also, it gives a boost in armor, which will help Vayne survive longer.

This is great if the other team is heavily stacking armor. It allows you to hit so much harder.

Stark's is a very overlooked item, and it is actually great on some champions. It gives a great attack speed boost, and also an amazing offensive aura. Every team should have one of these, and if your team doesn't it wouldn't be too bad picking it up.

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I hope you try this build out. I have found alot of success with this build, and if you think it's bad, share your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!