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Vayne Build Guide by Grumpy Rat

AD Carry Vayne, attack speed to victory.

AD Carry Vayne, attack speed to victory.

Updated on August 31, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grumpy Rat Build Guide By Grumpy Rat 8,971 Views 0 Comments
8,971 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Grumpy Rat Vayne Build Guide By Grumpy Rat Updated on August 31, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello everybody

I am new here, and this won't be probably the best guide apperance wise but i will share all my knowledge about my favorite ADC wich is Vayne.
I am a Gold 4 at the moment player in EU nordic and yeast.
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Vayne is good on lane with: Janna and Nami
Kite & Kill potential: Strong
Speciality: Hard and fun to play
How to Play Her: Vayne is an mid/late game Hero.Her only weaknesses are low auto attack range (550) and weak early game.Try to farm as much as you can in early game because you outscale almost any ADC later on.In mid game you shine: when you have your Blade of the Ruined King completed, aswell as Phantom Dancer you are ready to do a huge amout of damage, you play ADC role, so your job is to survive and to take enemy frontline as soon as possible which is quite easy since you have Silver Bolts.
There is 1 thing how you can recognize and separate bad and good Vayne and that 1 thing is, my dear friends, MECHANICS

Early game

is not a early game adc, she does well in mid to late game, in the early stages your goal is to farm and play in a passsive style, make trades time to time, but dont go all in early on, you can hit, back a little bit, Tumble for a hit and back again because without your Tumble you have no escape and you are left with just flash.
Note: your Tumble resets auto atacks so keep it in mind.

Last hitting
Thats what you are going to be doing early game, farm at least 4-5 minions a wave, focus on that, and don't forget to help your team when you are taking objectives or kills.

Recalling base
Before you go back, because you have money to buy Bilgewater Cutlass there are some things you have to think about (if you are not really low on HP) first, check how much is the lane pushed, if you can push it to enemy turet so they can lose XP and Gold that would be better no? then check if they are doing drake, it will be stupid if they are and you are going base...
Tip: Change your trinket to the blue one after your support buys Sightstone

Mid game

Team fights
Is ready to fight when she gets blade of the ruin king and a Phantom Dancer because in the mid game team fights will start to happen, but with this setup she will be fine as long as there is a good positioning.


This is vital for vayne because she can get easily cought,but as long as your team defends you and you use your E for moments like that or to stun somebody if he is near a wall. Dont't go in their face, firstly kill the tanks (their frontline) cause with W they are not a problem for you. If you get to far into them they may one shot you and you lose the team fight.
Tip: Use your Tumble to repossition or escape/dodge skill shots.


Whenever your team is doing dragon, baron or anything, be there, you are needed, because a team fight me brake down, and withou you,they may die leaving you 5versus1 withc is bad, or be there to make it faster. Stay with your team

Late game

When you reach this stage of the game, you should be full build, this build work for almost 100% of games, use your Zephyr acordingly. Don't go split pushing, because thats not your job, because again your team needs you.
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(Passive) - Night Hunter
Vayne gains 30 Movement Speed when moving toward nearby enemy champions.
This passive gives you chase potential, whenever you have to chase your target, remember that your passive gives you an extra movement speed.

This is your main ability.Being a good Vayne requires great usage of Tumble. It has many uses and it's manacost is so low.Use it for an extra auto-attack proc (Make AA then quickly tumble), for dodging a skillshot, get into the stealth if your Final Hour is active, extra chase and more!
Tip: If your going for a harras, do not be afraid to use Tumble , but be careful since you do not have your mini escape anymore!

(Passive - Silver Bolts)
This is what makes them fear you!
Max this ability first and every third attack on them will cost them a lot of health, in lane, do not hesitate to make AA,fast Tumble and quick Condemn to make big trades on enemy.
IMPORTANT: Your Condemn Proc one tick of Silver Bolts , remember that!

This is your Crowd Control, very few ADCs have any kind of CC, use this wisely and if you hit the enemy against a wall, your chance of winning a fight are really high, you can always use this as a flash trick (Press E and then quickly flash to another direction to reposition yourself and push enemy directly to the wall).

Final Hour
This ability will make you hit harder and "dance", do not use your Tumble while your target is CC-ed, you wanna make sure you dodge every deadly skillshot and many auto-attacks with restealthing, this ability (with a good mechanics) also makes you the worst nightmare to your enemies.
Final Hour also improves your passive and gains you bonus Attack Damage!
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Summoner spells

Heal is what ADC's use on bot lane, that to help them in bad situations, to outplay or even to use it for the speed it gives. You can't count on your support in SoloQ, barrier is also a good summoner spell because if their bot lane has ignite heal wont save you.

Flash is a must have, you need to escape, to reposition, to be closer to somebody if needed,dodge skillshots, secure kill, you can't risk dying in a team fight, you are the source of damage in the team.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: you will need some attack speed, these Quints are MUST in your rune page, current ADC meta works with attack speed + you are Vayne, kiting micro-machine and high damage dealer.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage: are standard Marks used by ADC,they help you deal more damage and last hit easier,why not Greater Mark of Attack Speed ?? You need atleast 8,5 AD in runes to make this lane work,so DO NOT change them.
Greater Seal of Armor: facing the enemy ADC and Support, you will need some protection, I personally prefer Armor runes, but if you want to go ALL IN in the first 2 levels, you might try out Greater Seal of Health.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: you must consider taking these to survive easier,you can also replace 5 of those for Greater Glyph of Attack Speed x5, i call this option: "High risk, high reward"It allows you to shot a little faster but makes you more vulnereable to magic damage!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grumpy Rat
Grumpy Rat Vayne Guide
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Vayne, attack speed to victory.

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