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Vayne Build Guide by Corrupted Cow

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Corrupted Cow

Vayne: New Attack Speed (+ Reg Build for Boring People)

Corrupted Cow Last updated on August 17, 2012
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This is my first Mobaguide, and I am terrible at making it look better than a wall of text. I will try to work on it. Anyway onto the guide.

I have recently been using this build ever since the Ionic Spark came onto Summoner's Rift. I tend to build this way when the other team has high burst and my team has little peel. It gives a solid combination of health/magic resist/armor all while giving a boost to your attack speed, burst, and, in the end, damage.

IMPORTANT! Play this as you would if you were building a normal Vayne. However, play more passively until you get lightning and/or Wit's End. You can be more aggressive when you see that you will come out on top.

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Pros / Cons


    Higher survivability than the typical AD build.
    Attack speed + on-hit effects give you great sustained damage throughout a fight
    Can clear lanes relatively quickly
    Not fun to trade with a Vayne that has lightning and Silver Bolt procs
    Super fun (At least for me =[)

    Slow start
    No lifesteal makes it tough to stay in a lane for long periods of time

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The runes you see above are the runes I personally use, not what I would heartily recommend to everyone. The seals may be switched out for the armor ones Greater Seal of Armor, and the glyphs may be switched out for the magic resist per level ones Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for those of you who enjoy taking less damage. In addition, Greater mark of Desolation may be switched for Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you switch the Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage to greater quintessence of desolation. Note: if you prefer armor pen over AD, take armor pen marks as you get more armor pen from 9 marks than the 3 quintessences (1.66 x 9 = 14.94 armor pen from marks, 3.33 x 3 = 9.99 armor pen from quintessences).

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21/9/0 is the typical AD carry build as you want high damage since that is your job as AD carry. The 2 points into Sorcery reduces your cooldowns. I found this to be ideal as Vayne as you want Tumble ready to be used as soon as possible.

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Cloth Armor plus 5 Health Potion just lets you stay in the lane for a looooong time. If you played passively you should be able to come back with quite a few items on your hands. Try your best to at least come back with Boots of Speed, Madred's Razors, and a Ruby Crystal. You also want to try to make sure you got pots as you have no sustain unless you buy an early Vampiric Scepter. ( Vampiric Scepter does work but really slows you down). If the enemy bot lane has a lot of magic damage consider buying an early Null-Magic Mantle. You may buy Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads as well. In the end game, if you find yourself dying too much (which you shouldn't) you may switch out a The Bloodthirster for a Guardian Angel/ Thornmail/ Banshee's Veil. (Defensive items are based on the situation. Build GA if you have no idea which one to build.)


Starting out with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion is the best option. It'll give you mobility to dodge skillshots and be able to harass and last hit without taking too much harass. The potions give you lots of sustain in the lane. The two Doran's Blade grant you much needed survivability and damage that will let you last hit minions under the tower much easier. Getting the Vampiric Scepter will let you go back to the lane without too many potions, and it will build into your The Bloodthirster. The Bloodthirster is better than Infinity Edge as you will life steal quite a bit from Tumble and Final Hour attack damage buffs. Phantom Dancer gives much needed attack speed and then building Infinity Edge as you will need it as a typical AD carry. Build defensively next so you may survive team fights better. Guardian Angel is not a must buy. As stated above, defensive items are built on the situation. Last Whisper tops off the build as it will allow you kill tanks/bruisers easier.

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Skill Sequence

Silver Bolts and Tumble
While I have stopped paying attention to how people skill Vayne these days, I honestly prefer Silver Bolts over Tumble. Granted, Tumble on a lower cooldown will allow you to chase better, dodge skills shots, get in position, reset attack, etc. while giving you higher bonus damage. However, I find that Silver Bolts gives me greater lane advantage. Many people do not expect the high true damage procs from the skill and will lose out in trades. In conjunction with this attack speed build, you want to be able to proc as many Silver Bolts as possible. Depending on how farmed you are, I found that the time it takes to Tumble to reset your attack is actually longer than just walking and attacking. Pushing someone out of lane is a great bonus and will help a lot, but remember that csing is your main priority.

The First 3 Skills
I start with Condemn because its utility is just hard to beat. Condemn pushes people farther away than you can Tumble and if you position properly it will stun. If you seek a level 1 kill with your lane partner, then Condemn is the best way to go. I grab Tumble at level 2 because it resets your attack so that if two minions are low, you will be able to grab both without fear of your minions killing it. I grab Silver Bolts at 3 because you need it to be able to harass and zone properly as Vayne. If you prefer to skill yourself differently, just remember to grab all 3 skills within the first 3 levels.

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Summoner Spells

The First Spell
Flash / Ghost
You must pick either of these summoners. An escape/chase summoner is pretty much needed as AD carry. Flash is better than Ghost because it allows you to bypass most walls and lets you get out of the thick of battle when you do not have Tumble up. Ghost on Vayne feels just silly as your passive combined with your ult and Tumble should be able to chase anyone down.

The Second Spell
Ignite / Heal / Cleanse / Exhaust
To be frank, it all comes down to personal preference and your own play style. If you are playing draft, then you will get a better idea of which you should pick.

Ignite is great for aggressive players looking to grab kills whenever possible (this is me).

Heal is great for the more experienced player because a well-timed enemy Ignite will ruin this spell. Heal is also good if you are playing against high burst bottom lane i.e. Graves Taric. It will probably save your hide many times. (For a personal recommendation: I do not like to take Heal).

Cleanse is a great summoner spell as AD carry. Although I do not take it myself, I have seen others take it and succeed fairly well. Cleanse will remove the true damage from Ignite (correct me if I'm wrong) and will also remove that nasty Exhaust. In addition, it will clear any stuns and debuffs such as Sona ult/Taric stun. I am not exactly clear on what suppression ults Cleanse will... cleanse (as I do not use this spell) but I do know that it does not clear all of them.

Exhaust is usually not a good idea to pick as an AD carry as exhaust will have the same effect whether the support or jungler uses it. (Ignite will give you kills / Heal gives you more hp as you are the one using it / Cleanse only works if you are the one using it)

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Laning Phase (For New People)

As I have said before, csing, or killing creeps for money, is your main objective (Trying not to die is also very important). It's nice to grab kills but I feel like this is more open for advanced players. You will know you are becoming a better player when you start to notice when the enemy gets out of position. As how you can tell if someone is out of position, I cannot really teach you how besides standing behind you and telling you when they are until you can recognize it yourself.

LIGHTNING!!! Make sure you attack the enemy champs when your lightning proc is up.

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Tips n Tricks (For More Experienced Players)

This is just a compilation of tricks in my sleeve.

- Use ult + Tumble invis to come out of bushes to ensure great positioning. (typically for Condemn and during laning phase)

- Many players do not expect to be Condemned against their own tower. When they are standing in front of their tower and you are in no immediate danger, Condemn them for the kill!!

- To run away from melee champs, consider their gap closers such as Irelia's Bladesurge if she burns it dashing to you, either Condemn her if you know she'll go in the proper direction or Tumble and then Condemn to get away safely. Don't waste your time running to position your Condemn to stun. It's faster to just Condemn her away.

- To fight melee champs is fairly simple. Auto attack them as they come closer. When they finally reach you, Condemn to push them away. If it doesn't take too much time, Condemn to stun. Proceed to Tumble backwards while autoattacking. Consider ulting if you aren't doing enough damage. Your main objective when fighting melee champs is to KEEP AUTOATTACKING and KEEP TUMBLING BACKWARDS. Many grow tired of chasing a Vayne because she's really mobile. If they're low enough you can chase for the kill.

- Consider buying a ward for laning phase(AD BUY WRAD YUR A NUB). Why? Your support is looking to ward either tri-bush or dragon. The support may also try to ward the side bush to look for lane ganks. However, sometimes supports do not ward the side bushes. By placing wards in side bush, you open up a HUGE advantage. The enemy support that is sitting in the bush cannot play as aggressive. The enemy AD carry cannot sit in the bush as well. By granting vision in the bush, it's extremely easy to Condemn for the stun. They are already sitting right against the wall! If you really want to ensure a kill, make sure they do not see you place the ward in the bush as they will know you can see them and they will avoid being Condemned.

- If you have GREAT communication with your support, tell him to face check the bush. (Hopefully you know if your support will be able to survive. He will be very upset with you if you told him to do it and then let him die.) While he is face checking the bush, assuming you are in the lane and not behind your support, move along the lane so that right when your support gives you vision you are poised for a Condemn to stun. This is a great way to grab kills as Vayne. The reason this works is that the enemy will be focused on the support that's face checking and possibly looking out for a jungle gank through the lane and lose sight of you. Better players know to watch out for this but if you're just playing normal they will often not spot you moving along the lane.

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Dueling is basically when you're in a 1v1 fight with someone else, mostly the other AD carry as you will not tend to duel people past early game. I believe that Vayne excels at this. Even when I fall behind the other AD carry, I can usually win the duel. However, as soon as another enemy arrives, finish the carry if possible without endangering yourself and get out.


1. Use Tumble to dodge any skillshots
2. Attack and move at the same time
3. Make use of Final Hour + Tumble invisibility
4. Position yourself for Condemn
5. Only use Condemn if you can stun him or need to break away from him
6. Pay attention to the enemy position as well. I have often seen them run to avoid being Condemned into the wall and thus fall behind in the damage exchange. I just continue to bait Condemn in this situation until they give up trying to get out of Condemn positioning.

Dueling AD Champs

I don't recommend trying to dodge her Volley unless you are close to her, in which case you could Tumble diagonally to one of her sides (not away from her) or through her. It's rather hard to get close to a good Ashe as her slows are just really annoying. Also I do not recommend getting close to her as her ult is not hard to hit when you are in her face. Ashe is fairly easy to Condemn as it's easy to position with Tumble invis. It's also hard to dodge Ashe ult when you are slowed. If you got quick enough reactions it's possible though.

She's extremely easy to duel. Just don't get trapped. It's hard to Condemn her into the wall as her net pushes her away. You should try to open with a Condemn stun. Caitlyn is just difficult to lane against but not difficult to kill unless she's way more farmed than you.

He just does way too much damage. I would not recommend trying to duel him unless you are confident or more farmed than him. If he has Bloodthirster I would just avoid dueling completely. Condemn him away from catching his axes or for a stun. Choose quickly however. Don't let him catch his axes.

Dodging his skillshots is the most important priority. It will greatly reduce his damage output as his q will be on a longer cooldown if it doesn't hit. His teleport will be of a nuisance as Condemning him will be much harder. The easiest way to Condemn him is when he has used teleport already. If not, you can use Condemn to come out of Tumble invis and pray that it stuns. Most of the time it will be answered. Dodge his ult by Tumbling through him if you're too close as it is the easiest way to avoid it. Again save Tumbles to dodge skillshots. It's best to maintain a safe distance from him because it's really hard to dodge his skillshots when you're in his face with your mouth ready to receive... skillshots.

Fairly straightforward. Just like Ezreal, dodge skillshots. He will try to dash to Buckshot you. Often times he will dash and not Buckshot in order to bait your Tumble. Do not fall for it. Learn the Buckshot animation and dodge accordingly. The easiest way, though it may not be the safest, to dodge Graves burst is to Tumble through him. I usually only use Tumble to dodge his skillshots, not for the bonus damage and attack reset.

Fighting Jayce is not too bad. A lot of his damage comes from his Shock Blast and Acceleration Gate so dodging it is the best option. If he decides to jump on you in hammer form then he becomes easier to kite. Condemning to stun is the ideal situation, but if he is in hammer form it's not a bad idea to just push him away.

Miss Fortune
Hit her as soon as possible to take off her passive and try to Condemn her. She's not too difficult to kill in my experience.

Another skillshot champ. Whooo. It's imperative to dodge boomerang blade. It just does too much damage. She will most likely use spell shield when you get in position to Condemn so just wait for her to waste it. Also, if she has 2 more big items than you, do your best not to prolong the fight as her ult will just wreck you.

Dodge her Rocket Jump as it does A LOT if she has been leveling it. Besides that, there's not much else to say. Condemn her when she uses her steroid though.

When you get stacks of his thing (I don't know what it's called I forgot...) do your best to dodge his skillshots. He is extremely painful if he hits a skillshot with all 3 stacks. You will undoubtedly get hit by his q if he's any good. Just Condemn for stuns.

THE MIRROR. I hate mirror... If you are using this build you shouldn't have too much trouble actually dueling her once you get lightning, Wit's End, and tenacity. Try your best not to get stunned while trying to stun her. If she has Bloodthirster you will have a hard time. Life steal + Tumble buff heals a lot.

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This guide is rather horrid to look at, but I hope it helped. I will continue to add to certain sections. Leave comments, criticisms, requests, and, most importantly, rating!

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Works in Progress!

I will pay attention to requests and add them to here if I feel like it deserves to be seen.

Considering to add a more typical AD build.