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Vayne Build Guide by trosieja

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author trosieja

vayne silver in botlane

trosieja Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys my name is trosieja,
and this is my vayne guide. I am playing this champion now since a few weeks. When i looked at mobafire for some new item builds, I recodniced, that one build for vayne is missing, with I prefer to play with. It´s "W" vayne. So I am giong to tell you about this guide in detail.
And at least I want to tell you I am not a pro on this position, so if you don´t like something here let me know to change it. Next thing iam legastenique with no english in school. So don´t be so mean about grammar and correctnes of language .... PLS O.O
and this is my first guide here, so the text-format is kind of ... simple

If you wanna hear some cool music for playing vayne or at least every champion in League of Legends, here I have some music for you:

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Pros / Cons

Let´s come to the pro and cons of vayne :


    -high dmg output in late game
    -escape mechanism
    -can kill even tanks (with or without armor)
    -got a stun ( just a potentiel but a cool one )
    -can go on stealth
    -nice ult for adc cause it will make you kill
    every one o one who cant perma stun you
    -fun to play
    -easy to doge spell with if you play her like me
    and have fast finger on "Q"
    -like every adc : squishi like hell!
    -not that easy early game like other adc
    -if you don´t have a good support who can
    help you her dmg
    output in midgame is kind of sweet
    -if you can play her well you´ll get focussed

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Some thing to tell about the masteries: Take this typical 21 in offensive and the life giving things in defensive to give you a good plus on you attack dmg and a little bit more sustain in lane early. this will although give you a great bonus against early ganks and early western shootings with the enemy adc.

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For Runes I take (now, tanks to brilliandone and AyushGarg) quite offensive runes , to max my early game dmg on enemy laners, and the minions I have to last hit. This for i take Greater Mark of Desolation, for a bit of armor penetration, which should bring the early and late dmg against tanky guys more in the wanted area of at least 600k krits! Of course we can kill them with our "W" too, but then we will have to hit them a lot of times, and loose time in witch we should have damaged other targets...

For the seals I take Greater Seal of Armor which gives me some early game sustain ability, because the flat armor will lower the early dmg the enemy ad-carry can deal to you visible! Some people would build ad on their seals, but I would always just take things on runes, which are primery on this runes or even secundary, because this is the way to get the most potential out of your spended influence points.

Under the aspect of worth able runes in every type of runes I take Greater Glyph of Attack Speed because the attackspeed buff from this type of runes, they are normaly the ap runes, is not that little to not take them with you, and the attackspeed buff is needed, to make damage with your "W" even when you did´nt buy yourselv your first Zeal.

The most important runes are the quintessences, which always give the highest one rune bonus. In this type of runes my choice would be the Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage to get some early ad which isn´t there in our other runes, and which makes early farming more simple.

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Skill Sequence

Here in this part of the guide the silver of real vayne is hidden !

As your first skill youve got your "Q" spell , its Tumbler this spell is really cool to dodge other spells and to hurras other ad carrys, becasue you rush in one direction, and your next outo atack does a little bit extra dmg. this is cool and i would max it second

Your "W" spell is Silver Bolts a passiv effekt which damages the target you autoattacked 3 times in a row in matter of its maximum life. this spell is really the most importend spell in your game aside your ult, and i build this guide around this spell, to make you winn anyfights with this really heavy dmg buff! absolutly max this spell first

Then you got your "E" spell this is Condemn a knock back with ad skalling and a stun if you hit anamys against walls, this is pretty usefull but it isint the best dmg spell for this vayne guide so take a point early and max ist last.

last but not least ur ultimate ability is Final Hour a buff for your attackdamage and your passiv , with will turn you into stealth when aktivatin your "Q" in ult, this is really usefull and will increrase your dmg so much that you cant really say why you deal this dmg .... ist truly outrageous and magic itsame! so max it when ever avable

Ill tell you more about how to use this spell in the on my oppinion bets way, in the tactic Chapter, which will follow up in the next update of this guide.

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For items:

1. Start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion.
This will give you great early game mobility and a better sustain in lane even when your supporter has no heal skill for you. Some people would like to start with Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield but i can tell you the better early tankyness or little ad-buff will not work against enemies which startet on Boots of Speed ´cause they can easily play jokes on you in hurr***ing and run before you even can start following them. And this ad-buff on Doran's Blade is not that importend in lasthitting, when you got runes... so my choice on the most champions, not only vayne, is Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion.

2.I would rush myself instand my Berserker's Greaves and eventually if your supporter has no heal until now, 2 Health Potion might be ok too, to survive the first fight or hurras on botlane after comming back. Because some people really go enrage then and start hurr***ing you in loosing their save positions aside their supporter...
Something to this boots, because I saw some guys playing Boots of Mobility on her, I would get myself the Berserker's Greaves even if you are slower with them, because your passiv makes your chasing faster than the most other, and you definitly need the bonus attackspeed for more often using your "W". Where your main dmg in the early and midgame comes from!

3.Now you could have the first kill in botlane , if your jungler helped you already, or if you got one of the heavy duty support, Taric Leona Alistar or Blitzcrank, then its good to go back and buy yourself a Zeal, to get some early crits and cool atackspeed again to max the dmg you can deal in little fight in healp of your "W", after this a fast Vampiric Scepter will stop your thurst of Health Potion and allday heals, to get you independent enough that your supporter does not need to stand aside to you when farming, even if its allways better to have this guys always at your side because only if ad-carry and support work perfektly together their full potential can be used!

4.Now here comes the point where we leave the path of normal ad-carries like Ashe or Sivir because where they build damage we know that our highest potential damage is´nt hiding in our normal autoattacks but in your "W" spell, for witch we buy a Phantom Dancer now! This item gives us, together with our passiv and "Q" such a high mobility that it seems we come out of another time line! This is wrong but to dodge spells and chase enemies in fight becomes easy as breathing when you trained it a bit!

5. But as well as we can´t always set our three autoattacks on a target, we have to build up some dmg as well, so we build us a B. F. Sword which makes us dealing a lot of more normal dmg and especially more dangerous for squishy enemy targets! But if the game is`nt running that good a Pickaxe would do a great job there too. Even if the attack buff is´nt that high as from the B. F. Sword.

6. Now we have balanced our ad enough for another bit of attack speed, wich is truly the most important thing to build with vayne until the endgame has started. So the fastest way to get some of these is to buy ourself another Zeal with has some nice movement buff on it and gives us an extra ckritikal chance buff, which allowes us to build up the next part of our attack dmg and not need us to build a Cloak of Agility,
which would only cause us to have less attack dmg.

7. We have the choice to finish one of our main items, we builded close to being finished, which means you can finish now your second Phantom Dancer or your Infinity Edge which means you have to look whats missing. Do you need more attackspeed to land more 3. autoattacks or do you just need more dmg because the enemy squishy champions can deal more dmg then you. If you made this choice then you schould buy the item you did´nt bought first. Because both of them are really imortand for vaynes silver potential!

8. Now you will recognice, that your life steal is`nt enough anymore, and you want a bit more dmg output in one hit. Thats nothing wrong because the next item I would build on my vayne is The Bloodthirster a really cool item and a must-have for every ad-champion, but don´t forget every time you die, you´ll loose the half of your saved ad-stacks from the bloodthurster, so if you respawn try to jungle or farm on lane before you start the next fight, to keep your lifesteal and your ad as high as possible!

9. Now you´ve got enough damage output to even base kill champions! Which means you should buy yourself something to survive fights, when your tanks and supports are´nt able to save you from burst-dmg champions like vaigar or Syndra.
This for some people build themself a Banshee's Veil to shield the first burst-dmg away, but I would prefere to buy a Guardian Angel, because it gives you not only mr but armor too, and if you shield one burst-spell away or if you eat it and die and get revived, there is no difference out of the point you can use the revive in more situations.

At least i want you to tell with items could be interresting for vayne too, and the matter that causes me not to buy them!:
Frozen Mallet: this is usefull when your team dosent protect you, or the enemys are really fast, evely or Rammus, but i think in the most teams you got enouth cc to chase these guys and to protect you, with should be the normal playstyle of tanks when you are on the right elo aswell.

2. Last Whisper this item is usefull for normal carrys to kill those heavy armor tanks, but with your "W" spell ( deals true dmg ! armor buiers waste theyr money!) and your armor penetration runes you can kill those with out Last Whisper.

3. Madred's Bloodrazor this item is similar to Last Whisper which means youve got its life dmg in your "W" and the attackspeed in your runes, 2 Phantom Dancer and your boots. so use the money elsewhere like i told you in the items chapeter.

4. The Black Cleaver this item is cool for vayne, but you really dont need this armor penetration on her to kill tanks, and you equip is on my oppinion better with out it , because its not specilised on one of the 3 big parts of ad carry items: attackspeed attackdamage and lifesteal. so build liek i told you and let this in the store.

5. at last there are guys who play atmorgs on her or mr items with ad or attackspeed in it , i can only tell you . you are a carry, you are squishy or you deal not enough dmg and the second bad thing is bad for the team and cause you team in the most cases to loose, so pls guys play carrys as carrys and tanks as tanks, becasue thats what they are specilised on !

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supporter working well with her

Here youve got a little description about with supporter i would tell you to play with Vayne on a bot lane and with i would not tell you to pick, this part will follow up in the next update.

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Ending words

At the end I really thank you for reading this stuff and I want you to keep every single lenguage fail at your own and give me soem feedback instead of them. :D
At all I want to thank everybody who gave some early tipps for making my guide a bit better.

with best regards trosieja