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Vayne Build Guide by Ludvigy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludvigy

Vayne- The hidden op

Ludvigy Last updated on December 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I play on Eu west my summoner Name is Lylyly add me if u wanna talk about anything that has to do with lol. I mainly play vayne and after the recent changes alot have changed about the game at least itemwise thereby i am updating this guide so it is viable.
Hi this is my third guide on mobafire i think. Vayne is the champion i have played the most and i am confident that by making this guide i can myself learn something while trying to teahc people how i play vayne.
Please do not downvote cause u disagree with build u shoukld also try it before u dislike.

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Pros / Cons

Pros= Great late game. Cons= Needs a good support for protection.
If positioned correctly u can carry Hard to master.
your entire team. Often focused.
Fun to play.
Rewarding(If u position correctly
u will carry).

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Greater Mark of Strength= This rune helps you last hit alot better. It is viable to switch it up for an greater Mark of Desolation which will give you an easier time against an taric at bot lane.

Greater Seal of Resillience= I always pick these runes for ad carry cause it helps you trade better at bot lane and is overall just very helping. I see no rune that can replace this one but you can absolutley try to find some other rune that can work for u.

Greater Glyph of Shielding= These runes strengthens your late game defences which is good. But his rune is highly replaceable by a Greater Glyph of Warding but i still prefer Greater Glyph of Shielding.

Greater Quintessence of Strength= Same story as the marks.

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Everything on the offesnse tree is pretty obvious.

The choice between Utility and Defense is pretty much a personal choice i prefer utility for some extra speed and reduced cooldown on Flash.

I used to use the defence tree but i just felt it didnt rly help cause u shouldnt be taking much dmg anyhow unless your positioning poorly.

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I satrt of with long sword cause after the new changes to movement speed which makes characters less reliant onto buying boots it is very viable to start of with damage instead and it also helps me get a early vamp scpeter which helps alot in surviving the lane.

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Tips and Tricks for Vayne

Vayne is a strong ad carry but is very relying on a good postitioning.

If ur picking vayne in an draft pick game u should always try to get a janna to support you if you have no premade support you should ask your teamates.

Vayne needs alot protection one thing that i found out is that anivia is a great mid laner to have on the same team cause she can wall you of from the enemy team if they try to dive onto you which gives you great escape.

Vayne has a gerat late game damage and she can easily solo carry her team.

Vayne is somehow broken in late game senarios but people still think characters like Varus and Draven is better late game.

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Skill Sequence

I max out Q first then W then i get ulty maxed out before E obviously. Thats a msut do too spec ur ulty otherwise u will make me cry. Its actually abit viable too spam spec on your w cause it gives you massive 3 attack.

If your new to vayne it can help to spam spec on e for an strong ability to rely onto.

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Build 1 vs Build 2

Build 1 is aimed for bot lane normal ad carrying with high early sustain.

Build 2 is for being an secondary ad carry playing at mid lane it gives huge dmg with Q+sheen proq.

The builds are very different and are better at different things i play build 1 way more but rly enjoy Build 2.

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Summoner Spells

Flash= Gives u a great escape. Can be used to combo with ult+q to disapear. Its magic!

Ignite= Its a great spell for early agression and can help u burst quickly with 2 basics into q then ignite if ure ahead in lane that can be a kill.

Cleanse= Its rly good if u know which enemys ur fighting. U can always consider this spell but skip qss(quicksilver sash) if u pick cleanse. Always pick ignite in blind pick. Consider Cleanse in drafts.

Exhaust=This spell should be picked up by your support i dont recommend piking it unless your support by some reason picked ignite and the enemys have a strong ad team.

Clarity=Pls dont pick this on vayne it will get you report most likely in my opinion though i wouldnt reportt for it i know people who would.


Heal=It used to bee the best spell fr ad c arrys but it didnt give as much aggresion as ignite.

Ghost=U already have great mobilitry because of your passive and ulty.

Teleport=I dont know ealy what this can be used for unless your playing top lane vayne i would say no to this one.

Surge=Why should u pick this vayne isnt way to relying on attack speed.

Promote=This one is for playing cheesy tactics.

Smite=Its good for jungling with vayne of course.

Revive=Gives you good late game with a reviving ability.(Good for trolling too)

Barrier=Good on the proving grounds.

Garisson decent on dominion.

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This is second vayne guide and i believe this one will end up much better. Ty for reading this short guide i will try to make improvements soon. Comment if u think there is anything i should consider to change.

Sry for odd english.