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Vayne Build Guide by Lector Nova

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lector Nova

Vayne's New Potential 40% CD

Lector Nova Last updated on December 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Resolve: 12

Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lucian Lucian is a Marksman who normally has a better Synergy with this build and his nuke potential is quite annoying to handle for Vayne players, avoid taking too much damage from Lucian as you have the better all in.
Tristana Tristana as a laner can really punish Vayne players for slight mistakes and has a great all in considering the buffs to her W, you generally want to avoid fights with her as 7/10 times she will come out ahead. Wait till you have an item advantage and pressure her hard before 6.
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I thought of this build having the potential to be used after reading the patch notes of the new pre season 6, Vayne mains wondered as to what the new guaranteed "OP" build would be and found their comfort zones quite quickly, I decided to look at what I felt I most liked about Vayne; the ability to tear teams in two with the amount of damage you dealt. Trinity force was always a "maybe" pick up item for Vayne before the changes came about, now it has been made easier to pick up a trinity with the reduction in the cost for some of the components which all offer pretty useful stats on Vayne. The introduction of life steal on Scimitar was a fantastic idea by riot seeing how it adds a lot more purpose to a build now and the components that build it all are really good pick ups and well known pick ups by Vayne players. The new B.O.R.T.K is weaker than what it used to be where as Vayne's W is stronger so the option of a Phantom Dancer or the new Rapid Fire Cannon really help this build in terms of power and what you need out of this build.

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Why I recommend this build.

Generally this build excels in giving Vayne a different way to fight, Vayne as a carry is a very high damage high priority target. She is very annoying in the mid - late game where in fights she may not get locked down causing her to snowball out of control. Having 40% Cool Downs and a crazy amount of on hit damage and movement speed allows her to kite with precision and ease, other builds out there focus on the raw power provided by certain items. I feel these items when utilised properly can be even worse to deal with, Vayne's passive synergizes amazingly with this build and I truly feel it provides her with a lot more utility than other build you may have tried out, also players new to Vayne will find this a lot safer of a build to use because of the reduced damage taken with a higher health pool to work with.

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Ranked Play

Normally in ranked what you want to do is snowball the game, especially seeing as the games are lasting a lot shorter time durations in the current Meta. If you have picked Vayne into a ranked game in the first place you should know what match ups it works best against. The way this build works is on the first power spike of the early B.F Sword like the other Marksman, you want to abuse the lv 2 trade if possible with Vayne to make the next few levels better for you. At close to lv 6 you want to go back and purchase your first buy so that when you return to lane you are ready for a real fight. Vayne has very good potential damage early but is very easily bullied so you normally want to look to take the first few levels slowly, unless conditions of the match say otherwise. In team fights you are looking to with this build avoid the targets trying to stick to you with the insane mobility your kit and the build give you and go really aggressive when you know you can. Having 40% CD can also really help your positioning as your Q will have a 1 second cool down.

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Pros / Cons

{PROS} - High Damage Build
{PROS} - Great Chase Potential
{PROS} - Able To Sustain in fights
{PROS} - Quite high Critical Strike %
{PROS} - Compliments Her Passive and Ultimate
{PROS} - Condemn on a shorter cool down helping you self peel

{CONS} - Life steal is quite low (unless you buy bortk)
{CONS} - Has low Attack Speed early - Mid game (compared to other builds)
{CONS} - Expensive to build
{CONS} - Lack Of Infinity Edge
{CONS} - Doesn't always use Rapid Fire Cannon
{CONS} - Hard To Utilise

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Farming as Vayne has always been situational dependant on your match up sometimes you'll farm better against a better opponent or a straight up counter pick and sometimes you may farm worse, all depends on the game. Usually I would recommend you and your support look to freeze the lane nearer to your tower Vayne is a lower ranged Marksman than most also she shines in a chase, look to freeze the minions by your tower either wait for ganks or a good engage and take that opportunity to push out, farm Crugs look to take dragon or base and buy. This build has a great built in ability to get a high farm score because of the damage you get from Trin Force on your Q. A good farm score by the 5 minute mark (all things considered should be around 30-40 for the average player) and by the 10 minute mark should be 75-90. A great way to maintain your farm count is by doing jungle camps when your lane is pushed under their tower as it will push back into you upon your return and for a brief period the opponents will lose information on you.

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To summarize using 40% cool down Vayne allows you to either clean up fights or be a very annoying duellist to deal with while in them, this build provides consistent damage upon hitting or chasing down enemies, you want to look to let lose upon engages as no one can really stop you from cleaning up a fight with all of your mobility. Looks for small advantages and abuse them as Vayne there are so many opportunities to abuse players mistakes with this build. It's strength only becomes apparent after the first 2 items are built so don't expect it to be the same as another Vayne build you may be used to using. Give the build a try and feel free to tell me if this guide helped and if I should do more like these in the future. This is my first build on Mobafire so I hope it is received well by the community. Feel free to ask me questions on the build or tell me how I could have improved in explaining the build. Hope you have a wonderful day and good luck on the rift. Gee Gee Well Carried! :D