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Veigar Build Guide by Wesleynick

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wesleynick

Veigar 3hits Greybeard

Wesleynick Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The reason i wrote this guide is because i find veigar really cool to play with and he really gets underestimated a lot! If veigar is played correctly he can change the game for his team. He is the first champion i bought and the first champion i really learned to play. I bought the greybeard skinn en thus the titel :D.

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The runes i pick are kinda general and probably most common on most hero's. But they are still the best ;).

For marks i go with . The AP it gives helps killing youre target early game.

For seals i chose Greater Seal of Replenishment I dont chose the MP regen per 5 cuz you'll get so its better 2 get higher mp5 early level than it is later on.

For glyphs i go with . The cooldown reduction helps a lot early game. More Baleful strikes is more +1 AP early game. This is essential to veigar mid and late game.

For Quintessence i take . These go well with Baleful strikes and helps you get that last hit on minions in early game easier.

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Skill Sequence

I always start with . Last hit minions and you're AP start growing like crazy. After that take a point in for stun and 1 in but dont use them too much. Just focus on the last hitting with .

Max out first than and last but not least . When primordial burst is available always take it.

Skills from must have to meh : --> --> -->

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Summoner spells

I always take and . I think They are the best on veigar!! If you do not want these here are some alternatives:

Good choice:

: Good for getting away, but you have (when chosen XD) and
: Good for getting away and removing all stats from you.
: Always good to get some mana back troughout the whole game, I still preger . Late game you don't need so much mp5 cuz of veigar's passive skill.

Very bad choice (in my opinion):
: You got stun.
: Let the healing be done by a supporter.
: You won't ever jungle, really never.
: Let the tank take this one. You already deal enough damage 2 minions.
: You kill all you're opponents right away. Why ignite em when they are dead XD.
: Let the people who want this one take it themselfs XD it pretty useless 2.
: Let any supporter on you're team take this one.
: Just don't die ;).

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I always try to take mid. It is easier for veigar to dominate the game when hes mid, so always try to take mid when you play veigar!! When you start just dodge youre opponent and get some last hits on minions preferable with so you'll get that sweet +1 AP for every minion kill. Dont fight you're opponent. Just keep walking up and down, never stand still!! If the enemy is realy agressive just go tower hug and last hit those pesky minions!!

I start my itemry with an and 2 .
Try to get around 500 gold and port back to base, buy and teleport back to youre lane. If done correctly you wont leave you're lane for more than 5 seconds.

If you can hold out and don't need to go back just stay and try to get around 1300 gold before going back to base. When you do get 1300 get back and buy , Kage's lucky pick and when needed some 's. If you get 1300 and you can still last go back anyway!! Buy Kage's lucky pick as fast as you can for that extra gold.

Go back 2 mid and kill some more minions and maybe start doing some damage to you're opponent, just use baleful strike, a bit if you're already lvl 6 and have ulti. If you can kill you're enemy kill him, but don't take to much risks yet. Save up and get and build it into ASAP.

Now you're ready to get serious. You're (probably) mid vs someone who you can kill in an instant. You activate , make sure the enemy walks into its border or place it on top of it so the stun activates. You activate on top of the enemy. While is loading but did'nt land yet you activate and get the full damage out of you're skills. Right after cast probably landed and finish the job with .

So in short it's gonna be --> --> --> --> --> ± 300 gold!!

If you can pull this of, Which ofcourse is going to require some practice, you're ready to own champions and start gathering the big piles of gold. Wait for all the cooldowns to reset and kill again. Get and for Magic Pen and you'll kill almost every enemy's without any trouble.
Get for a nice AP boost and for 2 secs of full protection when nuked.

After This you're slots are full and you're stuck with and . Both of them are kinda getting useless right now since there are better items. Gather up some gold and sell and get in return. You'll get more AP and Magic Pen. The only disadvantige is that you lose the HP but at this point of the game it's mainly team fights only so you will be fighting from the back of you team anyway. AFTER you sold save up some gold, sell and buy . It give's you extra mana and mana regen + a lot of extra AP which did'nt give.

If either the game takes ages and you get a lot of gold or you get fed like crazy you do not need a lot of mp regen late game. You're probably somewhere between 600-800 AP and you're skills hurt a lot. Do not use all you're skills on 1 hero like i mentiond above ( --> --> --> --> ). You can probably kill hero's with a lot of HP with ( --> --> --> . Save up and target an AP champ this time and use ( --> --> --> ). You get 2 easy kills and now its 5 vs 3. You just gave you're team a HUGE advantage!! If you may get killed in the proces it doesnt really mather much since al you're cooldowns are activated anyway :P. If you get attacked just activate and the opponents lose all focus since they have 2 target someone else in combat. Most of the time they retreat anyway when you nuke someone.

In short Veigar is a great team player. When fed hes unstopable (almost he still is really squishy XD) and can kill almost every enemy hero within 2 secs. Play save and just wait thing out!! This is very very very important!! If you're opponent is fleeing do not chase him since you will probably get ganked! Let him go and focus those minions and get AP with . It does'nt seem like much but when you last hit em whole game it can make a huge impact on you're late gameplay. You can try to chase you're enemy if you know where al the enemy hero's are. If they got a jungler and he runs into the bushes NEVER follow!! Stay save and just farm minions. He will come back when he's full health, start over again and kill him.

I hope this is all they info you need to own!! If i forgot something or you feel like i should explain more just put it in comments ;).

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Risks playing like this.

When you follow this build these are risks you may encounter!!:

1) You don't buy you're boots until you got .
So you are very slow in early game. I personally don't see this is a big problem since i got , and . When you get ganked use and . Do you need to go back and the enemy is staying mid use teleport when you go back. As soon as you're enemy is killed push a bit and port back. This time you can just walk back because you're enemy isn't attacking your turret anyway. If you still can hold out dont use teleport!! Just wait till enemy goes back and follow his example.

2)You're not very healthy throughout the game.
If the opponents start targetting you, you are in trouble. The items i choose don't give any health, so you are kinda low on it the whole game. Just stay in the back no matter what. Use when under attack and flash out of there. I personally always stun my enemy with before initiating anyway so you can escape savely most of the times. If veigar can kil 2 enemy's within a team fight and than dies it doesn't really mather for all his cooldowns are up anymway.

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Easy to own/impossible to own.

Hero's that you probably wont have a really hard time against:

Ashe, Brand, Corki, Ezreal, Fiddlesticks, Janna, Heimerdinger, Karthus, Kayle, Kennen, Lux, Miss fortune, Nidalee, Sivir, Twisted Fate, Teemo, Tristana, Zilean

Hero's that you need to kill before they target you (kinda hard):

Akali, Anivia, Annie, Cassiopeia, Gangplank, Gragas, Katarina, Ryze, Shaco, Swain, Twitch

Hero's you better not play against unless you are really really pro :O (almost impossible 2 defeat):

Amumu, Caitlyn, DR. Mundo, Garen, Irelia, Jarvan IV, Kassadin, Mordekaiser, Nocturne, Olaf, Rammus, Renekton, Singed, Tryndamere, Trundle

You kinda get the point. Ofcourse not all hero's are covered by this XD. All enemy hero's that have a lot of hp early and mid game are very hard 2 defeat (unless they have a lot of AP than you just pop .

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Farming with veigar is one of the easiest things to do. You can farm like crzay and you should farm A LOT. Early game you just farm mid with . Mid and late game check lanes that are empty and kill all the minions intantly with . The ghosts in the jungle are also easy targets which you can kill from just staying in mid. The range on is big enough to hit the minions while you are standing in middle lane. Don't forget these guys since they give nice exp and gold without any efford!! When the opponent has a jungler and you will keep killing this minions his whole jungle route is messed :D. Wolfs will also die in an instant but you have to leave lanes for it so i mostly don't really take em. You probably can kill minions in 1 hit at lvl 10-12 depending on how much minions you hitted with (so +1 AP) and how fed you are (more items is easier farming :D).

Blue Golem buff is always helpfull but not really necesarry. You're mana regen is very good without the buff and the CDR you will have from you're items and runes will be around 33% So you will only get like 7% out of the golem buff. Most of the time i just leave the buff for someone who needs it. If you can steal it from an opponent its always nice ;).

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This is my guide to . I hope you like it and that is helps. If you got any questions, advice or suggestions connect me or comment :D. I know my englisch isn't supreme but i did the best i could :P.

Good luck and maybe well face each other sometime :D


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by nhilker » August 25, 2011 1:01pm :
Honestly, I think this guide is better than a lot of the top rated ones.

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August 25, 2011: Moved from Good choice 2 bad choices (thnx 2 nhilker)