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Veigar Build Guide by SkyDefender

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkyDefender

Veigar: Mid Nightmare

SkyDefender Last updated on January 10, 2012
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Welcome to a pretty simple and complete guide of Veigar, the tiny master of evil, wich in my opinion is the most powerful mage among the league. Here I will show you how to fully take advantage of this champion in most of situations. As you can see, the items does not provide as AP as you could expect in a Veigar build, that's because this guide focuses in farming Baleful Strike. And so, it begins.

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Pros and Cons


  • Great burst.
  • Great damage output.
  • Can stun several enemies at once and set up kills or aid to scape.
  • Limitless AP.

  • Squishy.
  • Mana hungry.
  • Slow movement speed.

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  • : I want as much magic pen as I can get.
  • : Same as Quints.
  • : A little bonus AP.
  • : More magic pen.

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  • Equilibrium: Bonus mana regen proportional to your missing mana.
  • Baleful Strike: This skill will be Veigar's main skill throughout the game, I learn it at lv1 and max it 1st. You must try to last-hit as much minions as possible and rise your AP.
  • Dark Matter: This skill is not as useful in early game, and using it will only deplete your mana, save Dark Matter for late game or as last resort.
  • Event Horizon: A tricky skill, wich only stuns enemies that pass through it's borders. I recommend saving it for scape from ganks and secure your burst.
  • Primordial Burst: This skill deals an extreme amount of damage in late game, and must be use to instantly take out mages or to finish-off an enemy.

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Summoner Spells

  • Ignite: Allows you to stop healings or finish an enemy after your burst.
  • Flash: Key spell to get away or to catch enemies with a combo.

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  • Fearie Charm: Gives mana regen wich is essential to Veigar in early game.
  • Health Potion X3: Gives you sustainability in early game to keep pushing and farming.
  • Mana Potion X2: Not to replenish mana but to prepare your burst in case that you ran out of mana.
  • philosopher's stonePhilosopher's Stone: Keeps your mana stable and grants 5 gold every 10 seconds.
  • Sorcerer's Shoes: Increases your magic pen, allowing you to deal more damage. It also increases your movement speed.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap: Large amount of AP.
  • Void Staff: AP and magic pen.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Fairly amount of HP and an awesome passive.
Optional finishing items
  • Lich Bane: Only recommended for an all-out attack to the enemy's base or to defend your base since is expensive and only works properly when your AP is over 700.
  • Morello's Evil Tome: AP and colldown reduction.
  • Archangel's Staff: Gives you mana and even more AP.
Situational Items
  • Guardian Angel: Surviability in teamfights, allowing you to revive and stun enemies in order to scape or set some kills.

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Veigar Combo

Here's a short explaination of your combo as Veigar:
Once your AP reaches 40 (after farming Baleful Strike), harrass your enemy until he has more or less 50% of their health, then activate a mana potion, launch Dark Matter on the target and Event Horizon around it(the enemy has to make a choice: being hit by Dark Matter or stuned by Event Horizon), if the target gots stunned, then use Primordial Burst instantly followed up of Baleful Strike and finish him/her off with Ignite.
Keep in mind your mana when doing this. If the enemy tries to scape with Flash, use your own Flash to catch him/her up and launch a final Baleful Strike.

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Laning and fighting

Early Game
  • 1-4: In this stage of the game you must focus and farm last-hitting minions with Baleful Strike, once your AP reaches 20 you should have enough gold to buy philosopher's stone, go back and buy it.
Midterm Game
  • 8-12: The game keeps going, always farm Baleful Strike (with minions and kills.), keep doing the same, harrassing and killing your opponent. Keep in mind that you are squishy and the enemy will try to gank you, so pay attention to mias and try to push only once you slain your adversary. Once you get to 80 AP is time for you to buy Rabadon's Deathcap. You might ask yourself "Why must I wait SO long to get this item?", the answer is "to surprise". Your burst will make a jump from a significant amount of damage to an insane amount of damage, getting your enemy astonished. Of course you can buy it before, but is funnier this way.
Late Game
  • 12-18: As before, keep doing the same, and complete your build. Now is time for teamfights, and you must remain behind your allies, ready to launch Event Horizon for scape, gank or defend yourself and your team, or use your combo (in teamfights focus the squishy targets). Keep your eyes open and take advantage of philosopher's stone to set a sight ward(s) where you find convenient; also try to get to squishy enemies that are carelessly pushing.

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  • You can take out an entire wave of minions with Dark Matter in late game.
  • Try to use Event Horizon to ensure your kills, and dont spam it, you will it to scape from ganks or unexpected combos.

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Final Comments

Thanks a lot for reading this guide (wich happens to be my first one).

I've been playing Veigar since like forever and I feel confident enough to share my build and game strategy with all of you. Once again thanks, and I hope you find this useful, if you do, please comment and rate.

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Modified Masteries: I had the wrong ones.