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Veigar Build Guide by Mr Jonagold

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Jonagold

Veigar - Nuke 'em all! [S4] (under construction)

Mr Jonagold Last updated on June 8, 2014
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Hello everyone!

My name is Mr Jonagold and I've been playing League of Legends for about 9 months now. And even though I'm not really good at the game, I really enjoy playing it. Especially since I met Veigar! This is because of the fact that I've never really been the "carrier" of the team. I'm always doing a pretty good job, but I've never felt that I made the difference in winning or losing a game. But now that I play Veigar I really start carrying a lot of games.

So if you feel like you never really made the difference too, I highly recommend trying out Veigar with this particular build. It will make you laugh a couple times for sure!

Thanks for your attention!

Mr Jonagold

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Pros / Cons


  • Very squishy
  • Pre-level 6/before getting a Deathfire Grasp your game is a joke
  • Early-game mana problems
  • Targeted in teamfights
  • Hard to land a complete combo
  • Takes some practice to place Event Horizon right
  • When you miss Event Horizon/it's is on cooldown you're very vulnerable

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Runes & Masteries

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Flash: This is a must have on Veigar. Prevents you from dieing if you got caught up in a sticky situation where you missed your Event Horizon.

Ignite: I still use this in most games I play with Veigar, even though I'm really beginning to like teleport. Ignite might be good early-game for finishing off your opponent, but I feel that Teleport is way better mid/late-game.

Teleport: I begin to think that Teleport works better on Veigar compared to Ignite. As you hit level 6 you're able to easily finish a target with some assistance of an ally. This means that when the top or bottom lane needs help, you can teleport to one of these lanes, kill the target and go back to your lane. It's also great when you need to recall because of low health and quickly teleport back to your turret to prevent it from taking damage.

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Q: This is what you're going to do pre-level 6 and pre- Deathfire Grasp: last hitting minions/monsters with Baleful Strike. If I find you doing something else, I will be under your bed at night.

There is nothing else Veigar can do. You're not even close to being able to kill your opponent pre-level 6. Plus continuously trying to poke your target with Dark Matter is a waste of your mana. Just stack up Ability Power with Baleful Strike. You will receive 1 Ability power for last hitting a small minion with your Q and 2 Ability power for last hitting a canon minion with your Q.


  • Prioritize canon minions. If a small minion and a canon minion are both close to dieing, save up your Baleful Strike for the canon minion and kill the small minion with a basic attack.
  • Even big monsters will grant your 2 Ability Power and small monsters 1 Ability Power. So whenever there are no minions in lane, try killing the wraiths or wolves with your Q. (I highly suggest not to do this before reaching level 8 with at least a Deathfire Grasp)

E: When hitting level 2, upgrade Event Horizon. It makes it really easy to escape when you're being ganked.

  • Don't waste your Event Horizon! It has quite a long cooldown and without it you're really vulnerable, especially when being ganked.
  • Always make sure that you have enough mana for Event Horizon. You're dead when you're being ganked without having enough mana for your E.
  • When you're approaching your opponent to place Event Horizon, make sure to position it a little bit behind your enemy. This is because your opponent will most likely walk away from you to avoid being stunned by your cage.

W: Upgrade Dark Matter at level 3. This is a point where most junglers are ready for some ganks. With a well performed + + + combo (mini-nuke) and some assistance of your jungler you might be able to kill your opponent.

  • Don't spam Dark Matter. It's really easy to dodge for your opponent plus it's eating mana - mana you need for stacking up Ability Power.

After you upgraded these 3 abilities, it's time to upgrade Baleful Strike again. Get two more points in Baleful Strike at level 4 and level 5 for a lower cooldown and easier last-hitting minions. This way you can stack up Ability Power quicker.

Ofcourse upgrade Primordial Burst - your ultimate - at level 6. At this point you should be able to purchase Deathfire Grasp. That's when the fun can begin. I will explain certain combo's/tactics in the next section, since we've now passed the early-game.

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Combo's & Tactics

Now that we've passed the early-game, it's time to explain some ability combo's and tactics to successfully kill your opponent and to push your lane.

At the point you hit level 6 you should have Deathfire Grasp. You might be able to kill your opponent when you have Needlessly Large Rod and Fiendish Codex, but Deathfire Grasp makes it so much easier. You will definiatly destroy your opponent with a successful combo including Deathfire Grasp. First let me explain some "mini-nuke" combo's before going to the full nuke.

COMBO #1 - Make 'em think you're going to do it:
+ +
By the time you're level 6 you probably gonna get the blue buff with some help of your jungler. You really need the blue buff for throwing some mini-nukes on your opponent. NEVER throw a full nuke at your opponent at your first successful stun with Event Horizon. Why not? Because your opponent might think that you're going for the full nuke and use their summoner spells or ults to escape the nuke. Especially with Kayle's Intervention. Your ult isn't going to do anything when he uses his ult.

This combo is perfect to make your enemies think that you're going to throw your full nuke at them and make them waste their summoner spells or any abilities, like Yasuo's Wind Wall, that prevent them from taking any damage.


  • Late-game this combo will easily destroy squishy champions like AD/AP carries. So DON'T use Primordial Burst if you can easily kill them without it.

COMBO #2 - Shredding some health:
Basically the same combo only without the stun from Event Horizon. This one is ment to shred some health from the enemy just to make sure that you will kill them with your full nuke. Since Event Horizon has such a long cooldown it's smart not to use it because it will give your opponent time to heal up again. Wait until Baleful Strike and Dark Matter are up again and perform the full nuke. It's smart to do combo #1 a couple times aswell to make them waste their escape options before performing the full nuke.

+ + + +
This is going to kill your enemy FOR SURE if you do it right.

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Situational items

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