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Veigar Build Guide by Bl00dMessiah

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bl00dMessiah

Veigar Nuking Build

Bl00dMessiah Last updated on November 25, 2011
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Before i even start this guide i wish to thank Searz (a member of mobafire for his informational guide on how to make a guide ^^), if you want to make your own guide follow this link(
!Hi guys this is my First guide :D and i hope you enjoy it as much i enjoyed makign it. Okay so first off, i would like to say that i love veigar he is an insanely stronger nuker and a huge help to the team. Event horizon, for example, can help turn the game around. If you're ganked or you're ganking this skill is extremely helpful in picking up a kill or getting away. Veigar is also known for his "spell cycle". By spell cycle i mean that his skills are good for combinations and does a huge amount of damage if all attacks hit the enemy.

I also would like to say that im open to any questions you have. If you dont like my build please leave a comment, and tell me what i should change because that would be extremely helpful for my future guides! TY in Advanced :D

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Pros / Cons

Veigar has a few Pros and Cons:


Veigar has many Pros.
    Extremely strong attacks.
    A Very helpful stun used to stun enemies, run away, gank, etc.
    His ult does the base damage + (Bonus damage from items) + 80% of enemies Ap. So if the enemy has alot of Ap ur ult will deal more damage on him.
    A good amount of Mana Regen so you don't burn through mana quickly.
    A quick skill cycle (you can activate all your skills in matters of seconds) Cause huge burst nuke damage.


However, he also has a few major cons.
    After Veigar uses up all his skills he does not have a good defenseive option. If he was attacked after missing all his attacks he will have to run away for his life. Always keep yourself open for escapes.
    He is VERY squishy early through around mid game. Always stay with a good laning partner. In the past i've come to realize that Tank champions, champions with stuns, and champions with slows, and champions with heals are good partners with Veigar. A bad partner would be Master Yi for example. Although Master Yi is extremely strong, he wont be helpful to you other than bluffing. He is MUCH faster than you are, and he probably will run away when things get rough leaving you vulnerable.
    Veigar is also very slow throughout the game so always be careful, running to far away from turrets and your base is dangerous, as many other champions will catch up to you.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Explanations for Runes

    Greater Mark of Insight will help you do more damage against tanks, and deal even more damage to squishies and is a very helpful rune to have.
    Greater Seal of Potency will give you a boost in AP, and let you deal more damage. Many people say to get the Greater Seal of Clarity which provides Mana regen, but from around mid game, veigar will always have enough mana to perform his skill cycle atleast 3 times.
    Greater Glyph of Force will provide AP every lvl and gives a total of 27+ AP at lvl 18 which is extremely helpful.
    And Lastly, Greater Quintessence of Potency, simply because of the large amount of AP you receive from the rune.

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Item Explanation

I chose these items as they will give you a huge amount of AP. which will overall help you hit ALOT more with your skills.

I start off with meki pendant, AND a health potion. the Meki pendant is a prerequisite of another item and is most beneficial to you at the time. It provides mana regen so you always have mana, and the health potion is for staying in the lane to always get exp without having to go back to base for hp.
Build the meki pendant into this item. This item gives you a bonus of 350 mana and more. Every time you activate a skill you gain an additional 4 max mana. for ex. say u have 10/10 mana and you use a skill that uses up 10 mana you will have 0/14. you used all 10 mana but gain 4 additional MAX mana. Hope that makes sense to you guys ^^.
= , ,
Get the boots of speed first then buy your choice of boots quickly. gives you a bonus of 20 magic penetration allowing you to do more damage.
These allow you to move around the map faster than the other boots, but does not add any "stats" But the speed of the boots allow you to catch up and escape easily. Getting you more kills and less deaths.
these boots are helpful for cd. they allow you to throw in more skills and ability because the cooldown on your skills are lower. This will help your overall dps.
Kage's Lucky Pick +
The Kage will provide you with extra gold, and will build into the deathfire later on. The deathfire grasp item is very helpful. It gives you mana regen, AP, and has its own active ability, it deals 30% of the enemies current health + 3.5% per 100 AP. It has a 650 range, and a one minute cd, AND it will do a MINIMUM of 200 damage. (this item is very awesome) You are able to spam it because of the low cooldown (cd) and it does alot of damage!
This Item is a must-have. It gives 4 AP per skill usage, 25 mana regen per 5 secs, and converts 3% of your max mana into AP. so the more you use you skills the more mana you have and the more AP. So START SPAMMING INTO MINIONS AND ENEMIES. (note to players: always be careful, as spamming your skills is a good thing, but if you are ganked while you skills are on cd you are screwed. so NEVER use Event Horizon or Primordial Burst against minions, always save your ult and stuns for later
Next is the Void Staff. Void staff is a huge help in damage and burst. gives you 40% MAGIC PENETRATION. ANd 70 AP UGREGRNQO!!! THIS IS AN AWESOME ITEM. It gives you a HUGE boost in damage.
You should work towards this items now as it will give you a HUGE boost in damage. It gives you 140 AP! (2x void's staff), and also gives +30%!! this item will garuntee give you over 150AP. and is definitely wanted. you ult, primodordial burst, should be hitting around 900 without the bonus of the enemies Ap added to it!
You can get this item, as substitution for the Mejai's, it gives you a good boost in damage and has its own active skill, dealing 30% of the enemies current health in magic damage, definitely use this on tanks because it will deal more damage.
(NOTE: i would suggest using this first when attacking as it will do 30% of the CURRENT HP, you will deal more damage when they have more hp, therefore stunning the enemies, using deathfire's and then going through your skill cycle will deal more damage)

Other possibilities

ONLY GET MEJAIS SOULSTEALER IF YOU ARE DOING WELL. Mejai's soulstealer purpose is to give you bonus every time you get an assist or kill. If you are dying constantly or dying alot. Do not buy this item as it won't be that helpful. However if you are getting alot of kills without dying, i definitely suggest you get this book. The Mejai's soulstealer works like this: every time you kill an enemy champion you gain 2 "stacks" Every stack gives you 8 AP. so everytime you kill an enemy champion you gain 16 Ap. Assists only give you 1 "Stack" giving you only 8 AP. You can have a maximum of 20 stacks. 20stacks = 160 AP. However if you die alot you will lose stacks. you will lose 1/3 of your stacks of you die. (for ex. if you had 18 stacks and you die, you lose 6 whole stacks. 6 stacks = 48 Ap.) Therefore dying with this item is bad.

This item gives you a good amount of AP. 12 mana per 5 seconds, and 20% cd reduction. once again dealing more damage(because of the extra AP), dealing more damage FASTER (becasue of cd), and dealing more damage LONGER (because of the extra mana)
I've seen some people using the Banshee's veil for the bonuses of it, and i agree that this item can be helpful. Banshee's veil negates one spell every 45 seconds allowing you to be harder to gank. (if someone stuns you banshee's veil get rid of the stun allowing you to escape) Banshee's Veil also provides with more mana and HP, for more survivability.
This item gives you bonuses every minute!! The rod of ages provides alot of extra hp and mana. Get this item if you think you are very squishy. Also every time you level the rod of ages heals your hp and mana by a certain amount.
This item provides you with HP, AP, and the ability to slow down your opponents with your skill. Get this item if you feel you are too squishy, because it provides 500 HEALTH, AND 80 AP!


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Which Skills To Get and How To Use Them

Skill Sequence

Before you even start reading, IF you do not want to read all this scroll down to the Summary section where i will explain what i said in a more general way. I know how annoying and tedious it is to read all this detail.

Try to take Baleful Strike first, because it has a low cooldown, does a ton of damage, and adds AP every time you kill your target. Also this skill does the lowest amount of damage out of your skills, therefore quickly raising this will benefit you more.
On lvl 2, i like to take Event Horizon, simply for making your life easier. It helps you and your teamates during ganks and helps when trying to run away. After this i like to max Baleful Strike as soon as possible, grabbing a couple of points in Dark Matter in between.
The order of the skills you should max out are... 1) BALEFUL STRIKE, 2) DARK MATTER 3) PRIMORDIAL BURST, 4) EVENT HORIZON
If your are having trouble landing your dark matter BECAUSE the stun time on Event Horizon is too short, then add a point into Event Horizon in order to land the hits.

Skill Usage Sequence

If you're wondering which skills should i use first when attacking, here is the order...
Try to use Event horizon first (e) then quickly use darkmatter (w) then ult (r) and then Baleful Strike (q) This is BECAUSE, with event horizon's stun you can easily land all your shots with out them attempting to fight back or dodging them. Darkmatter because it has a delay to it when casting, therefore casting this first, when the stun is initiated will almost garuntee that you hit them. You want to use your ult next because by this time the stun on event should be ending soon, and veigar's ult does A HUGE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE, you are most likely to end them with this, however if it doesnt kill them, you can last hit them with Baleful strike. Using Ult first before Baleful Strike is smart because if you hit them with baleful strike and they do escape they might come back later on to gank you, ALSO if your teamate is nearby he will have a harder time finishing off because he will have more health. Baleful Strike at 18 with all your items should hit maybe +500 but ur ult shuold hit maybe 1000+. If you do get your ult in, your team mate will finish him off faster. (Also because Veigar is VERY slow compared to other champions, so veigar will have little chance of getting in his ult if he uses Baleful Strike First)

Summary of all this Stuff

Skills to max first: Baleful Strike, then Dark Matter, Then Primordial Burst, then Event Horizon.
Skill order when attempting to Gank. (E,W,R,Q)
Explanation is above.

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Summoner Spells

Suggested Summoner Spells

Now the two Summoner Spells i Suggest are +
Ghost is for catching up with enemies or trying to run away, And ignite is for just trying to pick off the kills of an enemy with low health. If you use all your spells in one burst and the enemy has 200 hp left, you will be unable to kill him because of your cooldowns, therefore, ignite is a good way to "last hit" the enemy.

Other Suggest Summoner Spells

Here is a list of other summoner spells i suggest are good for Veigar

These are the only 3 other spells i suggest. Other spells will not benefit you as much as these spells. Choose depending on what your team mates are, and what will help you most throughout the game.

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When farming i suggest always last hitting with your Q skill

    Now dont last hit EVERY MINION because you will drain you mana very quickly, last hit minions every once in a while so you are never ganked and have to wait for cooldowns.
    Always lane with a partner and stay in the back with your STUN always ready.
    harass enemy champions will baleful strike using a hit and run tactic.

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Unique Skills

Veigar's Unique Skill is to use the Opponents AP against them. When fighting AP heavy champions always attempt to use baleful strike primordial burst because they use a %, percentile of the enemies AP as a bonus. So your Q and R skill will deal much more damage.

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Creeping / Jungling

Simple as this. Veigar is not meant to Jungle

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Team Work

Team work is a HUGE part of League of Legends. Always try to make a "pre-made" team with a couple of friends who are very good.
Sion also has a stun and is a nuker/dps. (double stun + double nuke = pure destruction)
Soraka has alot of heals and gives free mana to you allowing you to farm more efficiently and get better items. Better items = stronger nuker allowing you to get ALOT of kills
Nasus's Skills go pretty well with veigars he has AOE skills and if the enemy is trapped in veigar's stun you both can rain hell on the victim.

Any champion with a stun gives you a lot of kills.
Any champion with a heal gives you a lot of creep last hits.
Any champion with good zone control makes your lane enemies cry.
-OMBlah (OMBlah is a member from the League of Legends Community)

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Well this is the End of my Veigar Guide to Success. I hope you find this guide to be very informational and helpful to beginner and pros alike. I myself am not a pro, but i have played with veigar alot and know what works best in game. Also please leave comments on what you think i should improve below. Please no flaming either ^^ TY! Thanks for Reading GUYS!! GOOD LUCK WTIH VEIGAR The Tiny Master of Evil.