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Veigar Build Guide by iTengu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iTengu

Veigar - One Hit K.O.

iTengu Last updated on February 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Veigar, Pros and Cons


[*] Insane damage
[*] AoE stun
[*] Anti - Mages (which is very rare)


[*] Squishy
[*] Can't carry

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To most, thoughts of yordles do not conjure images to be feared. The easygoing half-pint race, though fierce, is often regarded with some degree of joviality. Their high-pitched voices and naturally cute forms inspire something of a protective instinct in the larger races, or at least bring to mind images of children playing at being adults. Every now and again, however, a yordle turns so bad that, even at its small stature, it strikes terror into the hearts of others. Veigar is such a twisted yordle. As a master of the magical black arts, as well as a corrupter of cosmic energy, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Valoran.
As a child, Veigar was a normal yordle with one small exception - he had a deep curiosity for the world beyond Bandle City. The young yordle spent much of his time studying the rest of Valoran, and he jumped at the chance to join a business that traded with other major city-states. Unfortunately for both him and the world, a deal with Noxian traders turned into shady business and went bad; Veigar and his companions were subsequently set up to take the fall. Arrested by the authorities, he was imprisoned within the walls of Noxus for years. Such isolation is very dangerous for yordles - undoubtedly why his cruel jailers did such a thing - and Veigar was slowly driven mad. He eventually escaped, having become a twisted version of his former self. Instead of returning to his people and Bandle City, he sought tutelage from dark wizards across the land. With his demented will focused on one task, he quickly became a dangerous and powerful wizard in his own right. Now he seeks to end all conflict on Valoran by bringing all of the city-states to their knees, regardless of their affiliation. The League of Legends is the perfect tool to help him meet his ends - for now.

"Who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?"

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Well, during the early game phase, you are very mana-hungry and your passive isn't enough.

Magic Penetration is very underestimated, in this build Veigar should have about 50% magic pen + 35 which takes the enemy magic resist down to the 20's and 30's. And anyways, i would NOT recommend AP runes, since veigar have some insane amount of ability power, some 20 ap from the runes won't change a single thing. Which also explain the CDR.

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Skill Sequence

Most people don't do this, but doesn't mean that they're right.
As you may know, until you reach lv 12~13 you won't be performing your full combos, just farming, so yes, the stun IS more important then Dark Matter. Because it helps your ganker a LOT especially if he is melee and it can get you out from some enemy ganks.

"Why don't you put just 1 point at the stun then?"
Because in order to perform your full combo, you'll take about 2 sec to use all the 5 spells (The stun from Event horizon at lv 3 last exactly 2 sec)

That is the only difference from the regular builds.

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[*] Beginning: My game-play style is: Farm like a monster so you can do x-treme damage later on. And to farm you'll spend a lot of mana, since u won't be farming just with your auto attacks, but also stacking your Q. Thats why the .

[*] First Trip: Get yourself a , Kage's Lucky Pick and upgrade your Meki to a Tear of goddess.

[*] Second Trip:Upgrade your boots and get the

[*] Third Trip: Start Building your , be sure to buy the first because you don't have any hp item

[*] Fourth Trip: In case you didn't finished your rylai's, do it, and do the same for the

And then just finish your Rabadon, get a and the .

"Why leave the Archangel as the last item?"
Well, it is only worth it when your tear of goddess is fully stacked (+1000 mana) and it take a while to get there.

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Summoner Spells

+ = certain escape.

This combo is a get-out-of-jail-free-card. You can enter the team battle perform your combo, and leave assuring a kill and that you will survive.

, this spell is underestimated, 1- If you're new to Veigar, probably you won't be able to cast his stun correctly , these situations are quite common and dangerous, but if you have cleanse you can break lots of enemies combos, e.g: Imagine a ganking you at mid, you'll probably die, (if he is decent), but now imagine a pantheon without a stun! (since you are going to cleanse) OH, since the last patch cleanse now removes ignite and exhaust. . . .SO OP

, as most Ap characters, you won't receive any other movement speed bonus beside your boots, so you will be SLOW, if an AD carry with 450+ movement speed is chasing you its bye-bye baby. UNLESS you have flash to jump through the wall while your stun's cooldown is refreshing.

There are other options, like or , but i'd rather take cleanse and flash.

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Deathfire Grasp

This is THE item for veigar, its like the 5th spell, the one who allows you to kill people with 1 combo. It synply takes 20~30 % of your target life away like. . . . puff!

Praise the

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This isn't obligatory to be a good veigar, but it is to be an excellent one. It will take about 10 matches until u'll get used to it ( and probably u'll lose all of them) but it is worth it.

For those people who doesn't know what smartcast is, here is a small video to explain it(not mine):