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Vi Build Guide by TakingYourTacos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TakingYourTacos

Vi, Breaking Through The Walls Of Ganking

TakingYourTacos Last updated on March 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 26

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 4


Utility: 0

Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi You can easily "stomp" Yi early game. After finishing your blue move to his red and wait, he should be on low enough health for you to go in take first blood and the buff.
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Hi I'm TakingYourTacos. I am low elo but have played vi quite a bit and know how to play her, this is my first guide so if there is anything that can be improved please comment and let me know.

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For my runes I run 3 attack damage quints to add to her early gank damage, I run 9 armour yellows so you don't get so low in the jg and can gank when possible without having to recall as often, I like to run 9 attack speed reds because lvling W first higher attack speed is good, especially since it increases after the 3 hits, I like to run 5 MR blues and 4 armour blues, just for that bit of extra tankiness.

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The masteries are quite self explanatory, I take the 4 points in defence for better survivability and early ganking. The 26-4-0 masteries are good on vi as it gives her good early gank potential and helps her survive easier in the jg.

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I like to use the Stalker's Blade jg item on vi, I think it is the best and most viable jg item. I like the warrior enchantment on vi because I like the extra damage early, I have seen a few vi's running the devourer enchantment, but I think vi has enough base attack speed including the runes and her attack speed from W.

I like to build Ninja Tabi on vi because I think the extra armour is really nice.

I then like to build Trinity Force for the extra damage before building tanky, but if you are falling behind I recommend waiting till late game for the Trinity Force.

After building Trinity Force I like to build Randuin's Omen against ad because it is quite a good item to start with when building tanky, and I like the extra hp from it compared to Sunfire Cape.

Next I would either build a Sunfire Cape or Banshee's Veil depending on the enemy team, Sunfire Cape if they are very ad orientated, and Banshee's Veil if they are ap orientated or if they have a fed ap carry [e.g. Leblanc or Katarina].

If the enemy team had heavy ad and I already built randuins I would continue to build a Sunfire Cape for the extra armour and the passive.

If the enemy team had heavy ad and a fed ap carry I would build a Spirit Visage or a Quicksilver Sash depending on whether they have heavy cc or not, it is up to you which build path you take.

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Skill Sequence

I like to level my W first when playing jg vi as it gives the decreased armour debuff and attack speed which is good for your first few clears, I then level E for the aoe damage and the shield from the passive, I continue to level Q for ganks and that little bit of extra clear speed.

I like to max Q first because it is the best for ganking pre 6. Post 6 it is good combined with your ultimate for locking down adc's or other's that are fed/out of position.

I would then max my E for the aoe damage and clear speed, remember to use your e on enemy minions to poke when they are running away, I then max my W last just because I think it's LvL1
Is fine until late game.

You should save your Q for escapes or to catch them after they flash or use their gap closer, I usually use my ult to engage but Q can also be used and use your ulti as a gap closer.

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:Flash is probably the most used summoner, I think it is quite necessary when playing vi as you can do Q+Flash combos to greatly increase the range of your Q or you can use it just for escapes. If you are not confident you can land Q+Flash than you can also do Flash+Q
which is much easier.


:Smite is also very necessary when playing any jgler because it can be very difficult for your first few clears without it, and not having it renders your jg item almost useless.


:I don't really recommend ignite on vi jg but if you are confident without Flash you can run Ignite+ Smite. It is up to preference.

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Pros / Cons


  • Very good lockdown with Q+Ulti
  • Good pre 6 ganks
  • Quite an easy champion to play

  • Can be killed quite easily after you burn your Q+Ulti.
  • Clear speed is not the best
  • Hard to master

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I believe Vi to be one of the stronger jglers in season 5, I don't think she will ever be incredibly weak, her lockdown is very good and can help quite a lot in teamfights by locking down their adc not allowing them to do much damage and also allowing them to be blown up.

I think Vi is a very good jgler to pick up, she can carry VERY hard when played well and even when behind can still help her team a lot, by locking down their adc.

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My youtube: TakingYourTacos .

There will be video guides for made and posted on youtube for all the mobafire guides I make.