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Yasuo Build Guide by TakingYourTacos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TakingYourTacos

✦You will fall to my tempest✦Yasuo season 5 guide✦

TakingYourTacos Last updated on March 31, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali Akali is a free kill pre 6 so just farm up until 6 harrasing her out of lane when you can, try to out cs her and hit 6 first. Stack q and hit her when she is low with q+ulti she most likely won't have noticed you hit 6 and will die.

Yasuo Season 5 Guide


Welcome to my Yasuo guide. Yasuo is a very fun champion and can be a hypercarry, using these builds I can normally get firstblood and snowball from there.


The runes I run on Yasuo are quite self explanatory but I run the AS Quint to reduce the CD on q at level 1, the Crit Chance Quints are to help get to 90% crit chance after statikk and IE. For marks I run 4 Crit Chance and 5 Armour Pen, the crit chance to help get to 90% and the armour pen for that little bit of extra damage. For seals I run 5 Health and 4 MR I run the MR because in the current meta a lot of the mid laners are Ap, giving you better survivability. The 5 health is for the chance you are against a yas or zed or something. For glyphs I run 4 AS and 5 Crit Chance. The AS for the cdr on Q and the crit chance will get you to 90% after statikk and IE.


Statikk Shiv is a must have item on yasuo it scales well with both parts of his passive and his Q can proc it. Almost every Yasuo should rush Statikk Shiv. You should be able to buy Zeal on your first back if you don't have enough just buy boots and a gauntlet.

BOTRK Is a very good item on Yasuo, the Attack Speed is good and it gives a little bit of lifesteal giving you somewhat decent sustain. It is sometimes a good idea to rush Bilgewater Cutlass before your shiv because most of the time it is going to be your second rush anyway and the slow if very nice for securing kills.

IE Is a very nice item on Yasuo because it helps you get to the 90% Crit Chance and the extra damage is very nice. Over all it's just a good buy on Yasuo. If you have the choice between Pickaxe and Cloak of Agility you should buy the cloak first.

Are very good boots to buy on Yasuo the extra Attack Speed is very nice. Should be upgraded later on into one of the enchantments above.

Maw can be a very nice buy on Yasuo mostly early on against Ezreal's. Wether they are adc or mid it will still help you survive the ult coming in. When you decide to build this you should buy Hexdrinker first and then the pickaxe.

Last whisper is good if they have a fed tank building armour or just a tanky team in general. If your opponent builds thornmail or sunfire I suggest building this as your 2nd last or last item.

Hydra is a good item if you want to splitpush because it gives you a lot of added waveclear I only build this if i'm going to be splitpushing. Build tiamat first.

Sunfire is good if you the enemy teams adc is overly fed or an ad top lane. {e.g. Gnar}

Visage is a decent item for Yasuo, the cdr is a little bit waisted but the extra health/regen is very nice. I only really build this if they have a fed LeBlanc or Ap Ezreal.

Black Cleaver is a little bit questionable to build on Yasuo but it can work. The armour pen and passive is very nice, You can stack the passive on the enemy very fast because of your high attack speed. Only really build this against armour tanks.

Randuins omen is a good buy if they have heavy Ad and low/no Ap,
The armour is pretty nice against fed adc's and top laners/ad mids. The extra health is good for surviving a dual with the Ap champions on their team.

Merc scimitar is good against heavy cc like Morgana. Remember to use the active as soon as they waste their cc on you it can cancel some ultimates.

Banshee's is good against heavy Ap teams, the health regen is nice but I feel the unique passive is a bit wasted because his passive is basically the same thing.

Bloodthirster is more of a luxury item then anything for Yasuo, it provides a lot of survivability in duels and means you won't get blown up as fast in a teamfight.

Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Firstly I would like to mention why E is better to max first now. After the nerfs his Q only gains damage when lvled and no more cdr but E still gets both and you get more out of it, it is also the spell with the most outplay potential.

Steel Tempest/Q is Yasuo's only form of cc and is good to trigger his ultimate when nobody on your team has displacement spells. You should try to farm with Q when against heavy harass lanes and should also try to have Q stacked as often as you can.

Wind Wall/W is very good although it has a long cd all game. It can be used to save dragon/baron steals and can mean life or death in duels you should try to know when and where to place this but you really have to find out just by playing him.

Sweeping Blade/E is his best spell for making plays and juking skillshots. It has a very low cd, but you can't dash through the same target for a number of seconds. You should use this to last hit and to go near the enemy Q/AA and then e out, but remember you need to have an enemy minion to escape to.

Last Breath/R can be activated when the enemy has had a displacement spell used on them {e.g. Thresh hook/flay, 3rd Stack of your Q, Janna ult/Q}. It can sometimes be tricky to use because you won't always get a team with knockups/displacement spells so you have to make sure your Q is stacked often. It does a lot of damage and if somebody on your team gets a 4 or 5 person ulti off you should go in just before they come down from the knockup because it means they are locked down for longer. In saying that you should only go in if your team is going in. You can't always 1v5 and it can be very hard.


Yasuo works very well with hard cc compositions such as Vi, Janna, Thresh, Malphite and many more. For teamwork with Yasuo you should let the person with a knockup engage or go in straight after the fight gets engaged then wait till the last second to proc your ulti because it locks them down for longer.

You won't always get a good team comp for Yasuo so you have to get used to stacking your Q constantly and learning how to hit it. It is easy to get a whole team Q when in the jungle because of the narrow paths they will have to follow so if you can bait them through there when you have your Q stacked it's GG EZ.


The laning phase for Yasuo is not the hardest but it's not as easy as you might hear. If you are against someone like an Ezreal you can easily dodge his skillshots and farm safely until 6. But if it's someone like Kassadin or Annie you will have to farm with q because you can't block most of their spells with your W.

I tend to play very aggressive in the laning phase depending on the matchup of course but when playing aggressive you have to have good map awareness because Yasuo is very prone to getting ganked due to his lack of escapes. But if you E through a minion AA/Q the enemy then E back to another minion this is a good way to harass, just harass them till they are just below half health and normally you can get first blood by letting them push a little then E'ing through minions to them using your AA/Q's on them and igniting. Flash if you have to. You can usually snowball from here. If i'm behind as Yasuo I find it is good to roam and help other lanes but still remember to farm.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18