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Vi Build Guide by undeadyoshi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author undeadyoshi

Vi is for Viability!

undeadyoshi Last updated on March 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, Summoners! Welcome to my Build. My name is UndeadYoshi and I'm Hardcore Bronze! Before you hit the back button, just know that I understand the game very well, and it makes me sad when people build my favorite champs the wrong way! Since 4.4, Vi has changed slightly to scale harder, making it "Vi"-able to build her in a slightly more offensive way than some people might be useful. I believe this build has a nice balance of offense and defense, and in the right hands, can bring "Vi"-ctory to you and your team! This is my first Mobafire build, and I do need help with formatting and making it pretty, so if anyone wants to help, email me @! Please don't downvote, just because you think I'm a noob. I put alot of thought into this build! However, this is not a comprehensive build and I still have lots of work to do on it before I can call it a complete Guide! This guide is for people who are familiar with Vi's mechanics already for the time being!

So, without further ado, let's begin!

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I take Flat AD Reds, Armor Yellows, Flat MR Blues, and Move Speed Quints!

Why? Well, firstly, our w shreds a static 20% of armor on the third hit. This means that Armor pen is sort of wasted when our abilities do less damage because we didnt take AD REDS! This also means that other people you gank for can do more damage the moment you get that third hit, ensuring a quick kill since you do good damage with them! Just Q in, Auto-attack and press E RIGHT after Auto-attack to proc your w. This can be done in 2 seconds tops if timed and aimed correctly. Armor yellows are standard and useful for jungle camps and early ganks.

Why do I take Flat MR?

As a jungler, your main concern are feeding your top lane on your first run through the jungle, and then focusing on taking mid tower and protecting bot lane, feeding your two carries! Mid is always going to be your most accessible lane since no one can keep both river brush warded at all times. You want to make sure that mid can't absolutely face roll you early! So flat MR is a must! with full scaling MR runes, you will only get 12 more MR at level 18. Do you want 12 MR now, or 12 MR when they already have sorc boots? And probably void staff or liandry's?

No brainer.

Move speed Quints help you clear faster and gank more often. No contest.

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I go 21-9-0 Masteries, for a few reasons. Vi's abilities were recently changed to make her scale better into late game. So, each little piece of AD helps! Since her passive is staying the same, that means that we can find new ways to make her hit harder, while still retaining her tanky nature.

I don't take the bleed passive from defense, because it doesn't nearly nothing in terms of damage to camps with how fast vi can clear even in the early game. Instead, the flat damage reduction from champs is just too good (Keyori says, "TOO GOOD!" Don't know Keyori? Look up his youtube videos! He isn't the asian girl, but she's just as funny!) to pass up! We are sacrificing quite a bit of our masteries' tankiness, so this little extra really does help!

We make up for the rest of our missing tankiness through items, so all this AD scaling and the little bits and pieces of AD we get from items really helps our abilities! The object of this whole build is ganking hard and ensuring good team fights through carry assassination in the late game.

Do you want to get the 5% CDR instead of 4% Attack Speed? Do it! Honestly, the choice between them is generally opinion! Early on though, it will mean being low on mana more often! and thats something to be concerned with! But clear speeds will be basically the same whichever you choose! So **** it!

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Why do I build the items I build?

Considering you will not be getting more armor until after boots, you will most likely be around level 6 by the time you start Randuin's. That means that you'll have between 32-50 armor depending on your level, and between 578-1016 health. at level 6, assuming the no one has more than 12 armor penetration by level 6 (forgive me if someone bought brutalizer) their attacks will do 72.5% of all physical damage they put out. This is a pretty good mitigation giving you 1295~ effective health from physical damage sources! This is plenty of resistance for early ganks with your damage and armor shred if you're quick and coordinated! After some successful ganks you should be able to snowball or farm and then you'll pile on a nice amount of armor and health in a hurry! So, red stone amplifies your ability damage as well as makes you do true damage over time that scales with health. Combine this with your normal red buff and the results can be scary, since you refresh the passive with every hit (red stone alone at level 6 will do 9.1 true damage per second! For three seconds after they escape! That's 27.3 extra damage! Doesn't sound great? Ok, i guess.

I build Mobi Boots to make moving from camp to camp faster, making your way back out from your base faster, make moving between lanes faster, help would be chasers turn back, and generally make you more maneuverable!

Wanna get some other boots? Go for it.

After the first two items, you should be looking at Randuin's for armor and health and a kick *** passive. This is your bread and butter for getting your bot lane fed. If they attack you, you mitigate their damage with your armor and health, your passive, your damage, and randuin's passive helps you stick to the target so they can't escape. Ez, trist, or Vayne might be a problem with their escapes, but you have your ult to lock them down harder. Don't use your ult unless you have to!!!! It's early cool downs are ridiculous, now! So having it when you need it is very important! You also only have 10%-15% CDR at this point to mitigate that 150-110 second cooldown, sooooo... think about it before you go around blowing your ult for no reason!

Your mid should be your main priority after you ensure bot can take care of themselves, so Maw of Malmortius is a No-Brainer! You can use the 40 MR to mitigate mid's burst, and this is actually our highest base value in AD that we buy! so even without the sick passive shield, This is a very, very good item to have. Is there an AD mid? get frozen mallet for now, but unless there is no AP on their team at all. Or it's just leona! get Maw at some point!

But, Yoshi! Why don't you have Black Cleaver in your core build!? Meteos would be very disappointed in you!

Well, It all really depends on the enemy's team composition, but the reason it's not a core part of my build is this: Vi's biggest weakness is her ability to stick to a target. Randuin's let's us do that early, as well as SURVIVE long enough to continue ganking. Frozen mallet amplifies your sticking and survivability in the mid game making it as much a part of the core as any other of the situational items. Taking BC, means losing tri-force, locket, or warmog's and while i think I'd take it over warmog's I would never replace tri-force or locket with it, simply because tri-force will help you do massive damage to carries, who really don't have much armor to begin with, and locket helps your whole team survive while you shred armor with you w anyway. If this was top lane vi, i would take BC any day of the week, but you are jungle vi and your main focus is ganking, assassinating carries, and shredding tanks after that. But above all, SURVIVING is a key part of this build and if you never die for the first 20 minutes of the game, and have over 10 assists, you're carrying the team. Don't sacrifice being your teams carry, just to be able to kill renekton!!!

However, if you are against 5 ad, or 4 ad and leona! GET IT. Don't get Maw in this case. it's a waste. The MR and Passive shield only apply to magic damage. So. Get BC and Tri-force and wreck every lane! Carry like you've never carried before!

Now, Frozen mallet. Everything about this item screams, "VI PLS BUY ME!" 700 Health, + 70 extra health for your passive every--what?--12 seconds? 30 AD? thats almost a full % max health for your w! A PASSIVE SLOW EFFECT?! Vi loves this item. But dont build it early. you might stick to targets, but you'll be too weak to kill them. and then your top lane yells at you cuz theyre too tanky to do enough damage between the two of you! Better get it after Maw!

The last item is up to you. Are you snowballing hard? get sheen before you get Frozen mallet! or just build the whole thing! unless you get sheen and need more survivability! then finish mallet first! I LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS! Tri-force makes you faster both passively and on-hit! Synergizing with Frozen Mallet in a big way! It also raises your Attack Speed! Meaning the more you keep up, the more damage you can apply! Lock them in place with Randuin's and even a Mundo will fall to your w! It also gives you health, mana, AP, AD, and CRIT! nice bonuses all around. The sheen proc makes your w hit for like 50% of someones health sometimes! No stat goes to waste on Tri-force!

Is your team dying more than you'd like? Get Locket! The active shield for your team is super nice! The aura takes care of pesky APC's a little bit! The health for you is nice too!

Are you getting carried? Stop that ****! Get a warmog's! Your team will thank you when you still take down that carry cuz you're survivable enough to smash them and not die in the process!

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Skill Sequence

Q does mucho damage and applies a stack of W! Max it first!

E is a very useful skill, because it resets your Auto-attack! The reduced cool downs from maxing it second will help you do damage fast!

W is great late game, when people have large amounts of health and you have enough AD to make it do 24-28% max health damage before mitigation PLUS whatever base damage you're doing! and since the 20% armor reduction is static, this is a 1-point wonder!

Your R is very fun to use, but early game the cooldown is garbage tier! Use it to lock down people who are escaping. Try to gank with Q! In late game team fights, when the cooldown is more bearable, try to let someone else initiate fights, and flash ult the carry from the shadows travelling through the enemy team for some aoe damage and a knockback, then kill the carry and try to leave the fight and re-enter in a more favorable position. After you kill the carry, you will be in a risky position away from your team and you need to go before they decide to focus on you. If you can do that, you can track down any opponents engaging your team and peel with q and hopefully do enough damage to kill them as well. Mop up the rest of the fight or disengage and then make a decision on your next move as a team.

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As Vi, starting with e, you should be able to retain enough mana after your first camp to clear wolves/wraiths and the other large buff. This means you can start red or blue! I usually start at the one farthest from Top Lane!

This means blue on purple side, and red on blue side! That way I can either gank top lane after going from red, to wraiths, to blue. or blue to wolves, to red. Don't think that if your top lane is pushed that you cant gank! If your top lane is pushed, try to go into the lane brush unseen from the tower entrance, and then try to make it to the second if you can do it without being seen. even the third if its pushed all the way to tower. ping careful to your top lane and the tower will finish off the minions and the wave will reset or the enemy top lane will push a little hopefully. If the wave is somewhere the other top can freeze it tell your top to push the wave to tower and back off so the wave will reset. When the enemy Top moves out to farm ping the enemey and initiate the gank. if your top has a stun tell them to use it and then get ready. gank with good timing and youll most likely get the kill unless the enemy jung has the same idea as you. if the enemy jung shows up MOVE BACK. dont initiate an early 2v2!

This is very risky and your best bet is to scare away their jungler and go back to farming. your top lane will have to hold their own for a while. Go farm a few camps, and watch mid and bot. hopefully bot hasnt already started to fail. if theyre having trouble go try to make a play down bot, farming along the way. and hopefully you can at least defend if not make a kill happen.

If bot is fine, or winning their lane, focus on mid. You want to push their tower down first so you can take control of the map. If no other lane needs you, camp mid like an ******* and farm wraiths and wolves until you see an oppurtunity. then make it happen. get mid fed and push down mid and it will be much harder for the enemy mid to farm if your mid can freeze the lane near the center of the map.

After you have accomplished this, get your top to be self-sufficient at the least, if not snowballing like a **********er. Then, focus on the bottom lane. You need to camp it to make a play happen. AND SOMETIMES river ganks are less favorable than lane ganks. Think about it.

If you're hangin out in river bush, the mid or jung or even the enemy top can corner you in that brush and then you're out of position and most likely waste your flash or q to safety. And that's if you're lucky. They might just lock you down. and kill you. If the other team has it warded, they might pretend not to notice until help arrives. Being sneaky enough to gank from INSIDE the lane brush, means that no one can sneak up behind you. Or at least no SMART person can. And you dont have to leave the brush to start charging you Q!

When you charge Q, you are slower than normal, so walking out of river brush charging it can be enough of a warning for the enemy to GTFO and then you fail the gank. if you can q them without leaving the brush, you get the jump on them, you dont miss your q, and you are more likely to get the kill! LANE GANKS ARE OP! DO THEM ANY TIME YOU CAN! Even if the brush you are in is warded, it doesnt put you in any DANGER. RIVER BRUSH WARDS MEAN DANGER FOR YOU!

After you make a play in the bottom lane, you can take dragon with or without the help of mid! They can't contest with no adc! Not against 3-4 people! MAP CONTROL! GG! And that get's your team fed! GG! CARRY HARD!

By the time dragon is taken once, it's almost mid game. Top lane might transition into split pushing, and if you haven't had a good gank for them yet, you need to NOW! they need to be able to split push SAFELY. and they cant do this when they're behind or even on equal footing with the other top. BECAUSE IF YOU ARE TIED, THEN IF THE ENEMY GANKS HIS SPLIT PUSH HE IS MORE LIKELY TO DIE! but if he's ahead, he can escape or just straight up not care. PLUS. Top being ahead means the enemy top roams in ~50% of games. Or starts jungling. These are both favorable for you! No lane presence in top! Even if they go mid or bot, you can defend against them. They will take risks with their team to catch up, and if you dont push out to hard, you can kill someone or all of them at one of your towers. In some cases, all or most of them will gank top lane to help top catch up!

DONT FOLLOW THEM. Organize with your team to take an objective! Dragon>tower>solo-bot champion

After this first skirmish happens, it's officially mid-game. You want to be in groups of two-three/1 split-pusher and 4 skirmishers, going between the other two lanes creating presence, defending, farming jungle camps and minions, and catching people out of position waiting for the next dragon to come up! If you catch people out of position and kill them with your skirmish team, ward the jungle and push a tower. You will most likely be able to take it unless you see an impending gank! If you do see someone, determine whether you can ambush them if you hide, and then continue focusing on that set of objectives until dragon is up. Around the 2-3 dragon, you should be able to group mid and try to take a clean team fight if that's your team comp and then set up for baron.



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In conclusion!

Vi's strength comes from her natural ability to tank damage while still doing chunks of damage! But be warned! You are not a tank! You are a bruiser and a priority target! Use your chunks of damage and mobility to your advantage by surprising your opponent and assisting your team in getting fed!

I still have lots of work to do on this build before it can be comprehensive. Please leave comments and e-mail me at if you'd like to help me make this build super duper great with graphics and junk! Any suggestions to expand the Guide can be posted in the comments!