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Vi Build Guide by VoodooDog

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VoodooDog

VIporize ur enemies

VoodooDog Last updated on December 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Honor Guard

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Items + options

Since i dont know how to add items i just write it down.

Start with Boots of Speed and Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion.

Then go for The Brutalizer.
If you play as an ad enemy top buy Ninja Tabi and finish The Black Cleaver.
Now comes the magic trick. If you do well enough direkt port back whenu have 1000gold to buy
Giant's Belt and build it later to Warmog's Armor.
This will give ur shild a nice and necessary boost for the midgame to initate fights.
with the next 1550 buy, ofc, the B. F. Sword and go into The Bloodthirster.

To boost ur amazing W skill i allways bouthgt next Zephyr.
But there are other items you could think about to buy such as:
- Sword of the Divine i can imagin this is a great dualist item wich will help u to bring down everyone in a 1on1 fight.
- Phantom Dancer for greater mobility and higher dmg output over a longer time.
- Nashor's Tooth for the e-skill boost. i think it work with abilitypower around 80%? not sure about that, will edit this later on.

iam not sure sure about the last item, maybe:
Maw of Malmortius to add a second shild to ur passive. the magic resist and greater dmg output are very usefull too.
Mercurial Scimitar against an cc and ap heavy team this would be allways my choice.
Last Whisper against an armor stacking team u allways should buy this little wonderthing.

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The Build

Early game:
Boots of Speed and Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion
The Brutalizer , Ruby Crystal, Ninja Tabi
Mid game:
The Black Cleaver, Giant's Belt -> Warmog's Armor
End game:
B. F. Sword -> The Bloodthirster

then its depend on the situation:

Against Ap heavy and/or cc team
Maw of Malmortius and Mercurial Scimitar.

Against and Armor Stacking or a "normal team":
Sword of the Divine (or any other attack speed giving item, u can even add Kitae's Bloodrazor to ur midgame) and Last Whisper (against armor stacking) or Infinity Edge/ Mercurial Scimitar (what ever fits better to the enemies. against a riven or nidalee-like chars i would choose the Mercurial Scimitar cuz it helps alot to close the gap between u and them)

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Skill Sequence

Since there was a few questions why i max Q last i simply paste the answer to this questions in this section:

I decide to max Q last cuz its only an gap closer who is usefull even with 18sec cd.
I max E first couse its the main dmg and harassing tool for me. in laning phase i only use Q to initate a fight when my jungler comse to gank or to run away when the enemy junlger ganks (dodging Lee or Cho's Q).
furthermore i decide to max W before Q cuz the dmg output in 1v1's 2v2's or even 1v2's is so much greater with a maxed W then a maxed Q. thanks to the Warmogs and ur Shild u should have lots of opportunities to tripple hit ur enemy and melting his life away. With maxed Q first this would not be possible.

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Recommended Summoner Spells:

Reasons to use:
* Slows down a target so you can catch up and use Taste Their Fear, or initiate a gank.

* Hinders their damage output, allowing you to possibly overpower them, if you were losing a fight. Useful to shut down enemy AD carries in team fights.

* With Summoner's Wrath , it drops their armor and magic resist slightly. Somewhat helpful.

Reasons to use:
* Allows you get back to your lane faster if you back or die.

* You can Teleport to Sight Wards or even Teemo's Noxious Traps for a surprise gank or to contest Dragon or Baron Nashor.

* Allows you to split push late game and either Teleport to safety, or to go to another turret to take down.

Reasons to use:
* If you are jungling you must have Smite. No exceptions.

* With Summoner's Resolve it's an extra 10 gold every use. It doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up.

* Useful to steal Blue and Red buffs when counter jungling as well as secure Dragon and Baron Nashor.

Reasons to use:
* To catch fleeing champions easier. It's a very long a powerful speed boost that makes you ignore collision with minions.

* To escape fights you cannot win.

Reasons to use:
* Baiting people into over committing to kill you, either under a turret, or when backup is coming.

* Gives Vi some otherwise lacking sustainability.

* A small AoE Heal can be useful in team fights.


Reasons to use:
* Gives Vi an otherwise lacking mobility option.

* Can be use offensively to catch people with Apprehend or defensively to escape a fight by Flashing over a wall.

Reasons to use:
* You are laning against characters that heal themselves, like Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, or Volibear.

* To burn peoples health in conjunction with Hemorrhage and secure would-be kills.

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• Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Normally on a physical attacking champion, like Darius, I'd use greater mark of desolation. But, due to Apprehend's passive, the armor penetration is unnecessary. Instead improve your early game damage with these marks.

• Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: These runes help scale your defense against AP casters better into late game. They also help against the occasional Mordekaiser or Vladimir at top lane.

• Greater Seal of Armor: Improve your defense. Pretty self explanatory honestly.

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Starting Items:

When you start the game you should choose your items based on what enemy you are laning against.

Boots of Speed and Health Potion x3.
When to buy: When laning against a champion that relies heavily on speed or skill shots. Example: Kennen

- Cloth Armor and Health Potion x5.
When to buy: When jungling, or when you are laning against a champion that relies heavily on harassing you with auto attacks. Example: Fiora

• Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion
When to buy: When you are laning against burst champions, or any champion who cannot DPS consistently. Example: Talon

Boot Choices:

Depending on the enemy team, choose your boots wisely:

When to buy: When your enemy laner has scary hard CC you fear.

When to buy: When your enemy champion relies heavily on auto-attacks for damage.

When to buy: When you are jungling, useful for traversing the jungle to counter-jungle, or get to ganks faster.

When to buy: When you want an offensive edge, and wish to stack your Hemorrhage faster to kill your laner quicker if they have poor dueling skills.