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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kloney

Vladimir: Carrying with style

Kloney Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my build on Vladimir! This is my first build on mobafire although I have been using mobafire for a long time, i felt i should try and contribute. Vladimir is one of my favourite summoners on 5v5 due to his capability to constantly harrass players with his ability. Although some people say he's a tank i disagree he is a mage, never have i seen him (or played him) where hes survived heavy damage, even with his escape mech. Ok so now lets get down into business.

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Pros / Cons


    Great Survivability
    Amazing damage
    Good escape mechanisms
    great CD at end
    Great nuker


    Bad early game
    Sanguine pool takes lots of hp
    long CD on spells at start

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Summoner Spells

Ok so with my summoner spells i chose and some of you may be thinking why Heal?? he steals hp and is pretty tough anyway? well in all the games i have played with Vladimir Heal has saved my *** from dying early on, and also gives me quite a few kills. with Ghost it is one of the best escape mechanisms and chase spells in the game. end of.

Other useful spells

Flash is a useful spell and can replace ghost its an excellent spell to take for chasing through walls and running away.

Ignite is also an excellent spell since it works with the type of damage vladimir deals, so if someone escapes on low hp (which happens quite alot) pop on the spell and they're dead.

Teleport is also a good spell since vladimir doesn't need to sneak up on people, and it gets you places quickly perfect for 5v5.

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Skill Sequence

For the skills you should be leveling your and and then later on your

This is the main ability you should be using. get it first because it heals you for damage (at late game around 200hp) and it deals lots of damage with low cooldown, what else could you want?, it is the second most useful skill in Vladimirs skill set.

This is your best escape mechanism and your most useful skill. It is great for running and it also slows people down alot so it can be useful for chasing and letting others join it. It deals a fair amount of damage and also heals you, which is a nice touch.

This is a great damage ability but it also costs hp to use (i know sanguine pool does aswell but i find that this one is less useful at the beginning) it deals great damage to all enemies in range of it which can help alot and also can be fun when farming minions used with

This is an ultimate and can be useful if used correctly! never pop this ultimate too soon if you do they are mostly likely to run away and youll lose a kill! it will take some practice to time it correctly. It is the spell i find most fun using when i do it right simply because you know when its going to kill!

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So heres where it gets fun. The items!

ok so these two items are the ones you start off with because as i said before in the pros/cons he is pretty bad at the start these items give him the hp regen to be able to withstand some harrassment. i don't recommend you exchange this but could give you a boost of ability power at the start i guess?

Ok next is Sorcs these boots come next because Vlad needs the speed so he can harrass with and get away if they start to chase, also the magic pen helps alot against characters which go mid like and generally gives him more damage but i sometimes use just so he can spam more.

Mejais follows because you should be getting a few kills now and Vlad is just about get to the stage where he owns. mejais helps with this due to its epic ability power that it gives you. if you don't like using snowball items or your not doing to well you could always swap it for

Warmogs! what else could help you with Health and health regen? this is one of the most important items you will have you really need it for the surviveability! I wouldn't recommend you swap this for anything unless your against more of a mage team, then you should get

This is a personal favourite of mine. The ability power is really good considering how cheap it is and also the magic pen helps sooo much, when you get to this stage you should really be spilling lots of blood! You could change this for if your enemys are stacking health its ability rocks.

This item is every mages gem you just need the item once you get this you should have around 500 or more ability power (if you've got stacks) and well theres not much more to say 155 abiltiy power and 30% more is crazy. but awesome. do not ever ever ever change this for anything.

I usually get this item last but if they are running away a lot, which they will be, feel free to get it earlier i get this mostly for the slowdown but adding 80 ability power doesn't bother me either. you could replace this with if it works for you personally i dont like it. but thats just me.

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The Gameplay!

Early game: YOU MUST GO MIDDLE This is so important as Vladimir needs to level! at early game you should be leveling your ability and start harrassing with it! due to the fact it is your basic ability and one of the easiest to harrass with. You should also have your Sanguine pool level 2 which means you will be able to escape quite safely from sticky situations, i dont recommend using it if you're not in trouble it's always good knowing you can get away right? Early-Mid game you will be attracting some attention so makesure every is typing SS.

Mid game: Mid game you should have a low cooldown on your and be constantly annoying the player at mid. If you're having trouble killing him get a teamate which can stun or atleast slow to kill them with you. i recommend people like or or You should have a good amount of kills and hopefully only died 1 or 2 times. at level 9 you should have your at level 5 now is the time to get aggressive! you should be constantly stealing health with the short cooldown on it and killing with the lovely delayed damage of your ulti I don't think i've said enough about Hemoplague but you should be using it at mid-late game during team fights it is a pretty cool area of effect because it delays the damage if a character for example if pops his ulti but only just escapes on low hp if you popped your ultimate hes dead and you can enjoy the sweet satisfaction of knowing it before it happens!

Late game: By this time you should be level 15 and happy about it! you should have 3 levels on tides of blood and have lots of kills with 20 stacks on mejais owning and carrying your team. at this point there is not much point of staying mid you should be going around and ganking on all the people you can see! try working with your team to arrange Baron attacks, pushes and teamfights. Try not to go into teamfights first if thats possible remember you're not a tank you are just tough, makesure you use and to attack them and weaken them before you commit to any fight.

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Fun Tips / Tricks

Tower Annoyance!One of my favourite tricks to do is that when someone is towerhugging you can do a combo of and then while next to the turret and due to you you can escape with little or no damage!

Farming combo! Another good trick to do that helps if you need gold is find a group or horde of creeps on the map stand right in the middle of them do your and and watch yourself gain money!

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Well thats all i really have to teach! wish you luck with my build and try to remember all of the fun tricks! hope you try this out! Feel free to correct my spelling, ask questions and add ideas in the comment section!