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Renekton Build Guide by Voosha

AD Offtank Voosha's Challenger Renekton Guide for Twisted Treeline

AD Offtank Voosha's Challenger Renekton Guide for Twisted Treeline

Updated on December 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Build Guide By Voosha 18 0 390,365 Views 21 Comments
18 0 390,365 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Voosha Renekton Build Guide By Voosha Updated on December 10, 2013
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Vroom Vroom Voosha

Hello I am Voosha. I am currently in one of the top 10 3v3 challenger teams (currently ranked 2nd but that can change at any point). I play 3vs3 religiously and am very familiar with every aspect there is to it.
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Differences between Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline

Renekton is one of my favorite top laners to play in both Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. He is pretty mobile with Slice and Dice and can sustain well with Cull the Meek. In Summoner's Rift, most people will rush a Sunfire Aegis or straight for magic resist with a Hexdrinker and Spirit Visage. However, in Twisted Treeline Renekton really need's the Ravenous Hydra as a first item. The animation cancel will increase dps, but it matters even more so for Twisted Treeline than Summoner's Rift (more on this later). Renekton becomes innately tanky thanks to his ultimate which is why it is ok to rush a hydra. Renekton is very good at initiating, especially in lane or in the jungle with his double dash, so play him very aggressively. Likewise, he can also escape ganks very well with Slice and Dice.

Renekton's damage does not scale very well towards late game. So when playing him try to remember this and end the game asap. When people start getting their 4th or 5th item is when Renekton starts getting into trouble.
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Champions and Team Comps good with Renekton

I think that Renekton is a very strong pick and can work well with almost everyone. In particular, champions with cc work best with Renekton.

I particularly enjoy playing with this comp since everyone has a form of cc. Renekton and Xin Zhao synergize well because if either one of them lands their cc, the other can easily as well. Crowd controlled targets for Renekton and Xin Zhao just mean a free kill. Lulu's ult can make Renekton an out of control character at level 6. +600 health at level 6 is nearly 2 giants belts. This helps maximize the damage from his ult and just makes him an unkillable monster.

This comp is a very aggressive team comp. It works best with a Lee Sin but Jarvan can also work. You are constantly charging into their team and anyone can initiate. So there are many opportunities to engage with this comp. Once someone has been ulted by Lissandra, they are surely dead. Renekton and Lissandra are very difficult to burst down so the only other target is the highly mobile Lee Sin. It is very difficult to beat this team composition since it does well against everything.
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Summoner Spells, Masteries, Runes, Abilities

Summoner Spells

Although many other champions have options, there is pretty much only 2 spells that Renekton should use. If an exhaust is needed for the enemy team have one of your teammates grab it instead. Renekton needs the ignite to be a lane bully and dominate the lane. Flash is a given on pretty much all characters.


There are 2 different set of masteries you could use as Renekton. My most used is

This is an aggresive play style oriented mastery page. Renekton does not need attack speed and the cdr allows you to use your abilities more which is where most of your damage comes from.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Although Renekton's abilities do not scale particularly well, the extra damage will deal more damage to minions and give more health back. However, this is just a side note. Having more than 50 fury makes Renekton's abilities scale extremely well and do massively more damage. If you are comfortable in playing Renekton or if they are not running much magic damage, you can swap out the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and put in Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction instead.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Leveling up Slice and Dice over Ruthless Predator will help you engage more or escape more. Slice and Dice is such a key tool in Renekton's aggressive play style. The distance covered by Slice and Dice is also pretty deceiving so many inexperienced laners against Renekton will be surprised. There is also no point in leveling w or e if you can't even get in their faces to use it.
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What to build on Renekton

Core Items

You should start the game with a Doran's Blade and Cloth Armor and one Health Potion. This will give you good survivability and sustain in lane early on. The boots can be either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending if their team has high amounts of cc or melee damage. If you are behind you can choose to build just the Tiamat at first and then get a Sunfire Aegis while finishing the Ravenous Hydra later on. The sunfire cape compliments your ultimate very well as it does x amount of damage per second to nearby targets.

Here are 2 defensive items after your core items. Spirit Visage is a very good magic resist item since it gives 20%CDR. Renekton's abilities have a very high cooldown rate so this will make Renekton better both a better tank and do slightly more damage. Randuin's Omen is the best tanky item against AD heavy comps. It gives great health, armor, and the active can both peel and help you chase.


The Brutalizer gives CDR, armor pen, and a bit of ad. These are all great statistics for going offensive. Turning this into Black Cleaver will actually give you a huge dps increase for your team. Your Cull the Meek will basically turn into an AOE armor shred skill. This compliments very well with a fury'd Slice and Dice which is also an aoe armor penetration skill. When completing Black Cleaver you should be around level 14 or 15. This means that your Slice and Dice is maxed and you should have a minimum 70 armor shred without the Last Whisper. Even with these offensive items, Renekton is still pretty tanky which is why he is such a strong champion. He does a lot of damage while still being somewhat beefy.
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General Techniques

Getting used to the dash range of slice and dice is key to being a good renekton. Practice in a bot game or just play him a lot, but you should be very familiar with the range.

A common lane harassing technique at level 3 is to dash in once with Slice and Dice to get in range of the enemy champion, auto attack then proceed to stunning them with Ruthless Predator followed by a quick auto attack and then Cull the Meek then dash back out with your second charge of Slice and Dice. Make sure you can get this second charge by dashing through an enemy creep wave and you get in proper melee range in order to get your stun off.

Proper skill usage would be:
=======> auto attack ===> =======> ======>auto attack======>

Some things to be aware of is enemy positioning. If you are not in range to land your Ruthless Predator then the enemy can retaliate and easily cc and kite you. Enough so that you might not even get to use your second charge of Slice and Dice to get out.

If you are not comfortable with including the stun in the combo or using your auto attacks then you may also choose to take it out and just dash in, use Cull the Meek and dash out. Your Ruthless Predator skill is an auto attack reset which means that you can auto then use this skill again to attack consecutively in a split second.

The reason why Ravenous Hydra is a good item for Renekton besides the awesome stats is because it is also an auto attack reset. Ruthless Predator actually takes quite a while for the animation to finish. You can use Ravenous Hydra after stunning them with Ruthless Predator to stop the animation and get more dps off. So when you get very comfortable with Renekton, this is what an optimal dps skill sequence should look like.
=====> auto attack ===> =====> activate ====>auto attack ===> ======>auto attack====>

If done correctly, this combo happens in about 2 seconds. This combo may not always happen and you should just do whatever you're comfortable with, but this is just showing an ideal sequence. Good players will always maximize the amount of auto attacks they can land in between their spells. This goes for every champion in every lane in every game mode.

Never pop your ultimate when you're about to die. What I specifically mean by this is never use it as just an hp boost. Pop it early since it does damage per second to those around Renekton. Of course you could use it to save your life but this is basically a waste. Don't be afraid to pop it early and wait for the cd before engaging again. It lasts quite a while and does equal damage to a sunfire at level 6. 80 damage per second early on is quite a lot considering most champions will only have around 1000-1300 health at this stage. Fighting around them even for 5 seconds deals a very good chunk of their health.
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Refer to my Voosha's general 3v3 guide for some strategic suggestions.

Early Game

Start off with a Doran's Blade, Cloth Armor and one Health Potion. You can choose to not purchase the Cloth Armor and pick up boots if you feel like you don't need the extra armor early on, but I highly recommend the armor. Push your lane so you can get an early level advantage over your opponent. If you get level 2 while they are still level 1, you can choose to level Cull the Meek and Slice and Dice instead of Ruthless Predator in order to dash in, use Cull the Meek and dash out. This will give you early lane pressure, but it may force the enemy jungler to come and gank you so be aware. If you force your enemy out of the lane head towards bottom for a 3v1 gank. Run in and stun them while saving your Slice and Dice to chase if they try to run away. Hit them once to begin with so you can get a second charge of slice and dice.

Mid Game

During mid game you should always be the one engaging. Don't dash in too far from your team or they could turn on you and quickly turn it into a 1v3 fight. Remember to activate your Ravenous Hydra as often as possible in fights in order to maximize your dps. Optimally you should be using it right after an auto attack. Not only are you a good initiator, but Renekton is also a good peeler. You can quickly get to your teammates in a team fight with 2 dashes. Activate your ult as soon as you're inside the enemy team to maximize the damage. While your ult is up make sure you can stay within range of as many as possible.

You need to coordinate with your team whether you are able to double dash to their enemy carry and quickly burst them down or if peeling is needed for your carry. Renekton is very good at getting behind enemy lines and focusing their carry so if you have another champ that can go all in, such as Xin Zhao, don't be afraid to dive their carry and then retreat to help yours. If the enemy team chooses not to aide their carry and go for yours, you may end up trading backline for blackline. The best situation possible is if their frontline leave to peel for their carry. Then your carry is free to do damage while theirs is running away.


PLaying defense is actually one of Renekton's strong points. You have good wave clear and you are deceptively tanky. You can pop your ult while they try and focus you down under tower. Most teams won't dive a Renekton due to his innate tankiness, so if you're playing under tower, peel for your carry and shred as much armor as you can. It will make them even weaker to consecutive tower shots.
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Thank you

Thank you for reading my guide and I do take requests in the comment section.

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