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Poppy General Guide by FidoWolfy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FidoWolfy

[W.I.P. 6.5] Poppy - Tackle the botlane down

FidoWolfy Last updated on March 22, 2016
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Hello everyone,
I am FidoWolfy, I am an EUW player, and I have been playing lol a lot since s4, even tho I started during s1.
I am a main support since I started playing the game, I love the feeling of peeling the adc and giving him kills so he'll just get stronger and stronger.
I love seeing exotic picks, and I thought when Poppy came out: She would make a wonderful support, aye.
I may not have the best ideas and tips to give here, but I wanted to share some of them here.

Don't forget to comment and rate this guide to help me out about this!

Let's get started! :

Poppy is an incredibly fun champion to play since her rework, she can make plays with her Heroic Charge
She's one hell of a champion for the early game! Playing with her and a premade, I usually go for the first blood at 2-3 mins or so with a timed flash + Exhaust/Ignite and the carry following in.
Poppy has extremly good peeling skills with her Heroic Charge, her Steadfast Presence and her Keeper's Verdict.
She became one of the best at disengaging with this ultimate of her. She might not be the queen like Janna, but sending ennemies back to their base really help when you're in trouble!.

Now we're at it: Let's get started!

PS: Don't be like. Don't forget to change runes and masteries.

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Pros / Cons


+ Really strong early game with a lot of kill potential during laning phase.
+ Doesn't consumne a lot of mana early on.
+ Can proc really easily targon, or poke with her passive Iron Ambassador, even leading to bait as the ennemy may want to step on it to crush your potential shield.
+ Has powerful peeling potential with almost all of her skillset.
+ Strong tank, powerful passive allowing trades easily.
+ Powerful late game potential with her abilities scaling off ennemies' max HP with Hammer Shock, capable of making picks with her Heroic Charge or Keeper's Verdict


- Weak to poke during early game.
- If you fail a Heroic Charge, you'll get yourself in trouble and open to poke.
- Her Steadfast Presence blocks only one dash, meaning some champions like Ahri or Lee Sin can still get to your carries if you can't manage to deny them when they're blocked.
- Her ultimate Keeper's Verdict is a powerful tool, but really hard to use as it'll often lead to punishing your own team by sending back ennemies you shouldn't have.
- Doesn't have a powerful teamfight engage tool like Annie or Sona, so you may rely either on picking ennemy carries, or waiting for an engage of one of your teammates.

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Summoner's Spell

This is a must-have. May it be running away or engaging using a surprise flash + Heroic Charge in a wall, I can't but only recommend this summoner spell as a must-have.

I like this spell because it's always useful in any situation. May it be to escape a gank, lower the burst of an assassin or catch easily someone running away. This is really my favorite spell as a support.

I don't often take this one, but it is useful as to secure early kills. Up to you whether you want to pick Ignite or Exhaust.

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After plural games with Poppy as a support, I think the best masteries to go with are 12/18/0.
You won't get bonus tankyness, and will have a more squishy early game, but you'll get more bonus damage whenever you get to stun someone in the wall. Plus the new mastery Expose Weakness comes really handy whenever you get to stun someone if your adc can follow up!
I also pick Thunderlord's Decree because it really gives a nice damage boost to your early game (as you can really easily proc it when you stun someone).

You can go with more tanky masteries, but I think Poppy's strenght really is in her early game as a support, and you should exploit it at the best!

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I like to go for Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed as it allows your to go easily around people so you can stun them in walls.

It's one kind of runes that you will always be happy to have all game long. They're really expensive, thought.

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Coupled with your nice early damages, some mark of Armor penetration are nice to gain even more damages. Those are classics one for supports anyway as it gives better harrass or trades early game.

Classic Greater Seal of Armor, allowing you to take less damages during trade and being more resilient during laning phase.

Classic Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, still. A lot of support deals magic damage during lane, those allows you to go during laning phase more fluently.

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Here comes the best part, items!

Starting items

As a tanky support, the best to go with is Relic Shield, as it'll give you nice lane sustain for the early levels, and your needed gold income, coupled with 3 pots and a Warding Totem; else, you can start with Relic Shield, a Vision Ward to help your jungler, but only one pote. Up to you!

Prefered items on first back

Depending on how goes your laning phase, the amount of gold you bring back changes everytime (duh).
Sadly, there is no rule from here onward. Depending of the ennemy team's midlaner and jungler, you may want to rush Sightstone as your first item, if you can. I usually follow this pattern:
Does the ennemy team have a powerful ganking Jungler/Mid Laner?


Rush Sightstone, unless it's a Shaco, Rengar, Twitch, then you can buy your Targon's Brace first for a better gold income, then buy your Sightstone (replace the Sightstone with Vision Ward, thought!)). After your Sightstone, go for a Targon's Brace, then Face of the Mountain, the active can save your adc in a trade, or a gank!


Then you are free to upgrade your Targon's Brace as a first item to increase your gold income and have faster itemization.

Do NOT rush your Face of the Mountain over your Sightstone!

Core Items

By the mid game - late game, you should have at least Face of the Mountain, Dead Man's Plate and at least Raptor Cloak. Do not forget your Oracle's Lens and/or Oracle Alteration as midlaners often prefer the Warding Totem now for the increased vision and control on the map. Dewarding objectives is really essential at any point in the game!

I usually build my Poppy with a lot of Movement speed items, it helps a lot at warding and catching ennemies off guard.

Zz'Rot Portal is a powerful item as it gives you good defensives stats, a powerful passive if you rush toward a tower and an active that drives people crazy!

Alternative Items

Mikael's Crucible is a powerful item as it allows you to remove one cc on one of your teammate or yourself, as long as it is either a silence, slow, root, stun, taunt or fear. It also gives mana regen and magic resist, really good on a powerfull cc-reliant ennemy champion.

Locket of the Iron Solari gives your team a nice aoe magic resist boost. The active allows you to shield them for a short duration with a small shield, still good to go against an ignite/dot.

Righteous Glory gives you nice health stats (watch out for Vayne tho) and a pretty nice active that gives you and your team a movement speed buff as long as you run toward the ennemy team or an ennemy turret.

Iceborn Gauntlet It's a powerful offensive item, tho it's not really the best as to catch people. The slow mechanic in lol is not multiplicative, neither additive, it works as "the biggest slow is the one that works on the ennemy", so it may not be useful for you to have Dead Man's Plate' slow and the one from Iceborn Gauntlet; the passive is really cool, tho, with nice stats.

It's all up to you now!

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I think boots are one of the most important item you chose during the game. Depending on how you want to play, you may want to either pick Mercury's Treads for the tenacity, or Boots of Swiftness for the movespeed + slow resist bonus, or Boots of Mobility for the passive movespeed it gives when out of combat, so that you can ward more easily.

For the enchant, I really love Enchantment: Captain as it makes you the princess of disengagement. It's like a small Janna's passive! I don't get why people don't build this more often.

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Skill Sequence

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Unique Skills

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Team Work

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Lane Synergie / Countering

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Laning Phase

A nice thing to note is that when you want to go for a trade, you can throw your shield on a creep about to die so that you proc the Relic Shield's passive: spoil of war, this will kill the minion and automatically return poppy's bucklet to her

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Mid game

Your passive, coupled with Dead Man's Plate and Steadfast Presence will allow you to rush ennemies and catch them when they'll least expect it, slowing them with Dead Man's Plate's passive, often leading to a catch with Heroic Charge.

Always Remember: Any ennemies you manage to catch is an ennemy you won't have to bother about during a teamfight!

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Late Game

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Classic situations as Poppy support

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