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Warwick Build Guide by arilord

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author arilord

Warwick - Blood Limit

arilord Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Warwick as HERO(Introduction)

Hello , this is guide where you SHOULD learn how to jungle and how to play with Warwick check it and see how it is ...
This build is made for heavy early game (damage only) than tank full late game with allot of damages, you are kinda balanced at mid game!

Warwick is mele/tank hero he's made for fast and easy focus and taking targets down asap.As Warwick u should always go jungle because he's just not good for lanes.(More useful in jungle)

As Warwick you should know 1 thing never attack targets who is not worth of it... (Focus most fed target or most cloty targets).


Passive -This spell helps Warwick In jungle and it counts as life steal, it stacks with Spirit Visage which is good even if you don't make any damage your attack speed will heal you allot!
Q - This spell is Really important and you shouldn't ignore it.It help you heal allot and can be upgraded with Spirit Visage!And this spells can actually save your life!
W - This spell is kinda support spell too.At low lvls it help u faster jungle. At late game it help all attack speed players and making push go faster which help's allot.
E -This is like passive spell it make your movement speed greatly increase.You have to make sure your Blood Scent is deactivated when you are ganging and activate it when you are going to kill, That's really important when u ganging because enemies will see your mark on their Heroes.
R -This spell is focusing spell it's really powerful for focusing 1 person who is most fed.It can change game if only 1 dude is fed.And really useful for gangs!

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Warwick Jungle God

For me Warwick is one of most powerful heroes as jungler , hes passiv ability let him heal more powerful than life steal.As best hunter in game you must know how to jungle, doing lane with Warwick is pretty low no buffs no gangs...

Ok first start with Golems (1) they are easy too kill and safe to start after that go to Wraiths(2) than move to Wolfs(3) get blue buff you need it (4) move to red Important because of gangs you can't kill target without slow(5) You have to attack lane that is most pushed! play smart...

After you finish your First gang You should know how to Ward and help lanes that way (I know that's Support job but sometimes you just don't have support , or just playing solo ranked).
You should start warding with bottom lane than while jungling , Sight ward top too.
At lv 6-7 you should have warded dragon so you need like 3-4 Sight ward!
Just make sure you are doing gang with full hp and lv 4 using Ghost on start of attack will help allot.

Most CLassic Gang Easy way

As Warwick you must know how to put Sight ward and how to counter jungle.You can counter jungle by stealing creeps from other forest (make sure you left 1 creep so when he come back and kill him spawn will start and he will lose creeps)!Warding your jungle and ways to get in your jungle will help allot.

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Build for Warwick Don't forget U have to tank with mele heroes!

Reason why i took some tank items is that because they focus easy mele heroes ( Warwick , Master Yi, Pantheon) They all need asap dmg and asap defence so think smart what to choice i show you my build with warwick what offen i use it.
This build offers:
1.Greater Attack speed with combination of spells.
2.Great survability .(Because of items)
3.Allot of life stealing by spells and attack speed of passive.

I chose Cloth Armor just because its cheap and i could buy 5x Health Potion with that too.
I pick Sorcerer's Shoes it give allot more damage to those speels/items! Hungering Strike , Infinite Duress, Madred's Bloodrazor, Wit's End!

Next thing i am going to buy when i back in base is boots and finish Madred's Bloodrazor
After that farming is eazy.... And it helps killing tanks and help my Infinite Duress Greatly!
Reason why i chose Spirit Visage is that because help Warwick heal and make him allot more stronger.
Next is Wit's End On patch 1.36.18 this item giving more magic resist (not mana burn anymore) so its more tanky and help Warwick with attack speed which make best combination.
( Hunters Call + Madred's Bloodrazor + Spirit Visage + Wit's End = makes PWNAGE!)

After that Guardian Angel is only because they will focus you allot and sometimes this item will save game!(Believe that homeboy!)
Next item is Frozen Mallet which will be perfect for Warwick because will give 40% slow which is perfect for targets with allot of movement speed + give more health to survive!

This is kinda tanky Warwick Reason why hes good because when People feed you they will focus you which will make your team win!

Anyway you can change Frozen Mallet for Sunfire Cape or Banshee's Veil !

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Runes , Summoner spells Explanation !

Ok lets start with Runes...

Greater Mark of Desolation - Help alot on gangs , jungle .Useing Greater Mark of Attack Speed it is not bad at all , but i just think that Greater Mark of Desolation is kinda better not only for Warwick it helps allot for heroes like Ashe , Xin Zhao , Master Yi etc...

Greater Seal of Evasion - This rune make your jungle , 1v1 and help survive! This is just important for Warwick Best RUNE!

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is good rune when u get to lv 18 u will have like 30+ magic resist from em so i chose em as more survivable on lv 18 !

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Same Explanation for Greater Mark of Desolation!

Summoner Spells :

- Here's Some of reasons why jungleing with Smite is MOST important no matter what hero you are!

1.First of all smite help you jungleing allot more faster than without it.
2.Second reason it HELPS you steals enemies Buffs , Dragon!
3.It can help you if you are not able to kill buffs at starter lvls.
4.No matter what it helps at late game too with BARON!

Flash is Really powerful for any char and ofc can be powerful for Warwick Heres some reason why its good to have blink! can use it to get some1 and ulti him or just to get him and use your 1st spell Hungering Strike!
2.In other hands you can use your blink to blink on other side of wall and that way survive or get kill.
3.You can combinate your blink and your smite so thats how you can get baron or dragon !

Anyway haveing ghost is not bad at all still u can combinate your Blood Scent + Ghost
to make powerful speed and that way kill many players!
And haveing Ghost is allot more eazyer to gang lanes!

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Warwick SOLO Top!

Doing 1 vs 1 On top lane with Warwick Is joke:
1.Good farm.(Your attack speed letting you farm and heal allot more than jungle which is good)
2.Great Durability.(Greater healing from minions)

When you are in situation doing 2 vs 1 there's nothing must to do all is what combo they are using:
1.Couldn't be hard because your heal is kinda op!(Spaming Hungering Strike(Q) and Hunters Call(W) will help and saving your ulti in case they tower dive you)
2.When you do 2 vs 1 your job there is to get asap creeps without loosing hp!

Doing lane you will need


You will need 1 ward in bush , in case they are going to gang you , make sure 2 , because allot people love to camping!
Starting with Doran's Ring Is perfect for Warwick because as you see this build don't have mana regen runes.
Taking as first item is always useful in jungle and on lane because start farm is important same as late farm so try to get asap creeps on start!
Tip:Try to buy boots with Madred's Razors When you go first time in base!

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Team Work as Warwick

Try to use friend help to take target down asap don't always start attack with ultimate thats totaly wrong try to use ultimate to disable target or to save your self or friend.U have to make sure your target can't esc eazy so try to focus target who don't have Flash or Ghost.

Make sure when u are doing gang Let firstst your friends on lane attack than u take that time and gang em when they don't expect try to focus right target.

Here's more video about team plays!

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Questions about this BUILD/GUIDE!!!

Ok, while i was working on this build my friends/strangers was asking me few questions.... And i would like to explain it here for people who actually reading guides(Veterans).

1.Why do you chose Ghost instead of Flash?

a)Having Ghost at early game while ganging is much more important than Flash using Ghost target can not possibly escape at least allot better than Flash on gangs.
b)While you hunting your target Flash can offer you 1 or 2 more hits with Ghost you can actually attack him for over 4+ hits.

2.I understand that you chose defence runes as seal but why dodge?

a)Dodge seal giving you allot more survivability in 1v1 or battle against ad (etc.. Ashe hitting you with arrow and you dodge arrow)Chance is like 5-7% but there's chance with 45 hp (as choosing other runes there's no chance you will survive that attack).If he hit you for like 10 times you will probably dodge few times.
b)Its allot helpful for jungle , i know you think something like but wait Warwick not loosing hp at jungle that's not true he does on 3-4 level but still can help if you go for early gangs or something like that.

3.Some people laugh when they see me using Sorcerer's Shoes (NEWBIE) and question is something like:Why you using magic penetration boots NOOB!

a) Sorcerer's Shoes Is 1 of important boots for Warwick(For this build ofc) Without this boots you would make allot more lower damage because as i say this boots proc on your:
- Hungering Strike
- Infinite Duress
- Madred's Bloodrazor
- Wit's End

4.Havoc vs Utility mastery... WHY??? 15% longer buff duration is not worth 5% base AD.

a)4% base AD.Not really mastery say 4% magic damage and attack damage which mean 4% more from items or your own spells.(Spells)
b)Faster jungling which mean faster ganging.

5.Jungling - trying to gank on lvl 4 (since that lvl you should have after killing the red buff) isnt something i would do. WW is rather a poor ganker pre-6 imho.

a)Ye i agree with that but since you have ghost you can easy gang because u got red buff and your (e) to get your target down no matter they have flash.

6.Skills - a bit wierd path of lvling skills... lvling HS as a last one? That is a big NO NO from me. Always lvl up Q if you can. This is still (even after nerf) the MOST important skill to have.

You are totally right about this but i prefer playing with all spells that's how i always do :D

Thx for Reading , post comment and vote. ^^