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Warwick Build Guide by XAsmodeus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XAsmodeus

Warwick: Destruction and Devastation(solotop and jungle)

XAsmodeus Last updated on April 10, 2012
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Greetings summoners, and welcome to my warwick guide. Warwick is very capable in many rolls including jungle,anti tank, and a very strong solo top. Because of his ability to have amazing sustain he can fit jungle and solo very well. The reason behind all this is his passive which grants bonus on hit damage that heals you and his q offers great sustain.

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Warwick can acomplish many roles. He can destroy carries,destroy tanks, tank or carry. Being able to do almost any role on a team makes warwick a very strong addition to any team. Warwicks amaizing sustain is what gives him the ability to fullfill jungle and solo top. His ult also makes carries qq because he focuses them down and doesnt allow them to help in team fights.

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Amazing sustain
can kill tanks quickly
is a excellent solo top
once level six his ganks are pure destruction
has really good skins
his dance is a Micheal Jackson reference


Slow jungle
people hate on your solo top
cant gank well until level six

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Lanwicks items:

Dorans ring: Great starting item for solo top Warwick. Gives ap for his q extra health which is always good and mana regen which is good for keeping ur sustainup.

Dorans shield: This is also a viable starting item for Warwick. It gives him hp, armor,and hp regen to take harras. In my opinion dorans ring is a better starting item because he can heal of his q he doesnt need the hp regen, also he can be more offensive with dorans ring.

Spirit Visage: This item is perfect for solo top Warwick. It makes your passive heal you for more and your q also gives you more heal. Its extra health is always good and the magic resist helps against those pesky casters who stay out of range from your q. Also the cool down reduction allows you to spam your q more. This item is a must have for solo top warwick

Hextech Revolver: This lets your q hit even harder and the spell vamp+ your hungerstrikes heal effect+ your spirit visage will allow you to have amaizing sustain. You can build this item into either a will of the ancients or the hextech gunblade, but i prefer the gunblade as you can still deal dmg when your q is on cd.

Sorcerers shoes: This makes your q hit harder

Rabadons Deathcap: Gives more dmg to your q which with this item will hit like a truck.
I would only get this item if your fed and your team needs an ap carry, otherwise get a sunfire cape

Rylai crystal scepter: Giving warwick ap,a passive slow for his q and ult, and extra hp this item is a must for warwick.

Guardian Angel: This makes warwick even tankier with armor and magic resist. Also the passive is really nice for escaping death.

Sunfire Cape
Junglewick items:

Madreds bloodrazor: Jungle warwicks bread and butter item. Damage attack speed and armor and a passive that makes enemys qq. This item plus your ult is mass destruction

Blood thirster: heavy damage and lifesteal. Both are great for Warwick

Hextech Gunblade: damage, lifesteal, ability power, spell vamp and an active slow. A must item for warwick

Wits end: giving warwick more attack speed,magic resist, and a nice passive that stacks with your ult

Situational items:

Thorn mail: Get this if the enemy teams carry is fed will cut them down fast

Force of Nature: this gives more magic resist movement speed and hp regen both are good all of this is good on warwick.

Warmogs armor: generally i dont get this but if your team needs a tank you can grab this item

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Solo top: Max your Hungering Strike first and try to last hit. If your against one enemy great kill them and take theyre tower. If your against two enemys no problem play it safe q up your health if they harras and find which one is weaker. Then run up and q them until they are low ult, rinse, and repeat.

Jungle: I start at double golems taking Hunters Call first. Smite the big one and move to wraiths kill the big one first. Next kill wolves, then move to blue buff. After blue decide if a lane needs help, if it does take red and go help, if it doesnt continue clearing small camps. Once your almost six kill red if you didnt go gank then go gank mid top or bot depending on who needs help.

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If you go lane wick generally you want to get tanky items. If this is the case dont be afraid to intiate and soak up damage for you team. A good tank will always do this if he does it right his team will praise him. Also if you see your carry is in trouble sacrifice your self for there safety. Do whatever you can to save them, including using your ult to stop the chasers.

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If your jungle warwick your a carry. Deal lots of damage and wait for your tank to intiate. As jungle warwick your squishy and killed easily also make sure do jump straight to the heavy enemy damage dealers and kill them first. Also make sure to use your ult. I have seen so many warwicks never ult because they dont want to lose it, but its a short cooldown and very usefull abuse it and youll do well.

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Team fights

Warwick works as an anti carry, in team fights ult the enemy carry and have your team focus them and kill them. Soon after continue on the rest of the team. Make sure that if your team is killing a tank you hop right on it and take it out as warwick is also a tank killer.

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End game

Lanewick acts more as a sustain tank that can still deal damage. Jungle wick is closer to a carry and deals alot of damage but is squishy. Play acordingly to your role and you should do fine. Also when you invade the enemy jungle turn bloodscent off as just in case a low health enemy runs into your jungle you dont want the whole enemy team knowing your there.