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Warwick Build Guide by Flux31

Jungle Warwick Guide For Beginners

Jungle Warwick Guide For Beginners

Updated on June 4, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flux31 Build Guide By Flux31 33 0 40,789 Views 0 Comments
33 0 40,789 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Flux31 Warwick Build Guide By Flux31 Updated on June 4, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Jungle Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Warwick Guide For Beginners

By Flux31
Warwick 101

Warwick is a player friendly jungler. With his high sustainability,decent clear speed, extremely good gank potential. He's a great champion that is great for new players looking to pick up the jungle role.

Being proactive to ganks is essential to his kit.It's not a bad idea to leave a camp and help out a lane it'll put both you and your laner ahead of the enemy.

Warwick is a gank heavy, early to mid-game jungler. He has two power spikes. One at level three on his first gank and one when he gets his tiamat. He has good objective control and can help secure using his ultimate or summoner spells.

A disadvantage to this is. He isn't great in team fights and mostly reliant to small skirmishes or 1v1 scenarios. He's also not that tanky and is vulnerable to hard cc like roots and stuns.

One of the benefits he does have is on his secondary passive. It is a global tracker on which enemy champion is below half health and his primary passive having double the healing and increases upon losing more health making his sustainability almost unbelievable.

This guide is for beginners looking to use Warwick or people who have picked him and want to learn more. Warwick is a good basic champion to use during your first times going in the jungle.
Warwick Abilities
We'll start with his primary passive Eternal Hunger

For Beginners, basically each auto attack you do deals bonus magic damage as well and heals you on-hit. If you reach 50% of your health the healing doubles, get below 25% the healing triples. Because of this you have a high sustain whenever clearing jungle camps and ganking low health targets.

Now to his first ability Jaws of the Beast

Jaws of the beast is Warwick's bread and butter ability more of the bread. Warwick lunges at an enemy dealing magic damage and heals him a chunk of health that he deals (calculated with resistances and modifiers). It also scales with his AP . If the enemy is killed with the ability, some of the mana is refunded.

One of the unique traits of this ability is if the button is held down, it'll channel and you can pass through the target and/or follow them through flashes and dashes. This is an extremely useful feature when combined with his other abilities. Timing it right you can be unstoppable to hard cc or a dragon knock up. This makes him extremely sticky and helps with 1v1 skirmishes

His second ability is Blood Hunt

This is Warwick's butter. Upon learning it he gains a global passive. Whenever an enemy is below 50% a marker appears above them. Warwick gains bonus movement speed and attack speed the lower the health of the blood hunted enemy is. Upon activating blood hunt Warwick locates the nearest champion to him and grants the bonus. If no enemy is blood hunted the cool down reduces faster

The only downside of this ability is that you have to be going after the champion in question. If you move away from them the bonus movement speed and attack speed disappears. This is a great ability on passive as you can tell which lane has the best ganking potential. It can also be used to psych out the opponent by ganking the lane with no blood hunted enemy.

His third ability is Primal Howl

Primal Howl is a great defensive tool when securing objectives and can be used offensively when ganking. If you see you're lagging behind and need better defense don't be afraid to take one extra point on Primal howl, the reduced damage can be very helpful.

When activated Warwick channels for 2.5 seconds reducing all damage dealt to him. Once the channel ends Warwick howls fearing enemies in a small area. The howl can be activated after one second of activating the ability.

Another way of activating this ability is landing his ultimate causing the same area of effect fear. The fear lasts for one second and gives out a slow as well.

This is a great ability to use when diving under towers for a kill or pushing the enemy towards your laners.

Lastly is his ultimate. Infinite Duress.

Infinite duress is Warwick's gap closing ability, it can also be used as his last resort escape tool. One of the unique features of this ability is that the range increases depending on Warwick's speed (Go faster = bigger ultimate range). Once you active it Warwick jumps to an opponent ignoring terrain collisions, when hitting an opponent he can't move due to suppression and Warwick hits them 9 times dealing his passive's healing and bonus magic damage per hit. Combine this with is Primal howl and it activates immediately fearing the enemy around the target.

This is one of his hardest abilities to hit as it is not a point and click. Try to predict where the enemy is going and aim there. Yasuo's wind wall cannot block you you are the skill shot meaning it is a dash and not a projectile but the suppression can be cancelled by cc.
Combo #1 E + Q pass + E fear

This combo can be done on your first gank as it is easy to execute. The way this is executed is activate Primal Howl, press down on Q to activate jaws of the beast and pass through the enemy, activate it once again to fear them into your laner. This does require a bit of practice as the timing needs to be right.

Combo #2 E + Q pass + E fear + Tiamat active

This combo is the same as the first one but you add in the power spike item for added damage.

Combo #3 E + R + Chilling Smite + Tiamat active

This combo is more of a desparate for a kill type. You basically burn mostly everything you have though with a bit of skill and help from your team it can turn the tide of the fight. You mostly would never execute this combo unless necessary.
Jungle Pathing Blue Side
Warwick has minimal options for jungle clears as his first clear will be focusing on getting level 3, grab a scuttlecrab, and gank a lane. Giving you the needed gold to get Tiamat.

Pathing One


This is the safest pathing you can do and ensures you the needed experience to reach level 3 and grab a tiamat in the process.

Pathing Two


This is a little bit longer for a clear but it gives you the buffs you need for a gank. You will have a lower amount of health because of not having a leash.

Pathing Three

Top Side Red(Smite)-Top side Blue-Gromp-Scuttle(Smite)-Gank

This pathing ensures you that the enemy jungler has less farm than you, another optional way to do this is to grab your red as well before going for a gank meaning he has no other buff than the first one he started. Make sure your bot lane cooperates with a fake leash and the enmy jungler starts on the opposite side of where you're invading.
Jungle Pathing Red Side
Pathing One


This is the safest red side clear for Warwick and enusres his level 3 power spike gank.

Pathing Two


This is a more risky route to take as you have no leash but enusres you level 3, vision of dragon pit, and a gank.

Pathing Three

Top Side Blue(Smite)-Red-Krugs(Smite)-Scuttle-Gank

This is another risky route but gives the best lead when playing on the red side. Best used with a leash.
General Jungle Tips
Here are some General jungle tips for new players looking to pick up Warwick.

Warwick is vulnerable to invades during the start as he needs his level 3 power spike to have a chance to win. Control wards are your best friends as well as your Oracle lens. Be sure you buy at least one control ward when you go back. Put it in the neutral objectives whenever you see possible and using your yellow wards whenever you need something patrolled. Once you've obtained your tiamat make sure to use it whenever you're farming, it'll help you clear those group camps faster.

Warwick is a proactive jungler. You have to react quickly for a gank once you hit level three and forward. Don't be scared to skip a camp if you can ensure the safety of your team and a kill. If your team can't help with deep vision your yellow wards are always available. Warwick has a good enough move speed to put a ward into enemy jungle and move out as soon as possible.

Warwick cannot engage 1v2 especially with a team with hard cc. Make sure you have a team mate with you or if both of them are low so that you can clean up the fight.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Flux31
Flux31 Warwick Guide
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Warwick Guide For Beginners

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