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Warwick Build Guide by dqkata43

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dqkata43

Warwick - High Damage And Defense + Health (Non Jungle!!!)

dqkata43 Last updated on August 30, 2011
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Welcome to my Warwick High Damage And Defense + Health guide. Please vote and comment below.

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Mark Runes : Set greater mark of desolation x9 . You will gain more armor penetration with which you will deal more damage on normal attacks

Seal Runes : Set Greater Seal of Health x9 . You will gain more health as starting bonus

Glyph Runes : Set Greater Glyph of Health x9 . You will gain more health as starting bonus

Quintessence Runes : Set Greater Quintessence of Health . You will gain more health as starting bonus

Bonuses in the end :
Armor Penetration : 14.94
Health : 150.18

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Masteries :

Offense :
Important mastery is Cripple . This will buff you Exhaust skill.

Other masteries on Offense are not so useful

Defense :
Upgrade Hardiness to got more defense at level 1

Set 1 point to Resistance just to can upgrade other masteries

Set 4 points to Evasion just to can upgrade other masteries

Set 3 points to Harden Skin to got damage ignoring (little but again something)

Set 2 points to Defensive Mastery to got damage ignoring (ONLY FROM MINIONS OR MONSTERS!!)

Set 1 point to Nimbleness just to can upgrade other masteries

Set 4 point to Veteran's Scars to got more starting health

Set 3 point to Ardor to got more attack speed (This mastery is not so useful)

Set 1 point to Tenacity to decrease 4% damage

Utility :
No points here :D

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First start with Doran's Blade to get more health and damage on starting levels

After that buy Boots of Speed and collect gold to buy Berserker's Greaves

Buy Madred's Razors to get more defense and damage. Collect gold for Recurve Bow. After that buy full item Madred's Bloodrazor. This will give you damage and defense and nice passive

Your next item is Sunfire Cape. First buy Giant's Belt. When you bought it collect gold for Chain Vest. After that buy Sunfire Cape

After SunFire Cape you have to buy Wit's End. This will give you more attack speed and nice passive which stack very nice with Sunfire Cape and Madred's Bloodrazor and give you more damage to your Infinite Duress skill.

After that buy The Bloodthirster for more life steal and damage. As first item buy B. F. Sword to benefits your Infinite Duress skill and your physical attacks. After that buy Vampiric Scepter and finish these items to The Bloodthirster.

At last ... your last item is Infinity Edge. Like The Bloodthirster first buy B. F. Sword. After that finish this item to full Infinity Edge

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence:

As first skill upgrade Hungering Strike to heal fast when you are on low health. Use it smart because on low levels Warwick's mana ends fast ...

As second skill upgrade Blood Scent and don't stop toggle of this skill. It gives you move speed when enemy's champion is with health low than 50%

On level 3 upgrade Hunters Call. This skill will give you more attack speed.

On high levels try to upgrade more Hungering Strike...

On level six upgrade your Infinite Duress skill

When you can't upgrade Hungering Strike try to upgrade more Hunters Call because your Blood Scent skill don't increase it bonus so high

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells :

As D skill you can take Exhaust to slow them and on 1vs1 battles you can use it to low enemy's damage

As F skill you can take Ignite and use it when somebody try to escape from you not like some players who use it when i am on max health ...

Other skills which i preffer:

First is Flash. This will help you to escape or to get to enemy champion

Second is Ghost. This will give you more move speed which will benefits your Blood Scent when run after somebody

Other skills are useless if you know how to play this game. They are useless only for this champion

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Let's summarize everything...
As first you will start with 275 health on level one that means 821 health with Doran's Blade.

Increase more Defensive masteries to got more defense and damage ignoring because you know minions are strong on low levels :D:D:D

Use your Hungering Strike SMART!!!

Please comment below and vote no matter of vote or comment ;)

This is from me for Warwick. Try this build and if you like it comment and vote .